Here It IS- You Know What To Do!

Despite what our earlier post stated, (“This Is NOT A Belly Rub Request,) that sure is what it looks like to me! This is MAO, doing what he does best. Thanks to Nicola Q.


Caturday: Pancakes For Breakfast, Please

Some OJ, maybe a side order of hash browns, and- oh yes. I’d like PANCAKES. Hold the syrup and butter, though! “His name is Pancakes, he’s a lovable Pooh Bear of a kitty.” -Laura D.

[*Note: Can’t forget Rule Of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute. -Ed.]

Maybe The Best Kitteh Baroo Of All Time?

Gonna be tough to top THIS one, People. Give it up for Sirsey, c/o Caroline M.

Headline THIS!

(UPDATE 2:18pm PT: Thanks to April for “Lil’ TUB,” and to everyone who wrote in! Sorry for the delay- been rooting thru a bag of Brach’s Pumpkins to see which ones didn’t get the green stem on top.- B.)

How ’bout this Little Batman Head, eh? This little critter has its paws in something– can’t quite make out the container name, tho. “Hi Cute Overload, this is a meowing kitten in a cheese container Cute enough for you to post?,” says Dugyu C. [*Note: It is. -Ed.] “My mom sends me stray cat photos from back home so i don’t feel homesick and this was one of them.”

You know what to do! Write up your best headline, and we’ll post it up ’bout 1pm PT!


Are these two of THE most stunning kitteh pix you’ll EVAH come across, or what? “Hi, I thought I needed to send this to you because, well, you’re Cute Overload and this could possibly be the cutest kitten to ever grace the face of the earth,” writes Linda S. “It’s my foster baby, Addie, when she was 6 weeks old. She and her sister Scout went back to the shelter Friday. I’m really going to miss these two. I’ve had the joy of them since they were 4 weeks old.”


[*Note: We responded to Linda’s email asking for details- the location, etc. No word back yet. -Ed.]

UPDATE! “I foster for the Animal Humane Society in St. Paul, MN. Addie and her sister, Scout, were feral kittens and mom was hit by a car. 😦 Luckily, they found the kittens and brought them to the AHS. They kept them for about a week and I’ve had them for 3-but I get them for 1 more week. Scout didn’t make the weight for surgery today so they had to come back home with me…darn. They should be available for adoption about Oct. 11th.”


…now can SOMEONE please get me a paper towel for all this formula?? It’s 5pm PT on a Friday, so let’s get some GIF ACTION going! (Photo from The Furrtographer, natch.)

Hang On, Josie!

Josie needs your help, people. Besides having the most stunning set of peepers known to mankind, Josie suffered kidney failure Wednesday night. “My friend’s very cute goofball of a cat Josie is sick. And he is in a bit of a tight spot. If you could post I would appreciate it!” says Zira’s mom Monica.

The YouCaring crowdfunding link is here.



Praying For Noms

[I prayed for a Brother Kitteh and they ended up bringing home a Slobberknocker LABRADOR the size of Vermont. I don’t even know what a ‘Vermont’ is, but he’s that big. So I’m hungry and gonna give this pitiful prayer thing one more shot before I take drastic measures- like climbing up the living room curtains. They think I don’t know how to do that.]

“It’s Toesday? Wake Me On Wombat Wednesday.”

It looks like Dingo The Kitteh is just gonna pass on today. Seeya tomorrow, Big D. From Mari L.

Toesday 3: Perigo De Morte!

Yep, sounds just about right, I’d say. “Please find attached a photo from my recent holiday in Salema, Portugal. Sure, he’s quiet enough now, but you have been warned.” -Sarah P.