Remember YOUR First Box?

It was sooooooo long ago, right? “If I fits I sits.” We’re privileged to be able to visit this kitteh’s very first Box Experience, in his/her long road to the inevitable box-hab treatment center.

But ya know—-boxes aren’t JUST for kittehs. Ask Porkchop.


The Ears The Ears The Ears The Ears

There’s a lotta floof in that picture. And that look says he/she is used to getting what he/she wants. And he/she can have it, too. (Imgur/Reddit.)

TGIF! (Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas Edition)

We’ve reached the end of yet another week- you might be headed out to your company Christmas party at this very moment, too! But before you leave, please check out this little bundle of Joy. Or…is there more than one bundle? “Yes, they might look like the same kitty,” says Barbara O. “But these 3 were part of a litter of 4 we fostered several years ago. We had to use different colored wrist bands on them to know who was who. They were adopted very quickly by folks from New Hampshire and Wisconsin.”

Preeeeeee-senting…THE AMAZING THEO!

Let’s welcome this little knucklehead to C.O., shall we? Quoting his very own FB page: “I am a poly-toed kitten in Austin, Texas. I enjoy snuggling, chasing my tail, & waking up my owners by sitting on their face!”






(Gabrielle F.)

No, I Am NOT Feeling Like A “Jolly Old Elf”

[I’m lookin’ to dish out some PAYBACK for whoever bought this outfit. YOU! Over there. You look plenty guilty. Get OVER here.]

ResQte Of The Week (Maui Monday Edition)

Remember when you had your first bath? OK, probably not. But Daisy sure does!

“Aloha, I wanted to first thank you for sharing the film we made about the Lanai’i Cat Sanctuary we made a few years ago. It has really helped raise awareness for that incredible shelter. Mahalo! My wife and I have rescued several cats here on Maui. A few days ago we heard a frantic meow coming from under our house. There was a cat stuck way up in the structure and after tearing half the house down we finally discovered a 5-week-old kitten which we named her Daisy Mae. Since we are filmmakers, we have no choice but to film her CONSTANTLY! For example, here is her first bath. Aloha, Kent R.”

Here’s more on the Lanai’i Cat Sanctuary:

This Is Called “Getting The Treatment”

Kinako The Kitteh is in Total Bliss Mood. And she won’t be leaving it anytime soon.

“♬He’s Black, He’s White, Yeah Yeah Yeah ♫”

Take a look at this sleek black kitteh, all decked out with Prosh White Booties! “This is Jimmy at 9 weeks old, one of a litter of 5 who all got named after characters in “Call the Midwife.” Taken by Monica S., Somerset, N.J.”

ResQte Of The Week (Thanksgiving Edition)

This little kitteh was rescued from a storm drain in Concord, CA.! We can ALL give thanks for that!



“Hey Honey! We’re Out Of TP Up Here!”

“OK no worries, I’m sending Daphne up with an emergency roll!”