Welcome Home. Who Are You?

We’ve seen plenty of videos where puppehs go absolute full tilt gonzo bonkers when their hoomins come back from overseas military duty.

Kittehs? Er…….not so much.


For Your Eyes Only

If you get into a game of staredown with these guys, you’re bound to lose! The mismatched eye color is a condition known as “Heterochromia,” says Bored Panda.








“It’s Coming To Get Us!!!”

Someone (or something) has to give here. A robot spider with a camera and disc shooter…vs. a bunch of kittehs and their Mom. From Japan.

But you knew that.

(Boing Boing.)

How Cats Say “I Loff You”

Valentine’s Day is just three days away- how will your kitteh express his/herself? (Besides with the usual disdain, of course.)


Didn’t Wanna Wait ‘Til Caturday!

whitesmudgeonbacktabbyL(This coming Caturday happens to be 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day- so we’re movin’ Caturday up a few days, OK?) Take a look at these Little Fur Heads! “Hey there! I’ve got some super sweet kittens to show you this week from the Cat House,” writes Photographer Jess L. “All are available for adoption now and boy is it Cute Overload this week! Many of these little ones had a rough start to life but they are healthy and happy now and ready for their Furever Homes :). Please feel free to share.”

OK! We will!




I Haz Hard Drive?

[How does ‘dis thing work? Let me just look in here and WHOOPS!]

Now Those Are Some Cheesy Toebeans, Eh?

image“This is Cheese The Cat,” offers Tobias S.

The Legend Of Tugboat Jones

IMG_9952There lives a cat named Tugboat Jones
A fearless feline is he
Dogs quake at the mere whisper of his name
He’s who all kittehs aspire to be
Adopted at Oregon Humane, he rules the world
From his throne in the Pacific Northwest
One eye is yellow and one eye is blue
Which makes him stand tall among the rest





photo (11)

photo (13)

From Jamie B-H. Poem inspired by The Adventures Of Jim Bowie.

A Visit To Living Free Animal Sanctuary, Part II

unnamed (1)Yesterday we showed you Part I of Cuteporter KB’s trip to the Living Free Animal Sanctuary near Palm Springs. It’s our pleasure to now present Part II: The Kittehs!

unnamed (2)


unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

If You Go™:

Addy: 54250 Keen Camp Rd, Mountain Center, CA, off Highway 74 in the San Jacinto Mountains. Located 10 minutes from Idyllwild, 45 minutes from Palm Desert, 2 hours from San Diego and 2.5 hours from Los Angeles.

Hours: 11am – 4pm, every day except Wednesday.

Call: (951) 659-4687.

Social: The Twitter : Facebookster : Pinterest.

Caturday Night Texting

2369136756_0116a000d9_oOf course, you can’t actually text your cat. Or maybe…you can. Maybe they’re just…ignoring you.





(BuzzFeed Animals : feature photo from Flickr.)


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