OMG U GUYZ Zayn Malik Quit One Direction?????

[Now I haz a sad.]

[*Note: Image originally seen here. -Ed.]

Lights Out, Little One

And…..that’s a wrap for another week of The Cute here at Cute Overload. Lots of fun stuff ahead on Rats, It’s Monday, like a NEW Maru & Hana, a new Headline THIS!, and..tomorrow is National Puppeh Day! As you prepare to hit the hay, take a minute :46 seconds to watch this Lil’ Furball do the very same thing.

ROC #6: “Mimicking Humans Is Cute.”

DSC04704And that goes for mimicking fictional hoomins, too. Like…Little Red Riding Hood. “Hello again C.O. friends, here’s a photo of my cat Nocciola dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Hope you think it’s cute enough for your website! I took the photo myself.” -Gina M.

So THAT’S What These Are For!

[They’re always with the ‘MEOW MEOW MEOW’ but I gotta say, they’re mighty comfy after a long day.]

(I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.)

I Coulda Haz A V8!

Facepawlm - Imgur[Wait. Er…what’s a….a “V8?”] (Reddit.)

How To Make A Kitteh Sammich

Just add two sleepy Dalmatians and then smoosh together. Ketchup or Mustard optional.


6067687029_ec45a3b949_b[No, not me! How come why you ask?] (As seen on Flickr.)


image2“First time cat photo submitter from Portland here,” Nathan B. writes. “Maple is about one, and she’s perfect. Her parents names are Gina and Nathan (me.)”



I Got Some Extra Floof If U Want It

Spooky Silvie“Hi, I would like to introduce you to Sylvie. She was a very hungry and lonely stray when she came begging at my back door a couple of years ago. She took to the good life with gusto. She has beautiful gray and peach fur that is so soft, and she boasts Massive Foot Floofage, as well as Adorable Toe Beans. Here she is ready to play. She has huge green eyes, so sometimes I call her Bette Davis. These were all taken by me, Tina B., at home in Nashville, Tennessee.”

Headline THIS! (Alt-Ctrl-Adorbs)

Post your headline in Comments! And no “It’s full of warm” suggestions. Already done that a dozen times. It’s been done. We’ll post the best suggestion about 1pm PT, K? Update: Alt-Ctrl-Adorbs from Jules scores this time around! Thanks everyone!



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