THIS JUST IN: The Lion King. With Kittens.

Good grief.

The headline tells ya everything ya need to know.

The Pet Collective is behind this madness : spotted on Mashable.

He’s Gonna Come Outta The FIREPLACE?

[How can he do that Daisy, there's a fire there.]
[Dunno Coco. But that's what they say.]
[Hoomins. I don't buy it. We gonna stay here all night.]

unnamed (2)
“My mom recently adopted two kitten sisters, Coco & Daisy. They’re little bundles of joy and they’ve discovered the Christmas tree! They look like little ornaments in one of the pictures.” -Ted S.

Silent Night, Meow-y Night

This trio of little furballs are locked IN with the Christmas vibe.

“I love this song, especially the long BROWWWWR at 0:56.” -Josh N.

Theo -N- Thea’s Christmas In NYC

Cuteporter Wendy M. found this paws-itively stunning video- enjoy!

YouTuber Shinkoruri posted this amazing clip. More on these guys here.

Climbing Up The Christmas Tree

Trash the tree in just one minute..
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

The cat will say the doggeh did it.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Watch the garland get all shredded..
Fa la la la la.

This is what you always dreaded,
Fa la la la la…la la la la.

“Merry Christmas Cute Overload!” Submitted by Barb and Paul.

Come A Little Closer…

[...and I'll show you that it's not only Jack Frost who nips at noses.]

Cuteporter Charmian Z. sent that in, and we used her email text WORD4WORD.™

How To Transport Your Cat

You’ve heard the expression “Don’t let the cat out of the bag.” This is just the opposite!

As seen on Daily Picks & Flicks.

THIS JUST IN: It’s Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas

This all-star Kitteh Supergroup haz created this video to help kittehs in need. Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Colonel Meow, and Grumpy Cat- all in one furr-tastic clip. Yahoo! Music has the scoop, so check eet out.

The Holiday Furrtographer Files

The always prolific Furrtographer (finally decided he needs his own tag) checks in with some Holiday-Themed QTE. Take it away, Mr. Norem:

“This is Checkers (the black & white) and Star (the tabby) from Saving Grace Rescue.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (33)-X2

SGR_12_1_2013 (31)-X3
“And this is Stockton from Saving Grace Rescue, and an adorable dog named Higgins who lives in San Francisco.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (32)-X3

“And here we have a couple of guys from Animal Care And Control, San Francisco. The black cat is Samantha and the puppy has a name but I forgot it.”

FUR_7930 (Medium)

FUR_8458 (Medium)

Who Wears The Pet Pants In Your Family?

Judging from this video, it’s probably not your puppeh.