Toulouse Le Chat

Here we have the many moods of Toulouse. Here, he’s feeling giffy.

Feeling nommy.

Feeling adventurous.

Feeling very beany.

“They grow up so fast. Can’t believe he is already 6 months old!” -Caroline A.

We Haz Missle Lock!

20141102_105931[I see my target. Slowly I make my move. Sloooooowly….sloooowly…..I haz to POUNCE!]

“Two for the price of one…here is Dexter, and his Nosevember contribution. Photobombing in the background is Quint, who was rescued from the perils of I-20 rush hour last week. Dexter is slowly warming up to his new role as big brother. Hope my boys can earn a place on C.O.! Michelle G., Atlanta.”

Butternut McFlufferson

DSC07974CHOTKnov1-2014eThat IS her real name, Folks. After you pick yourself up off the floor, gaze into those Bebeh Blues one more time. Massive WordPress-defying 13MB hi-res photo by KB taken three days ago at Cat House On The Kings. Not adoption-ready…yet.

Can We Talk?

025This kitteh obviously has something on her mind. Probably involves food.

“Here is my cat Sassy. She just looked really cute so I wanted to send it in. She is not doing anything special* (wearing a costume or balancing food on her head) but she is still worthy
of Cuteness in my opinion. She is cute and sweet with a tad of sassy attitude tossed in.” -Sharon.

[*She is special just the way she is. That plus the ROC #50. -Ed.]

Presenting…Seamus BEEF

[Sometimes we get emails from Sender-Inners that are so perfectly written, they are presented here unedited. Like this one from Samantha S. -Ed.]

Last year my brother and his wife got an exotic shorthair and dubbed him Seamus Beef. Upon seeing him, I forced my sister-in-law at metaphorical gunpoint to make him an Instagram account so I could have a constant stream of his perfectly round face into my eyeballs. I realize now that I was selfish. Seamus needs to be shared with the world…if not the entire known universe. His light simply cannot be contained.

He is Wilford Brimley, Jabba the Hut, a Zombie, Rocky Mountain Express conductor, Purveyor of gourmet barbecue sauce, and be-whiskered friend to all! “You had me at meat tornado.” (And a straight-up diva all rolled into one Perfectly Smooshed Face.)

He is Cattitude…..personified.

He. Is. Seamus Beef.






Nosevember: Dudley The Kitteh!

SAM_1115We’re juuust into the first full week of Nosevember, and we have a nice lookin’ kitteh here in Dudley, a gray and white Maine Coon mix! Would you like someone to come over and rub those paws for a while, D-Man? Photo by Anne D. of Wilsonville OR. Thank-you, Anne!

We NOSE You’re Awake There, Little Guy

Ever caught your kitteh being a faker? They’re pretending to be asleep when in fact they are watching your every move? (Which they always do.) “I present to you the pinkest of Noses! This is Bergamot. His nose indicates awakeness. When he’s really, really sleepy, the nose is almost completely white.” -Tina J.


ResQte Of The Week 2: Why, HELLO There, Kitteh!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Here’s another one of our adoptable kittehs at Save the Animals Foundation, in Cincinnati, OH. It’s Skipper, looking adorable as Hello Kitty!” -Cathy O’ B.

Oh, U Can Turn The Faucet If U WANT To…

IMG_0499[….but there is no place on Earth U can hide, I haz a promise on that.]

“Well then, here’s Maya. She was trying out the sink in our new apartment for the first time.” -Deborah U.

It’s National Cat Day!

DSC01297CHOTKMilton VonHalfstache III is VERY excited about this fact. Can’t you tell? He went out and got a ‘stache trim just for the occasion. Hope he can get his money back- lookin’ a little unbalanced there, Milty.

Photo taken at Cat House On The Kings by KB.

[*Update: Here’s a story about how to get a kitteh delivered to you today. Swears. It’s from noon til 4 in participating cities, so it looks like it’s still on for Phoenix, Seattle, and SF. From Jennifer H.]


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