Arlo & Jasper

1 Arlo & Jasper2“Here are Arlo and Jasper, 15 week old Burmese cross brothers from the UK,” write Stephen & Liz. “They love nothing more than playing and cuddling together but unfortunately :( Jasper managed to fracture his leg two weeks ago. They are absolutely inseparable, so sweet natured and call to each other when Jasper is on bed rest. He’s on the road to recovery :) now after having surgery and can’t wait to play with his brother again!”

2 Arlo & Jasper Firetruck

3 Arlo & Jasper

4 Jasper bow tie

5 Arlo bow tie

6 Jasper leg

8 Jasper cone of shame

7 Arlo & Jasper broken

ResQte Of The Week: Santa Fe Animal Shelter

There’s the Maximum Amount Of Squee Allowed By Law in this clip. Anna Y. writes, “I produced this video for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. It shows what happens when five tiny kittens show up at our shelter without their mother.”



Time For Afternoon Tea!

Maybe Ohagi likes her tea served with a….spot o’ The Nip?

He’s Back There, Isn’t He.

image1From Cuteporter Irina.

Caturday Morning: Man, What A Night I Had…

IMG_6324[….must…get…to…the…coffee. I will never again do what I did last night. If I could only remember what it was I did. And where I did it. BTW, how did I get here? And where is here? So many questions, so little coffee.] (Rowdy Kittens.)

TGIF : The Return Of Big Z

We saw Zira earlier this week- Toesday, to be precise. Now she wraps up the week, so say it with me: TGIF!


The Cats Of Arabia: Luna & Mishi

20150415_040430Here we have a pair of kittehs from the sands of Saudi Arabia. “Mishi (Green eyes) and Luna (Ginger cat) are 2 kitties living the high life in Saudi Arabia,” says Sender-Inner Hoomin Also Named Mishi.

[Click Below To Super-Size™ !]
Processed with VSCOcam
“Luna was dumped by her previous owners at a pet store and ended up in a shelter. :( We adopted her two months ago and she’s enjoying her furrr-ever home here.”


Kittens. In Sweaters. Made Of Socks.

This is JUST the ticket to get the week off on the right foot. Er, right paw. Right, Quinn C.? “We here at Sante D’Or Adoption Center in L.A. believe that a warm kitten is a happy kitten, and that a warm fashionable kitten will, hopefully, someday be invited to compete on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Rocket (below) is grey and Chewie (above) is orange.”


OK, We Adopted A Kitteh- NOW What?

[“Hon, you wanted a kitteh. WANTED WANTED WANTED a kitteh. So we went out and got you one. And do you see what it just did? It punched me in the nose!!]

ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK (Part 1: The Tiny Dudes)

(As the headline would suggest, there’ll be a Part II coming up shortly. Maybe a Part III, too.)

unnamed (1)
KB says, “None of the kittens I’m sending you today are available for adoption at Cat House On The Kings quite yet but will be soon.”

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)



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