Moe Knows Jenga

Yesterday, we saw Louie The Cat and his game with pencils. Today, Moe The Cat gives us his best shot, with a game that looks impossibly hard. But not for Moe!


The Kitteh Must Be Felix-

- and the big doggeh has to be Oscar in THIS “Odd Couple!”


Maintenance Free, Too!

Let’s see one of those Die-Hards from Sears do THIS!


Rule Of Cuteness #97: The Sequel

As we said back on the 15th of this month:

HEAD TO BODY RATIO: If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s cute.

And so it shall be. This terrific photo of Pookie is care of Nathan W., who adds “She is a Rescue Kitteh from King County animal shelter. We are fostering them.”

In the Seattle area and interested in Pookie? Click here.



“I’m addicted to your site because it always makes me smile! Here’s my Siamese kitteh Beatrice aka Busy Bee, Sassy Pants, and Beechi. She just turned one year old in April. Thank you for your consideration! We live in Dallas and I am her mummy.” -Leslie L.

On The Prowl

The Littlest Lion King is restless and on the prowl. Looking to get into….anything he can find.

And willya check out those Plump Little Paws?


Funny Cat (Тонкая Pябина)

We present a video about a kitteh snoring/sleeping with what sounds like some type of Russian accordion music in the background. (That, plus it’s fun to type a Russian word in the headline.)

From Sergey.

Makenna, We Humbly Apologize 2 Thee

So, in one of our recent stories, we got this comment:

Everybody deserves to see Makenna? Absolutely correct. We apologize for the delay in getting this Cute out to you.





Caturday: Hey!

Something is clearly on this fellow’s mind, and he’d like to talk to you about it.



Caturday: “Hey There, There Goes The Spidercat…”

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

From T.O.