She’s Just Gonna Keep Staring At U

unnamed (1)Carmen plops herself down on the breakfast table until you succumb to her wishes. Follow these steps. A) Food. B) Attention. C) Repeat A & B. From OG.


IMG_0349The Look of Disapproval has long been associated (and rightly so) with Buns. Mo is here to show us that Buns aren’t the only ones who can shoot you The Look Of Death.

“This is my cat Mo. He’s ridiculous.” -Katie T.

Cat Nap

Oscar’s trying to hang on, but he’s JUST TOO TIE TIE.

From Lyndsey H.

While The Hoomin Is Away….

…the mice doggeh will play. Even if it earns him a sock in the snoot.

From Metro UK.

VERY Rare Kitteh Baroo

Unheard of. The C.O. Glossary flatly states this does not occur:

Dogspeak for “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by the Canine Tilt and/or wrinkled brow for enhanced effect. Occasionally, animals which are not dogs have been known to have this cute-ism ascribed to them, but this is never appropriate. Dogs just have the face for it, plain & simple. Cats don’t. Fish don’t. Cockatiels? Please.

Do our eyeballs deceive us?


Via Emergency Kittens Twitter.

Friday Haiku: Caffeine

It will keep you up
Caffeine makes you jittery
Go easy on Red Bull

From DP&F.

The Force Is Strong With This One

You know when you come across a little kitteh and he/she just sorta looks up at you WITH THOSE EYES and maybe makes THOSE MEWING NOISES and then YOU MELT INTO A PUDDLE OF GOO and shift into IMMEDIATE SNORGLE MODE?

This is one of those times. Meet Rasputin.


From the Huffington Post FB.

U Nose How This InterTubes Works?

[I keep hitting all these buttons and no hoomin appears with The Snax. Dumb InterTubes.]
(Happy Birthday 2 WWW!)


This Dot Thing Is Drivin’ Me Nuts

[Why can't I catch this little thing? I am a Mighty Hunter! I can DO this! Well, mebbe not.]

Leo the curious kitteh, sent in by Stephanie.

OK, What’s The Deal Here?

My high-rise condo is zoned for ONE. I go to sleep last night, everything’s fine. Today, I wake up and there’s this…this LITTLE HEAD WITH FEET here. What gives??

From Imgur.