A Kitteh With A TWITTER Account!

Who would IMAGINE such a thing in this day and age? Yep, Pookey is ONLINE, People. “Here are two photos of my favourite kitty, Pookey the Cat. She is a Purebred Ragdoll who was left at the SPCA [What?? -Ed.] -and has been the greatest addition to my family!” -Nicole H.



Welcome To King Arthur’s Court

I wondered this very thing. How can a kitteh type on his own Twitter account? (I think the hoomin does it.)


2014-06-07 20.08.47

2014-06-11 15.16.53

2014-06-12 08.37.04

2014-06-18 06.27.09
“Here are some pictures of my cat Arthur (Artie.)” -Laura S.