Beans UP!

IMG_0121Maya couldn’t hang on ’til next Tuesday Toesday–she wanted to pass out right NOW. Thanks to Timothy R.

Happy Mew Year 2015

10893500_576812952452737_561207088_nPhoto by The Furrtographer!

The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #2

output_aa46AqAs promised earlier, we present The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #2!

All Of Seven Weeks Old

image2When you’re a young Micro-Kitteh like Chloe, your interests are simple. Eat..sleep..and play with a ball of yarn. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much what you do when you’re an adult Kitteh, too.

Here is Chloe again, now all of 7 weeks old,” says Donna. “She had just met yarn. She likes it. I think she likes posing with it more than playing with it, though. Enjoy!”

“PS- I hope we don’t break the Internet with all the Cutes!!”


Pangur Bán, AKA “Rocket Butt*”

tumblr_nhd9kt0QmM1u5ndh2o1_1280Morgan K. says, “I have a delightful cat named Pangur Bán. He’s so cute it hurts.” And she’s correct. But there’s more to the story.

“But even better…. He has this utterly ridiculous habit of running laps ’round the house at feeding time. As soon as I go to the kitchen, he starts running in circles! We hope you can share Pangur Bán’s ridiculousness with the rest of the world!”

(*PS- “We call him Rocket-Butt because when he runs around the house, his orange tail looks like a rocket attached to his butt!”)

Someone Thinks It’s Still ‘Tocktober

IMG_0677 However, it’s also Toesday, so everybody wins! (This is Millie, c/o Timothy R.)

I’ll Go With Timo In The Seventh Race At Santa Anita

Timo, pal- you do realize you have a little horse racing jockey on your back, right? Oh, you do? And you’re fine with that? OK, just checking.

Merry Christmas. Really. I Mean It.

garfi-grumpy-cat-16[I can see from the look on your face you don’t believe me. WhatEVER. Now- the Old Man was here early this morning- I saw him. So, how ’bout we go check out that catnip in my stocking?]
(Garfi, from

Better Leave That Tree Alone, Ty

The Wonder of Christmas“This is Tiberius Claudius Maximus (aka “Ty”) ogling my table top Christmas tree. Ty is one of two reasons I have a table top tree instead of a full tree. Sweet mercy, I just sounded like my mother when she would say to me as a child ‘this is why we can’t have nice things,’ after I accidentally destroyed something. Tiberius is definitely on Santa’s special ‘Naughty but Nice’ list. He’s also a rescue I rescued some three years ago. Best decision of my life. Cheers! Kelly T.”

Toesday: Those Are Some Spooky Toebeans!

10861123_1552733221640526_909147064567536634_o‘Member last Friday, we saw Spooky Boogie for the very first time- and we kinda figured it wouldn’t be the last time, either. Sure enough, he returns today and brings his Beans with him. As it says on his FB page, “Draw me like one of your Persian Cats.” Noooo problem, Spook-ster!


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