Caturday Night: “Duder Is Cuter”

unnamedThat was the subject line of Christina K.’s email. “Duder is a 9 month old ginger cutie. I think you will agree he’s adorbs.” Yes, totes agree.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition)

Gray Wind 2015“Gray Wind is one of half a dozen 2 month old kittens in a litter named after the wolves in Game of Thrones. He is a handsome boy, and boy does he know it! Gray Wind and his siblings are available for adoption from Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control animal rescue.” -Kara B.


20150426_204041From Submitter Diane B.: “Here’s my 11 month old Scottish Fold cat, Primrose. She enjoys playing with ping pong balls, sleeping 20 hours a day, and putting her paw on my cheek and slow blinking at me.” :)



Super Voodoo Whammy Eyeball Action!

IMG_3557“I am presenting this photo of my cat Moksha, who has been featured before. Not much to say about the cute factor– it’s a bit beyond words.” -Carolyn 💕

STOP! In The Name Of Toesday!

IMG_0051Zira is mos’ def’ workin’ the TOE BEAN ACTION as we roll into TOESDAY! From Monica B.

Meet “Concerned Kitty,” AKA “Gary”

Read all about it in The Daily Mail, of course. This “Eight week moggie from Bolton, Greater Manchester is always surprised.”


noun (pl) moggies
1. (Brit) a slang name for cat (sense 1) Sometimes shortened to mog.

The “Gary” comes from some singer named Gary Barlow who raises his eyebrows when he sings. See what you learn from Daily Mail?

Owner Carolyn Entwistle says “We love Grumpy Cat so we thought we’d give him her a run for his her money.”

Good luck with that.

Grumpy Cat Endorsement

Anyone Up For An “Impending Doom” Tag?

If any photo deserves one, it’s this one.



Perfect place to spend a Caturday morning.

(From Smedley as seen on Pinterest.)

Four On The Floor

11179964_1620609211509860_3373981924250084316_nCan you EVEN BELIEVE THIS ONE? A purrrrr-fectly matched set. Vajda saw this on The Facebookster.

Nikki, Don’t Lose Our Number!

Nikki Toes-dayFrom reader Namaval: “This is our kitty Nikki. Today is her first day as a totally indoor cat. Apparently it suits her! Welcome to our household, little one. Pictures by Ye’ela.”

Nikki Toes-day2


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