[I Like The Scratchy Stuff On His Chin & Lip...]

[...so I is gonna smash myself all over his faces and stuff cuz it feels good and I like that.]


Inigo Meowtoya – The Sistine Chapel Edition

P1050380[So close...and yet, so FAR....]

“I was beyond elated when you guys posted the video my dearest boyfriend sent in of Inigo Meowtoya – so even if you don’t post this picture of him, I wanted to let you know how much that made my cat lady day! He might look like he’s innocently reaching for the curtain- but seconds after I took this picture he mistook the curtain for the six-toed kitten. Let’s just say the curtain had to be replaced.” -Emily P.

Absolutely Ultimate Definitive Kitteh Baroo

There’s just no other way to say it. Can anyone top this? If you’ve got the photo, let’s see it.

From Catasters.Tumblr.com

Porsche Unveils New “Fastback Kitteh 2014″

The venerable German carmaker, known for iconic models such as the 911, has released its latest model, the “Fastback Kitteh 2014.” Improved nomming and mewing are just a few of the new features built in, says a spokesperson in Zuffenhausen, Germany. “We’re very excited to get this kitteh into production.”

Via @EmrgencyKittens.

Hoist That Belleh, Hazel!

“This is Hazel Swift, one of our current wards at the IBKC. The video shows Hazel with Effie Brisker, her sister. Such adorable little orphans – we’re so happy to have them here! I hope all is well in your cute world!” -xo Laurie C.


*Disclaimer: Totally stole the headline from LC.

Pay Up, Casey

unnamedNormally, such a prolific NOSE shot as this would go into the Nosevember File (and there is such a thing..we’ll tag it as such anyway.) But- there are extenuating circumstances. A bet rides on this.

Let’s let Casey S. explain:

“I took a glamour shot of my cat Panza Kitty Baby Fur Fur Baby Kitten Kitten (that’s his full name.) I bet him a bag of catnip that this picture would make it onto Cute Overload. Don’t let me down!”

-Fork over the catnip, Panza Kitty Baby Fur Fur Baby Kitten Kitten wins. And just HOW do you get that entire name onto a little ID tag??

(PS- Panza told us “KONG Naturals Premium Catnip” works for him. Apparently, he’ll love you for it. Or something.)

Miles O’ Brien, We Salute U

According to Boing Boing, journalist Miles O’Brien was at a drone flying range (they have these things?) near Washington DC, learning how to fly his camera drone one-handed (due to an unfortunate accident.)

He happened to be joined at the range by…a blanket with a pair kittehs. C.O. tweeted Mr. O’Brien, who tweet-replied (in 125 characters, btw):

“I think there is nothing cuter per pound than a kitten that small. Not sure I have ever seen one that young. Smitten w/kitten.”

He took this video, and sent it to BB. Interested in adoption? Click here! (The little critters the remaining kitteh are is with veterinarian Nikki Driver in Charlottesville, VA.)

Update! This just in from Nikki herself:

“Thanks so much for the shout-out, your site has more Cute on it than I thought the Internet could handle! The only thing to add is that the bigger of the two (the other has found a foster home with the intent to adopt) purrs and kneads after he eats and when he poops!! Thanks so much and keep up the Cute Work!”



They Got Kit-Kats In Here?

[Twix, Mars, M&M's, no thanks! I can haz Kit-Kats?]

Via Facebook.

Nice Boogie Woogie Jazz On This Clip…

and oh yeah, and LOOKIT THE KITTEH PLAY WITH THE TOEBEANS aye yi yi yi yi. This is just first class freakin’ nuts, couldn’t wait ’til Caturday.

Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi…

…you’re my only hope!



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