To Get U Ready For Caturday…

…we’d like to offer you these little maniacs. (We’d especially like to point out the dude that goes vertical @ :32.)

Matthew W. says, “Had a batch of kittens a few weeks back, and now it’s ON. I’ll pin ya again, and I’ll pin ya again and you can pin me if you can catch me. Thought it would fit for a CAT-urday. Enjoy. Hope it’s good enough for your awesome site.”

[Couple points. It isn't good, it's -GREAT-! Couldn't hold off 'til tomorrow! Thanks for the compliment, too! -Ed.]

Happy (Australian Version)

Watch these puppehs (& kitteh) get their Happy on, Down Undah!

From The Squid of Laughing.

In A World, Where Owls And Kittehs Are One…..

Tonight on PBS.

The C.O. team goes deep into the heart of…somewhere far away, pick a search of one of the most mythic creatures on earth. Rarely scene, it invokes awe awwwwwwwwww whenever it is spotted.

In Search Of…The Meowl.

Tonight. On PBS. Check your local listings.

Obvy these images were artistically manipulated.

But, they do kinda have that Big J Big T vibe.

So, maybe they’re….


Must go find these. Loooonnnggg plane flight. Taiwan city. Must get Meg to pay for it.

Tonight on PBS: “Cute Overload: In Search Of…The Meowl.”

From My Modern Met.

Hairballs -N- Hard Drives

Work from home?

U find that maybe your laptop’s a bit sluggish lately?

Pop ‘er open. Rule of paw thumb: keep a can of compressed air handy.

So What IS There 2 Do In Parlier, CA?


‘Member “Cat House On The Kings?”

They got kittehs there. (Close to Fresno.) Lots of ‘em. Says submitter KB: “Photo was taken just four days ago…this is one of the many kittens taken in by the sanctuary and ready for adoption in the coming weeks.”


Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship

Ever have that one certain friend that was…well…kinda annoying? But they were so nice, you didn’t want to…TOTALLY blow ‘em off?

Try whacking ‘em with your paw instead. They usually get the message.

As spotted on SFist.

Mission: Impurrrsible

“Your mission Felícia, should U accept it, is to retrieve the toy carelessly intentionally tossed on the curtain rod by the hoomin, so he could rack up massive clicks on YouTube. Of course, should U be captured by The Dog, the Secretary of Cute will disavow any knowledge of your existence. Good luck, Felícia. This video runs :59 seconds.”


Doing The Catusi

What On Earth is going on here? Wait, it’s from Japan.

Never mind.


Comments, Please: What Is FitzRoy The Cat Doing?

tumblr_n4ej7rGiP41rucojxo1_1280FitzRoy gives off such a regal presence, doesn’t he? But what is he doing? Is he watching cable, and he’s got a remote in the bowl? What’s on his mind? What does he want from his slave Wendy B., who sent in the photo?

Comments encouraged. This means you, Oakley.

Heavy Petting Is Encouraged

C.O. NYC Peeps!

There’s a temporary Cat Cafe opening up tomorrow (and only thru Sunday) with kittehs from the North Shore Animal League. All kittehs will be available for adoption. The location is here. Hours are from 10a – 7p.

Musta been some kinda media event today (thanks Zarina)- get the lowdown at The Gothamist.

(*Header sorta stolen appropriated from The Gothamist.)