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Post your headline in Comments! And no “It’s full of warm” suggestions. Already done that a dozen times. It’s been done. We’ll post the best suggestion about 1pm PT, K? Update: Alt-Ctrl-Adorbs from Jules scores this time around! Thanks everyone!


Toesday Triple Play!

IMG_1187“Our boy Gio (Ghiardelli) may be number four in birth order of our five, but he is number ONE in toes!” -Brenda R.



A Kitteh. In A Bee Suit. Watching TV.

There are some things you just can’t wrap your head around.

Like THIS:


Ladies & Gentlemen, We Present…Wally Von Jelly Beans

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 worlds cutest bottle babyWally’s her name (we checked into this)—The Qte is her game. KB sent these in and says, “This 2.5 week old cutie pie was rescued Saturday! (She’s now a happy bottle baby at a loving, local foster home.) Her mom is feral (wild) and gave birth to a litter of kittens in someone’s attic. In the process of moving them to a new location, this little girl was dropped by her mom down inside a kitchen wall where the mom couldn’t reach her. The retired homeowner tore a hole in his kitchen wall to rescue the kitten …but mom was long gone. So we stepped in to take over.” (This is not my photo or my text. The good folks at The Cat House on the Kings asked me to pass it on to you.”)

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 worlds cutest bottle baby 2

OK, That’s Enough Of That

[Listen Little Guy, I appreciate the effort and all, but I can clean my OWN Muzzlepowche, thanks very much SQUASH.]

“Reminds us of Barney, our wonderful St. Bernie. He thought he was the size of this little kitten, and loved to snuggle in bed with us. What a great dog he was. Our animals really and truly help define what kind of people we are. And, with all the MILD EXPLETIVE DELETED going down in the world, Cute Overload is saving many an individual who might not be able to crawl out of despondency on their own. You should get awards for that alone.” -Barb and Paul, still no rain for ’em in the 925.

The Many Faces Of Imogen The Kitteh

Meow Face:

imogen meow
Grumpy Face:

Awkward Face:

“This is my kitten Imogen,” says Casey C.

You Lost Your Front Door Key AGAIN?

OK……(sigh.) Hang on, I’ll throw down the rope for you.


Coleslaw? I’d Love Some, Please!

KITTYWe SEARCH THE GLOBE for the finest Cute available! This hour, Sylwia K. welcomes us to Poland to show off her kitteh.


“Hi, I’m Sylvia K. from Poland, Europe. I love Cute Overload and I LOVE all animals. At the moment I live with my cat, his name is Coleslaw, like the salad. He is 5 years old, and is the love of my life. I would be very happy if you’d show him on Cute Overload!”


Caturday Night Ribbon Crazies

I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this!


According to RN24, people seem to think that Maya The Cat is imitating her hoomin in saying “Ohayō,” which is the “three-syllable Japanese greeting for good morning.”

Who are we to disagree?

Seen by Andrew Y…more Maya vids here.


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