Gonna Lay Right Here In Fronta Yer Face

['Til U wake up and gives me the noms, OK then? Or mebbe you'd like a HAIRBALL? I haz different flavors for ya.]

From Kate S. as seen on The Humor Train.

The Mostest Ultimate Interspecies Super Snorgling Evah

This one came zooming in from Erich D. in Florida, who saw it on The Facebook. But we couldn’t use THAT link ‘cuz it wasn’t gonna work or…something. Of course, one quicko search on The YouTube and here we are! Since it happens to be the first day of Dolphin Awareness Month, let’s roll that video!


I have total trouble making the bed. If I try and help my wife, I usually collapse on it in fits of laughter. So Martha Stewart is going to teach us how. We’re gonna need a mattress cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a blanket or comforter.

Oh, and Daisy the cat.

“I’m sending a video I took of my cat, doing what she loves most – playing under the sheets while we make the bed. Her name is Daisy, and she is a black medium-hair that was found abandoned underneath a house. We hope you like it, and maybe it can make it on your site! Cheers!” -Joe Z., Melbourne VIC.

[*Headline tribute to the late great Harold Ramis, who prolly wrote that line in Stripes. -Ed.]

Oh C’MON, Play Wit’ Me, K? C’MON C’MON!

The Puppeh in this video is clearly WOUND UP and wants to play. However, the kitteh is not quite sure what to make of all this.

As seen on Viral Viral Videos.

Ears Familiar, They Are

Take a look at the leetle kitteh’s Ear Wiggle Action (starts @ :22) – which Jedi Master do they remind you of? Hmmmmmm?

Seen on The Buzzer.

U SURE U Wanna Come Into The Kitchen?

Yur call, hoomin. Heh heh.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com
From The Internet’s Animals.

Nuts! I Lost My Keys…

[...so will someone be so kind as to let me in?]

From Stuff I Stole From The Internet.

I Don’t Haz Good Feeling About This

[I is a young kitteh, and they say I had to go to the vet. Who is this vet person? Do they have treats for me?]

From The BuzzFeed FacebookFeed.

Rule Of Cuteness #15: Disproportionate Ratio Between Relative Ear To Head Size

Absolutely no debate on this point. Folks, meet Freyja. PERMISSION TO FREAK OUT : GRANTED.

From Imgur.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 9:50p PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

These terrific photos of Jonty are courtesy of Susan S., who (believe me when I say this) battled her iPhone long and hard all afternoon long to get these shots.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…