The Story Of Mr. Fuzz

Ever had a houseguest that stopped by for the weekend..then decided to stay? That’s kinda what we’re talking about here.

Let’s let Robert R. step in at this point. “This is our Maine Coon, Mr. Fuzz. He is a feral that showed up last year in our neighbourhood as a hungry kitten. We started feeding him during the freezing months of January and February then one bitterly cold night he panicked while hiding on our back porch and ended up running in the house,” Robert says.

“He’s been here ever since.”

“He has grown into a beautiful cat who enjoys his comforts, as you can see.”


Yeah, These Aren’t Quite “Ugg” Boots

But they are JUST as comfy. Now if you will excuse me, I needs to have myself a sleep.

Via DP&F.

Had A Good One Today, Roxy?

[Well, that's gonna wrap up my festivities. Now can SOMEone get all these snowmen off MY couch?]

As seen on Flickr.

Nice Antlers, Carl!

“Meet Carl, one of the floof-tacular faces here at the Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society, or OAARS! We’re a handful of volunteers who rescue abandoned and neglected animals on Okinawa, Japan. We place each animal in one of our wonderful foster homes, then find them permanent homes with U.S. military personnel who are stationed here!” -Katie M.


Hoomins Should Know Better…

..than to put the shiny glass things down so low on their tree. I’m gonna stare at it for awhile then smash it to bits, K?


“Hi there -My wife and I took a few pics of Sofi. We thought they were pretty cute and wanted to share :-) Love your site! Best,- Jordan & Carolina.”

[Say Like Eva Gabor:] Oh, Ol-Lee-Vah*?

This is Oliver. The O-Man is demonstrating what kittehs do best. Once again, we refer to The Rule Of Cuteness #40. You curl up in a sunbeam for a snooze….it’s cute. And the little Santa hat knocks it over the fence. (Baseball metaphor.)

(*A Green Acres reference. You know, Oliver & Lisa Douglas move out of NYC to a far- never mind.) Oliver was adopted at the San Francisco SPCA/Macy’s Holiday Windows event on Black Friday. He’s already making his second C.O. appearance! From Amy K.

Someone Is Getting A Hairball In Their Stocking

[..and it won't be me. They dressed me up in this Santa outfit, and then they all laughed and laughed. They won't be laughing after I get done with their stockings 'hung by the chimney with care.' Yeah right.]

My father insisted on getting my cat this outfit - Imgur
From Reddit.

Tree Lights On The Fritz?

Don’t worry! Cute Overload can send one of our TrainedTreeTechs™ to your house and troubleshoot your tree lighting problems instantly. Our guys go deep inside your tree and work the problem from the inside-out. We’re global, too. So whether you’re in Kansas or Kazakhstan, our Tactical Techies can reach your abode within 24 hours, guaranteed.

If they can’t fix it, tough luck, you’ll have a dark tree. Money back if not completely satisfied, so call NOW!


Sting Rats Out Ninja To Santa

“So I woke up to this carnage this morning…my naughty cat Ninja decimated a poor Brooks running shoe box. Ninja finds random things to chew on, much like a new puppy. This poor box was no match for his Ginsu-like fangs of death. My innocent cat Sting wanted Santa to know that he should remain on Santa’s nice list.” -Lisa D.

Ninja Evidence Enhance!


Superstition Ain’t The Way

[Me? Superstitious? No. Why you ask?]



Photos of Jojo by The Furrtographer : Music by Stevie Wonder.