That’s what the ol’ 49’ers use to yell when they struck gold. Well, we’ve struck it here, too! This little kitteh is named Eureka, and she was just adopted from Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, who rescued her and paid the doctor bills. Enjoy your new home, Eureka!


Images c/o Josh N.

THIS JUST IN: Colonel Meow FTW!

Colonel Meow has bagged the Guinness World Record for having the longest fur! Read the LA Times story- you won’t beleef how The Colonel got to his lofty position.

Cuteporters DarkRedHead and Paul P. with the email alert!

Careful Hoomin, Careful!

If your hand falls out the window, you won’t be able to scritch ma bellah as easily! SILLY hoomin.

Shared by Cuteporter Sandra, who sends greetings from Germany.

THIS JUST IN: RIP 2 Wasabi-Chan

Got this note from Cuteporter Edward H., who just posted it on the CO FB page.

“It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Wasabi-chan at 6:30pm Tokyo time today, the cute kitten in a mushroom costume who was featured here.”

Sigh, been a tough summer for our friends, from Schoep to Jay V. to Chase The Baseball Doggeh, and now Wasabi-chan.

When you love the furballs like we all makes their passing that much harder, doesn’t it?




I Don’t Have A Clue About Last Night

I vaguely remember…..nothing. Jess, can you get me a flat-tasting glass of ginger ale? And do it….quietly? And someone PLEASE turn off this light.

“Bentley’s a year old and spends lots of his time upside down. It’s Bentley’s dream to make it onto Cute Overload. As you will see in the photo, he has the most wonderful fuzzy feets and hopes that you think they are cute enough to share with the world.” -Rachel -n- Jessica, Brooklyn USA

Caturday: How Much Is That Kitteh In The Window?

Name your price.

From the Ireland Baldwin Tumblr.

Doctor Who, Part Two

If you’ll recall, I was swiftly corrected for my glaring lack of Doctor Who knowledge. (It’s “Doctor,” not “Dr.,”..and it’s a time machine, not a phone booth.)

Now…The Tardis T.A.R.D.I.S. is back! (From another portal or Möbius loop or dimension or time-space continuum. Or…something.)

“I came home from Comic-Con yesterday to find that my husband had rescued a kitten while I was away. Her name is Rory Williams Reiter and at 8 weeks she is ready to take the time/space/universe by storm. She even managed to find our Tardis!” -Erin R.

Care And Care Alike

Great story from Anderson, South Carolina. It seems that animal control officer Michelle Smith found a shih tzu puppeh named Goldie, hidden in a ravine. Turns out Goldie was caring for a tiny kitteh who had also ended up in the brush! Mail Online says the pair has been taken in by a foster family. More photos on the Anderson County P.A.W.S. Facebookster.







All photos except #1 from Mail Online, who in turn got ‘em from a lot of places. Thanks to the many Cuteporters who sent this in, including Anna C., Jessamine W., Persia, and Ingrid H.

I Can Haz Bedsheets?

There MUST be something down there…and I intend on finding out JUST WHAT IT IS!

“I absolutely love your site! Here is a video of our cat, Marco, who thoroughly enjoys slippery sheets. We call him our little running man.” -Elizabeth U.

This Video Is A Winner, Hands Down!

Now listen, hoomins! I want all hands ON THE TABLE where I can see ‘em! Let’s go!

An Ignoramusky special event.