I’d Be Happy To Deck Your Halls

[Now get this sweater off of me.]



All Of “Fo Weeks Ode,” Too

Some Rules Of Cuteness just jump right out at ya. Ahem, if you will- presenting RoC 97: “Head To Body Ratio: If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s Cute.”

“This is Chloe. She just turned “fo weeks ode”. She has decided that this is an appropriate time to share her astonishing Cuteness with the world. So here, dear Cute Overload, is Miss Chloe. Sent in by her smitten human, Donna.”

We Wish You A Merry Margaux!

“Here is a pic of my adorable kitten Margaux. Photo by me. I love your site & it is a great distraction when I need a break at work!” -Erin E.

Quit Givin’ Me The Finger!

[I MEAN it! Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack!]

(This DID have to do with Arbroath.)

Ready To Take Over The World

Just a matter of time. From Cats, Beavers & Ducks.

PS- RoC #97: Head To Body Ratio: “If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s Cute.”

PPS: This is Eeyore, and you can see his FB site if you click ovah heah.

Doesn’t Everyone….

[….haz a Christmas Tree on their Nose?] From Fantastic Cat Adventures Tumblr.

The Return Of The Stick Thing

Little McFloofersons looks mighty confused trying to snag The Stick Thing!

Make My Day

Mr. Kramer Meowington seems to be DARING the photographer (in this case, Kristin) to bend down and rub his belleh. One “Impending Doom” tag, comin’ right up!

North The Wonder Cat

[*Note: North is the one on the left. Just so that’s clear. -Ed.]

“This is North who is unbelievably attractive and completely aware of it. He’s also deaf, but since no cat actually listens, we just assume he’s slightly more evolved. Left in a hotel room (stuck with the bill!) he’s now waiting for his perfect family at Santé D’Or. (Los Angeles.) He’s disgusted by other cats, but would love a friendly canine companion, preferably one who keeps telling North how good he looks.” –Quinn C.

P.S. “If this gets him adopted, we’ll name the next litter of kittens at Sante D’Or after C.O. writers; yes, one will be named Not That Mike the Other Mike.

Caturday: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

In an image from earlier in the year, Tamaki The Kitteh checks out her new Snow Fort. Being a cat, though- you can’t tell if she approves or not.

(Design Taxi.)