Breakfast Noms

10351150_711567928899838_2996185799298674748_n(These three guys are in Total Nomming Mode™, so let’s just be vewwy vewwy quiet.)

From Saving Grace Rescue’s FB.

Pig & Yoda

unnamed“I have two first-timers who have been working on perfecting their “C.O. Look” for 3 years now. The pink nose kitteh is Pig and the black nose mustachio-ed one is Yoda. This is the usual bathroom activity for the two of them, specifically while watching the humans scoop their homemade litter treats. And yes, they are brothers :) Thank you! -Larissa C.”

Bobo & Nikita

Watch as these guys decide to whack an RC helicopter!

Then, they go after a “Hexbug Scarab.”

From The Squid.

Animals And Their Portraits

There’s some terrific artwork here. (And the animuhls are pretty Cute, too!)






From Pleated Jeans dot com.

The Kittehs Are Coming

“Tiny kitteh dressed as Daenerys? Are you kitten me?!!!”

That was the email from “Esther from U of K.” I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she means the United Kingdom instead of the University of Kentucky. Had to look up the Daenerys reference, and now I am up to speed on “Game Of Thrones.” Hovers are from respective shows/movies.


And it seems that “Dr. Who” is popular here.


Now, THIS one I understand. Make It So! To Infinity And Beyond! May The Furr-se Be With You!



Poll: Bottle-Fed Bebehs

Vlad S. sent us these videos, and wants to know which one you think is cuter. Fair enough, let’s roll out a Poll!




Kitteh To Go

“Hello, Three Brothers From China? Let’s see, we’ll have some Kung Pao Prawns..Shrimp Chow Fun..the Oyster Sauce Beef, and, er…(scanning menu)…yes! Some Celeste. A side order of Celeste. No, wait- we’ll take the ENTIRE kitteh. Just bag ‘er up, K? How long of a wait?”

photo 2
“Thank you for featuring my (then-kitten) cat Celeste on your wonderful site! She loves the attention. I thought you might enjoy a picture of her in a takeout bag, which is essentially her favorite toy. Pictures taken by Alex, her other doting human.” -Tiffany H.

Just A Pinch Between The Cheek & Gum-

- Is all ya need to WHACK OUT. Don’t believe me? Check this terrific compilation and find out!

From Vladimir S.

Make Sure Those Are #2’s, Louie!

Louie the kitteh loves to play The Pencil Game!



Another in the seemingly endless line of X-Men movies is out tomorrow, and this parody is pretty outstanding! (Though I was hoping for maybe some Optic Ray Beams from Cyclops, who was always my favorite with that cool visor.)


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