Everybody Needs A Hug Now And Then

That’s going to do it for the week (and the month- June is upon us!) here at Cute Overload. We’ll leave you (for now) with this terrific video of…KITTEHS HUGGING STUFFEHS.


Submissions….With Mittens

IMG_1771“Our new kitten siblings, Henry (above) and Miss Edith (below.) It seems Henry has made Miss Edith blush with one of his suave compliments.” -Al & Kristin D., Brooklyn, NY.


ResQte Of The Week: Purritos To GO, Please

17670918156_837b475c06_bThe Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City (also an L.A. location) has taken in 500+ kittens in the last two months, and they need homes!

“Sometimes you have to go Cute to raise awareness about an important issue. We’re thrilled the campaign is getting so much attention and hope that we’re inspiring people to take action,” said Eric Rayvid of BFAS in an email to Cute Overload.

“If you’re looking for a new pet, we urge you to adopt.”

FirstKittens9769sak (1)
“If you can’t take a new pet into your home, volunteer at your local humane society.”

“If you don’t have the time, donations are always needed to take care of homeless pets in your area.”

HippocratesKittenNursery4092sak (2)
“At Best Friends Animal Society, we really believe that together we can Save Them All!” [Bravo. -Ed.]



(ABC News.com with thanks to Brianna V.)

Looks Like SOMEone’s In Time-Out

unnamedFrom Spencer G.: “Valhalla Kitty and Ziggy Stardust. Photos shot by my wife, Christina G.”

[*Note: This is Cute Overload’s 18,000th published post! Woot!]

Dare You Not To Yawn Now (Part II)

Go ahead. Try not to yawn. (Everyone in the office is staring.) You’re giggling and trying to put your hand over your mouth…….right?

Won’t work.

Arlo & Jasper

1 Arlo & Jasper2“Here are Arlo and Jasper, 15 week old Burmese cross brothers from the UK,” write Stephen & Liz. “They love nothing more than playing and cuddling together but unfortunately :( Jasper managed to fracture his leg two weeks ago. They are absolutely inseparable, so sweet natured and call to each other when Jasper is on bed rest. He’s on the road to recovery :) now after having surgery and can’t wait to play with his brother again!”

2 Arlo & Jasper Firetruck

3 Arlo & Jasper

4 Jasper bow tie

5 Arlo bow tie

6 Jasper leg

8 Jasper cone of shame

7 Arlo & Jasper broken

ResQte Of The Week: Santa Fe Animal Shelter

There’s the Maximum Amount Of Squee Allowed By Law in this clip. Anna Y. writes, “I produced this video for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. It shows what happens when five tiny kittens show up at our shelter without their mother.”



Time For Afternoon Tea!

Maybe Ohagi likes her tea served with a….spot o’ The Nip?

He’s Back There, Isn’t He.

image1From Cuteporter Irina.

Caturday Morning: Man, What A Night I Had…

IMG_6324[….must…get…to…the…coffee. I will never again do what I did last night. If I could only remember what it was I did. And where I did it. BTW, how did I get here? And where is here? So many questions, so little coffee.] (Rowdy Kittens.)


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