“You Bought Me A Kitteh!!!!”

[OMG ROFLMAO! This is the bestest thing ever!!!!]

Kip the Dog meets new family member Lizzie the Cat, as seen on DP&F.

Cuteness Ranking: Off The Scale

Maybe turn down the speakers some due to the dopey music, but otherwise this video clip is all kinds o’ awesome.

Seen on Love Meow, and sent from Lisa J.’s iPad.

We Want To Believe, Mulder

Show us just how you do what you do.


Toesday Double Play™

photo“Dear CO, Here is an even better shot of Minnie’s beans!” -Kibblenibble.

TY, Kibblenibble. And let’s check out the backend of our Toesday Double Play™ with Hans, (featured in last year’s Halloween pet round up) from Margaret (Hans’s translator and food dispenser.)

Hans_M (1)

If I Fits, I Ships

Geoffery in his box“I know you must get loads of these…but this is Geoffery the Burmese kitten. When not rumbling dogs ten times his size, ["Rumbling? -Ed.] he likes to surprise people. He also disapproves…of everything. A lot.” -Anne F.

Caturday: SQUEEze Right In, Little Guy!

This fellow lives in The Big J, which is known (among other things) for two things. An extreme amount of QTE, and a dire lack of space. So, ya gotta improvise!



RN24, of course.

Hola, Ota!

image_1 “This is my cat Star that we’ve taken to call Ota which is ‘cat’ in Arabic. We would be both so happy to see her on the site with the other kitties!” -Sarah M.




Next Floor, Ladies Lingerie, Tires, Kids Toys…

We’ve discovered a new species of cat! The “EXPAND-O-KITTEH!”

Toesday Polydactyl ACTION!

FUR_6480-X3This is Ernest. He’s got some Extra Beans, and he ain’t afraid to show ‘em off since it’s TOESDAY.

Pictures from The Furrtographer.

Comments from Ernie’s Hoomin: “I took him in as a foster from No Boundaries Animal Rescue.”

“The shelter paperwork from Gilroy (SF Bay Area) said he was ‘aggressive and unpredictable’ and he was slated for euthanasia. He was a sweet angel from the moment I got him.

“I told Amber she wasn’t getting him back the next day.”

“I’ve fostered dozens of cats over the years but this was the only one I couldn’t let go.”



XXbOzJE[Who wants a piece o' me next? Hope you got your 'A' game.] Imgur.


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