ResQte Of The Week: Rubin & PuffPuff

IMG_0270 (1)“These are photos of my ResQte kitties, who came into my life last June (when they were about 8 weeks old.) They were rescued from different areas, and they bonded immediately when they were put together. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Rubin is the black one, and PuffPuff (a girl) is the other one. They were both rescued in North Carolina.” -Kristina L.

IMG_0267 (1)

Superstitious? Part II

Clara_A367554_JN_01-XLThese two friends need a home together and are available right now at San Francisco Animal Care & Control! That’s Clara above, and Angie below. What better date to adopt them then Friday the 13th?

Thanks to The Furrtographer.

ResQte Of The Week II: The Renegade Riders!

16791490205_c9b0a8056e_oEarlier we told you about The Pheebs in Fairhope, Alabama. Now over to the SF Bay Area. Look- a bunch of kittehs- collect the whole set! From left to right, here are the Renegade Riders: Tesla, Cooper, Lincoln, and Kia. (Sense an automotive theme here. No Bentley?) They are six-week-old kittens being lovingly fostered by Bitten By A Kitten Rescue in Milpitas, CA.





In the area and interested in these muffinheads? Email Bitten By A Kitten!


Want to hear a whole LOT of Kitteh Meows in just :48 seconds? You’ve come to the right place, folks.

Oh, you want a LONGER version? We can do that.

Kitteh Matchingks AKA ROC #07

The only thing better than ONE kitteh, is….another kitteh. Remember: Rule Of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.











“Hi Cute Overload friends! I found this website that has pictures of mommy cats and their mini-me kittens! Just thought I’d share it with you :).” -Annamarie R.

Wanna Bottle Feed Some Kittehs?

11046667_934966733194451_8163439776306875046_nHere’s the thing- it’s in Stratford, CT. The Stratford Animal Control FB says they are looking for volunteers who can bottle feed orphaned kittehs. There will be a training class on Saturday March 28th at 3:30pm presented by the Connecticut Humane Society. Interested? Visit this website, please! Thanks to Karin B. for the info.

Tag! You’re IT!

No, YOU’RE it! (This is going to go on all day. Verrrrrry slowly.)

Happy Late Birthday, Patty & Selma!

IMG_0859A great big Late Happy First Birthday to Patty & Selma! (Patty is the one with 2 tan cheeks, and Selma has one tan cheek and one gray cheek.)


“It’s hard to know the exact birthday with rescues, but we *think* my little Patty & Selma turned one on Wednesday,” writes Hilary K. “Selma’s tocks were featured last October, but Patty has yet to grace the pages of CO. This next picture is from when they were all tiny and I could cuddle both at once.”


“They love doing stuff together (yep, even peeing.)”

And in this bonus video, Patty is having her way with some Catnip….and then Selma decides she wants some of that action.

Wanna See Some Kittehs Freakin’ Out?

Well, we have that base covered.

A Sweet Caturday Morning Breakfast!

These little guys love their sweet potatoes! Other animals in the house…..don’t. Wonder who that might be?


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