A Note To All Wildlife Photographers:

If you’re going out to do some potentially risky camera work- be careful. There are FIERCE giant small jungle cats kittehs that could have you for lunch sit on your noggin.

(A scene from “Wildlife Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago’s World Cats Travelogue,” from Stacy M.)

Luhu: QTE Or Sad?

11049333_866779250050767_1334436592_n1Little Luhu lives in Beijing with her siblings Barher and Bardie. Luhu is the only one with the sad look- so she’ll get all the licensing dollars.

There’s nothing wrong at all with Luhu- the droopy eyelids give her that distinctive look. Move over, BUB, Maru and Tardar Sauce- there’s a NEW Internet Cat in town.

ImageProxy (1)

ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (3)

(Squid and Panda.)

Double Elevator Butt Action!

IMG_4486 (1)“We fell in love with Kirby at the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue. The woman in charge of adoptions asked us to consider also adopting his pal Cemi because they were inseparable. So glad we did. They do everything together, including this awesome paw de deux! Cemi is on the left. My niece named her Cemi because she was very skittish when we first got her and she reminded her of the cat in the movie Pet Cemetery. Kirby is the handsome fella on the right.” -Maureen K.

Do You Remember Your First Time?

…doing…anything? Playing with yarn, doing your taxes, watching Star Wars? Luckily, all those firsts (and more) were captured ON VIDEO with these little kittehs! Enjoy.

Alllllright, Up And AT ‘EM!

Everybody OUT! Let’s GO! Line up for morning calisthenics, then over to the chow hall! MOVE it, hairballs!

(Boing!! Boing!!)

“♬ Why Can’t We Be Friends…♫”

This Budgie REALLY wants to be friends with the tiny Persian kitteh- though a couple of love noms earns him a couple of whacks in return- but the birdeh will not be denied, following the kitteh over the couch.

Why can’t we be friends?

Do We Detect A Slight Baroo There?

5 Jess 57“‘Calico Cuteness and ‘Tortitude’ at The Cat House on the Kings,” says Harvie Ruth S. Who are we to disagree? P.S. Did you know they have a Live Kitteh Cam? Dive right in.

4 jess 71

5 Jess 52

5 kim 27
First three photos by Jessica Lessard, last photo by Kim Barker.

UPDATE 2:23pm PT! These two critters are available, too! Meet Gigi (first photo below) and Dakota.

7 Jess 42 (1)

6 Jess 32

Hei, Momo!

IMG_1158“Momo the 10 week old kitten, all floofy ears and all, just wanted to stop by and say hi! This is her, taking a break from her busy day of attacking feet to watch some cows on TV. (Yes, seriously.) And then, the best part of the day, snuggles with best bud and sister-from-another-mother, Lotta.” -Ragnhild K., Norway. PS: “Lotta and Momo would both like to remind people to adopt, don’t shop.”


“Sendt fra min iPhone.”

ResQte Of The Week 2: Wynken, Blynken, And Nod

CIW-1957“Wynken (above,) Blynken (next photo below,) and Nod (third photo) will be available for adoption (we’re in Half Moon Bay, Northern California) in a couple of weeks. This is them at four weeks old. The last picture features my husband trying out for the Men of Cute Overload calendar. More accurately, he was trying to meditate in the room where we’d stashed the kittens (the resident dog was not a fan,) and Wynken climbed up onto his hoodie and went to sleep.”


“Eventually I had to go in and rescue him (the husband, not the kitten) so he could go to work. Not before taking a picture, of course. Companions In Waiting and I would be delighted if our batch of babies made it onto your site.” -Carina M., Webmaster and sometimes photographer, Companions in Waiting.”

[*NOTE: You can meet their adoptable cats & dogs at the next adoption fair, day after tomorrow (Saturday) at Kibbles & Gifts, Half Moon Bay from 11am – 2pm PT. -Ed.]


[UPDATE From Carina: “I just spoke with our director and it turns out the kittens will be making their adoption fair debut this weekend, and they’ll be attending fairs until they are adopted. They won’t be ready to go to their new homes until the end of the month, but we’ll be accepting adoption applications starting this weekend. In addition to these three guys, there is another litter of three kittens the same age that will also be at the fairs. And of course, adult cats and dogs as well.”]

Everybody Needs A Hug Now And Then

That’s going to do it for the week (and the month- June is upon us!) here at Cute Overload. We’ll leave you (for now) with this terrific video of…KITTEHS HUGGING STUFFEHS.



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