Nosevember: Dudley The Kitteh!

SAM_1115We’re juuust into the first full week of Nosevember, and we have a nice lookin’ kitteh here in Dudley, a gray and white Maine Coon mix! Would you like someone to come over and rub those paws for a while, D-Man? Photo by Anne D. of Wilsonville OR. Thank-you, Anne!

We NOSE You’re Awake There, Little Guy

Ever caught your kitteh being a faker? They’re pretending to be asleep when in fact they are watching your every move? (Which they always do.) “I present to you the pinkest of Noses! This is Bergamot. His nose indicates awakeness. When he’s really, really sleepy, the nose is almost completely white.” -Tina J.


ResQte Of The Week 2: Why, HELLO There, Kitteh!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Here’s another one of our adoptable kittehs at Save the Animals Foundation, in Cincinnati, OH. It’s Skipper, looking adorable as Hello Kitty!” -Cathy O’ B.

Oh, U Can Turn The Faucet If U WANT To…

IMG_0499[….but there is no place on Earth U can hide, I haz a promise on that.]

“Well then, here’s Maya. She was trying out the sink in our new apartment for the first time.” -Deborah U.

It’s National Cat Day!

DSC01297CHOTKMilton VonHalfstache III is VERY excited about this fact. Can’t you tell? He went out and got a ‘stache trim just for the occasion. Hope he can get his money back- lookin’ a little unbalanced there, Milty.

Photo taken at Cat House On The Kings by KB.

[*Update: Here’s a story about how to get a kitteh delivered to you today. Swears. It’s from noon til 4 in participating cities, so it looks like it’s still on for Phoenix, Seattle, and SF. From Jennifer H.]

Plum’s Beans

Toebeans Plum“This is Plum, who was born to a stray cat in my yard in the spring. She and her brother Milo are happily living with me now. Milo likes to stretch out when he sleeps, but Plum prefers the curled kitty with exposed toebeans position. She is perhaps the sweetest kitten I’ve ever had. So tiny!” -Stephanie F.

Furgus Needs A Name!

Furgus 4This little kitteh’s name- for the moment- is Furgus. (Which I rather like. But what do I know? Don’t answer that.) But– Furgus’s hoomin needs a better one, and wants yer help. It goes something like this:

My friend’s parents have adopted the attached this young lady- 3 months old, half Maine Coon/half Siberian. Apparently she already rules the house after 2 weeks! My friend is completely smitten by her, she steals their food, and the only name which has so far been put forward (by the friend) is “Dido, Queen of Carthage*” which her father has rejected as being “too pompous.” So I was wondering if I might appeal to the good readers of Teh Ovahlode for suggestions for less pompous-sounding names? Thanks in advance! :)” -TJ.

PS- “Furgus was my suggestion, but since it’s a little girl kitteh it’s not entirely appropriate.”

[*Note- What??? -Ed.]

Violet- Our New Favorite Color!

Another Toesday is here, and we’re happy to welcome Violet for a return visit. According to her hoomin’s email (below,) Violet is happy about being on Cute Overload.

We’ll take her word for that.

“Violet was so excited to be on Cute Overload even though it was only her tail. I feel compelled to send you another pic of her in all her excited glory. So here she- pink toes, pink nose, pink ears and that one-eyed look. What’s not to love?” -Janey.

And We Have A Samba Sighting

Samba__122_One of the (IMO) truly great things about Cute Overload is that we get email images from all over the world. (Hmmm..nothing from Bratislava yet.) This just arrived from The Big G c/o Chris B.
The email is unedited except we deleted the home phone number..and we THINK the kitteh’s name is Samba..don’t we?

“Hello, I’m Samba! Samba came to the 2014 World Cup to us. Since it is our good luck charm. Gesendet von Zuhause!” -Chris B. 2014/GER. PS- You are so wunderfull!!!!”




Annabell Rockin’ Some Serious Toesday Beanage

Annabell“Dear Purr-veyors of Cuteness: May I present “Annabell.” She is a 6 month old Russian Blue. Here she is showing off her impressive pink Toe Beans (please note the lovely contrast of Pink Beans against Gray Fur). Photo taken by Moi! (Dana L.)”


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