Make My Day

20141207_140346Mr. Kramer Meowington seems to be DARING the photographer (in this case, Kristin) to bend down and rub his belleh. One “Impending Doom” tag, comin’ right up!

North The Wonder Cat

unnamed[*Note: North is the one on the left. Just so that’s clear. -Ed.]

“This is North who is unbelievably attractive and completely aware of it. He’s also deaf, but since no cat actually listens, we just assume he’s slightly more evolved. Left in a hotel room (stuck with the bill!) he’s now waiting for his perfect family at Santé D’Or. (Los Angeles.) He’s disgusted by other cats, but would love a friendly canine companion, preferably one who keeps telling North how good he looks.” -Quinn C.

P.S. “If this gets him adopted, we’ll name the next litter of kittens at Sante D’Or after C.O. writers; yes, one will be named Not That Mike the Other Mike.

Caturday: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

2In an image from earlier in the year, Tamaki The Kitteh checks out her new Snow Fort. Being a cat, though- you can’t tell if she approves or not.

(Design Taxi.)

Time To Haul Out The Christmas Bear

Timo seems perplexed bored with Christmas Bear, then decides passing out on the couch is pretty much the best course of action. Cats have been known to do this.

And Ya Won’t Believe The Kitteh’s Name, Either

This happens to be Louie The Big Dalmatian Puppeh…snorgling with…ready?

You sure?

SQUIRT. Gaaaaaaaaaa.

“He’s Right Behind Us, Isn’t He.

“Maybe if you start snoring, he’ll leave us alone. Hit it, big fella.”

Gooseberry cat

Oh, You Would Like Some Fish Treats?

That’s clearly what is on the mind of this little kitteh. Better yet is the Google Translaysh from the YT video:

“Contact begging pose you got to start with nature. Braze-chan we ask a snack. Even while the look away, to give me give me! And, the movement of the scrounge has firmly.”

Alright then!

(RN24/Andrew Y.)

I Haz iChat?

PCUROXR[You’d theenk they could make one of these things A LITTLE BIGGER. You know, the iCat for people my size.] (Reddit.)

[OK maybe not THIS big.]


Is U IN There?

[Oh you don’ wanna come out and play? Alright then, take THAT! (Whack)]

“We just rescued a stray kitteh from the humane society and he’s proven to be hilarious. His name is Bran. Here is a video of him watching our iPad.” -Meaghan T.

You KNEW It Snowed Outside?

IMG_3324[And you let me go out ANYWAY????? The Dog may love it- this is what THEY DO! But NOT me!!! Door. Open. Now.]

“Hi this is my one year old boy ‘Eddie.’ He is playing and acting like a knucklehead on the deck in the first snow of the year. He would be honored to appear on your website! From Zoe on Whidbey Island, WA.”


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