Behold: Princess Nyanko

Speakers UP is Mandatory for this clip. If anyone wants one of her squeaks as a ring-tone for their phone, LMK.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Kitteh?”

image1“No, but if you do, it’s time for her checkup at the clinic. I made the mistake of saying ‘Vet’ rather than spelling out V-E-T and she took off like a shot.”

(Toad Bobbin going low profile, photo by Toad’s mom Meshy, submitted by Heather.)

Toesday: ‘Tocktober Is Getting Closer!

thebestintocktober-1938-1-_tplqJust over two weeks to go, as a matter of fact! Got some Prosh ‘Tocks you’d like to see on C.O.? You know what to do!

Caturday: I Haz Kisses For A Quarter?

[I don’t even know what a ‘Quarter’ is, but eef you stop by my booth I will give you some snorgles, K? We’re here ’til Noon PT.]

Caturday: Omigersh, He’s Staring Right Thru Us

IMG_0992“Dear Cute Overload, I have been a loyal fan of yours since 2005 — you got me through law school,” writes Ashley J. Finally this year, with my husband, we brought a little fur baby, Sebastian Fairmont, into our home.”

“Sebastian is a Scottish Fold and he is sweet as can be and a little purr machine, but he definitely throws around a bit of Cattitude when he wants to play!”

“I’ve included some pictures here, but we have more (and videos) on Sebastian’s Instagram account.”

“He would be so flattered if featured! Thank you for all of your daily posts! We love you!”


Green, This One Is Not

Tell me this little guy doesn’t have a little YODA Action goin’ on. Totes Adorbs, he is.

(Laughing Squid.)

♬ You’ve Got A Friend In Me ♫

11885046_1898090443748806_6456011368502373634_oYou’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy you’ve got a friend in me
Yeah you’ve got a friend in me..

(Song from Toy Story by Randy Newman; story from Bored Panda.)

I Will Take Care Of You, Little Friend

Arne sent this one in from Imgur/Reddit. Apparently a little kitteh was abandoned by its mom, and this Goldie stepped right in. #WAYTOGO









Decisions, Decisions!

[I does not know whether to DANCE with it or ATTACK it! Maybe I’ll just do BOTH!]

Ol’ Green Eyes Is Back

laidbackChacha2“Hi again! Chacha is enjoying a warm summer, being mostly outside, chasing birds, mice and moles. They make such nice presents for his humans! Here are some pics from the garden.” -Camilla E.
“PS. We’re honored that baby Chacha was chosen for Trading Card #4!” Click below for C.O. Super-Size™!





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