DSCF3919“Hello CuteOverload! I am a ginormous fan of your website and I often wished over the years that I had a cute little munchkin of my own so I could one day get him on the site,” sez Jessie W.

“WELL, I’m so happy to say that my husband and I recently got a silver-shaded British Shorthair near our hometown of Seattle, WA, and he is just abso-freaking-lutely adorable!”

“His name is Nermal (from Garfield) and we hope you agree that he is a cutie!”

He is very sweet, playful, and we think he looks like a raccoon from the back due to his striped tail, hehe.


Here are some of his best pictures (you will notice how much he has grown as these pictures were taken over several weeks!)

Today’s Date? Er, It’s, Um, It’s…

shutterstock_57085057Oh, right. Friday June 13th. Image via Shutterstock.

Will Link Eat It?


“My husband was driving to work one day in 2012 and saw a little orange kitten run across the road! He parked his car sideways to block traffic, grabbed a box out of his trunk, scooped the kitten up, and drove him straight to the vet. Kittenpants was so tired he fell asleep in the box on the way. He had fleas but was otherwise in good shape. He is now (bottom photo) a healthy, happy ginger named Mr. Link!” -Meredith and Duff.


[It's come down to Me or The Ball. And it ain't gonna be ME! Come ON, then. WHO wants a WHUPPIN'?]

From Lisa J. by way of Love Meow

THIS JUST IN: Tabby Toesday

FUR_9812-X2GAAAAAAAAAAAAA lookit these FURBALLS at Wonder Cat Rescue! And the BEANS! The Beans, People! Hadda get THIS ONE up, STAT!!! Reach for the SKY, pardner.








The Furrtographer with a direct hit.

Toesday: Mr. Orange!

unnamedYou won’t get a much better Toe Bean Hi-5 than THIS one! “This is my dad’s cat, Mr. Orange, giving me a high five! Check out those quality toe beans!” -Sarah A.

The Paws The Paws The Paws The Paws

(Did we mention The Paws?)

[And what about THAT TUMMY? -Ed.]

“This is Tamago. My daughter rescued him off the street when he was 6 weeks old: he was scrawny and fleabitten and had bald patches from scratching. He weighed 500 grams. We’ve had him for 3 weeks, he’s doubled in weight and fluffed out. He likes sleeping with his tummy exposed.” -Gili H.

When Kittehs Attack!!!

(Another sequel of sorts to the When Bebeh Goats Stampede!!! post. There’s a sound icon top left, and click the video to make it stop.)

If You’re Going To Clean The Screen With Your Paw-

…at least use some of that screen cleaner spray stuff first!

From Tastefully Offensive.

Friday Haiku: Sleppy

When you are still tired
But it is time to get up
Just stay in your bed

From Reddit.