Lap Dog & Lap Cat

One of them is as placid as can be. The other is a total nutjob. (Speakers up for this one.)

Guess which one is which.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Adopt A Cat Month’s Almost Over!

June is Adopt A Cat month, and we didn’t want to let it pass without another word on the subject.

Melon 4

[Although, EVERY month should be Adopt a Cat month, right? -Ed.]

Leanne sent us these photos of Melon, who WAS one of the residents at the Humane Society Silicon Valley. She got adopted- #YAY! She adds, “Did you know that neonatal kittens are the #1 group of at-risk animals because they cannot survive without foster care? In 2012, we opened the HSSV Kitten Nursery and are now responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of these little guys!”

Melon 3
P.S.: Check your local shelter- plenty of little friends are waiting for you!

“Hey Honey, Did U See The Water Bill This Month?

“I did! I don’t know where all the extra water usage is from. I—wait. Have you seen Munch lately?”

Beth Z.: “This is my cat, Munch. I came home one day from work, was greeted by my 2 Frenchies and sat down to get some puppy kisses. Next thing I know the downstairs toilet flushes. My husband was out of town so I was scared at first, until I saw the cat come walking out of the bathroom. It’s now his favorite thing to do.”

One Can O’ Whup A**, Comin’ Up

This DOBERMAN does not. Stand. A. Chance. The little kitteh HAZ A FIERCE.

Five pounds of pure attitude, with a tip of the cap once again towards Napa.

How ‘Bout Some Grass, Man?

photo_01“Kittycat was once a stray kitten. He was very shy at first, but is now one happy and playful little cat who enjoys our company (and belly rubs.) This was his first intro to cat grass (the indoor grown type, that is.)” -Ingrid G.




Timo Visits The Koi Pond

Ever seen a kitteh petteh fish?

So Timo eventually gets bored with that (a cat getting bored, imagine that) so he heads home. But then he gets bored of being inside, and wants to go outside. (A cat changing his mind, imagine that.)

From Petra.


[We want to be fed, and I MEAN RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW. Didn't know we could tell time, did ya!]

From VVV.


DSCF3919“Hello CuteOverload! I am a ginormous fan of your website and I often wished over the years that I had a cute little munchkin of my own so I could one day get him on the site,” sez Jessie W.

“WELL, I’m so happy to say that my husband and I recently got a silver-shaded British Shorthair near our hometown of Seattle, WA, and he is just abso-freaking-lutely adorable!”

“His name is Nermal (from Garfield) and we hope you agree that he is a cutie!”

He is very sweet, playful, and we think he looks like a raccoon from the back due to his striped tail, hehe.


Here are some of his best pictures (you will notice how much he has grown as these pictures were taken over several weeks!)

Today’s Date? Er, It’s, Um, It’s…

shutterstock_57085057Oh, right. Friday June 13th. Image via Shutterstock.

Will Link Eat It?


“My husband was driving to work one day in 2012 and saw a little orange kitten run across the road! He parked his car sideways to block traffic, grabbed a box out of his trunk, scooped the kitten up, and drove him straight to the vet. Kittenpants was so tired he fell asleep in the box on the way. He had fleas but was otherwise in good shape. He is now (bottom photo) a healthy, happy ginger named Mr. Link!” -Meredith and Duff.


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