Singing Signe

Singing Signe“Hi Cute Overload! This is Signe from Uppsala, Sweden. Santa brought her singing lessons, and she’s already preparing for her Christmas concert in December!” -Mikaela G.

NO Clue What Is Going On Here

All I can suggest is just click the button and roll with it. It’s The Big J, once more. GAAAAAAA. (BTW, speakers up, please.)

From FB, with a tip of the cap to Robin L.

ResQte Of The Week: Cam Cuddles

Wanna play with kittehs over the InterTubes? Silly question, I know.

So check this out. “My New Year’s resolution is ‘Waste more time at work by playing with kittens,’ explains Kelly B. “Which I plan to accomplish via this website I found, iPet”

“They have about a dozen animal shelters which set up webcams in the kitten room, and they connected real cat toys to controls the internet viewer can navigate them with, allowing a person to play with real live kittehs from afar. Or… waste time at work more efficiently.”

Top photo from iPetCompanion FB.

Guys? We’re Out Of Bubbly…

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA[None of that cheapo Two-Buck Chuck, either. I’d like…a nice 1988 Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Brut, please. Meanwhile, I’m just gonna sit here and lick my paw. Hurry up, though- it’s getting closer to midnight!]

“This is our cat Chacha (as in chat chat, we live in France) enjoying his Christmas gift, the best box ever. I rescued him last June when he was a tiny fluffball and now he’s grown in to a big, happy fluffball. Bonne Année from human Camilla E.”

Oliver The Study Buddy

Now is the time of the year when students have their final exams. If I recall correctly, college finals were in December, and high school had ’em in January. In any case, Oliver is here to help.

Sarah P. says, “Your site is the BEST!!! No matter how hard my Masters Program gets, C.O. and my trusty study buddy, Oliver, makes it BETTER. I REALLY hope Oliver makes a debut on your site!!” – XOXO Sarah and Oliver (PS, Oliver’s name is pronounced Oli-vee-ye in a French-Russian accent — he’s also a Russian-Circus-Cat.)

[Note the hovers for specific photo info -Ed.]





Even Pirates Love Christmas

unnamed (1)Cuteporter Erin H. writes, “Here are a few shots of Jack (the sometimes Pirate Cat, featured twice on C.O!) We are in the festive mood here and the cats (Jack and his little sister Cici) love that I have some time off from teaching. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you wonderful passers-on of the Squee!”


Already Plotting The Payback, We Assume

FotorCreatedThere simply is no way that you can dress a kitteh up in an outfit like this, and not expect to get some payback in return. A hairball in your sneakers, perhaps? “Ziggy, Digit, and Sophie wish everyone at Cute Overload a Merry Christmas!” -Amy S.

(P.S. -Brown tabby is Ziggy, orange tabby is Digit, and the black and white cat is Sophie. This was the photo I used on my Christmas cards.”)

24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!

The Raiders Of The Lost Bark

Indiana Bones needs to keep the Bark Of The Covenant from the clutches of the Nazis kittehs. Will Indy MAKE it in TIME?

Meowy Christmas From Spooky Boogie!

meowy xmas from spookyYup. Maybe one of THE better kitteh names we’ve ever come across here at C.O. “I have been enjoying Cute Overload for years now, and in the last couple years my boyfriend jumped on the bandwagon and now we check your site every day for smiles and happiness,” says Audrey B.

spooky bells
“Almost 2 months ago we adopted out first kitten, Spooky Boogie, an Exotic Shorthair. We would like to share with you our holiday pics of him! Pictures taken by my boyfriend, Andrew C., and myself. Thanks for all the cheer you bring all year long!”

spooky xmas

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: New York City

Squinkles2 - Photo Credit Ethan CoveyOakland, CA. opened up the first full-time Cat Café in the US just before Halloween, and now the East Coast’s first Cat Café is open, stuffed with friendly furry felines! Meow Parlour opened up this past Monday on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

It’s a two-part kinda thing- a bakery serving Kitteh Macarons and coffee on Ludlow Street, and the cat play area across the street on Hester. Their website says “All the cats are adoptable. Meow Parlour has teamed up with KittyKind, an all volunteer, no kill rescue group located in NYC. KittyKind specializes in adopting out cats so if you fall in love, you can apply to adopt one!”

16 Photo Credit Ethan Covey

Meow Parlour Catified Macarons

If You Go™:

Addy: 46 Hester St, New York, NY. (Map.)
Access: The closest subway lines are: F, M, J, B. The closest bus lines are: M9, M15, and M14a.
Hours: Open from Noon-8pm Thursday through Tuesday.
Cost: $4 per half hour for adults and children over 10.
Social: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Cat photos from Ethan Covey.


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