Oh, So You Want Some Of THIS?

[That’s IT! I’ve HAD it. Let’s do this right NOW, Mister Man!]

Monday Morning, And You’re ALREADY Bored

Do like this kitteh does. Grab a sheet or two of paper out of the copier tray, then just zone out and count the hours….’til Friday.


Hmmm…What Happens If I Pop THIS One?

Stanton C. wrote in and told us, “Just came across this and thought it would be a perfect candidate for an upcoming Caturday!”

Works well for a Rats, It’s Monday evening, too!

{*Can’t find the Star Trek reference? It’s there. -Ed.]

Ear Floof ALONE Puts This One Over The Top

39mUV8g“Boyfriend and I adopted this runty rescue kitten. She purrs like a jackhammer and farts like a man.” -Airwrecka1789 on Reddit.

Timo, You Gonna Get Outta Bed Today, Buddy?

You wanna think about it for awhile, huh? Totally understandable.

This Boot Wuz Made For Sleeping…

…and that’s just what I’ll do!!

Puss in boot
Nothing To Do At ALL With Arbroath.

The Force Is Definitely NOT With This One

image“This is Garrett. He wasn’t sure what to think when I first put his Star Wars tie on him!” -Leanne.

Moe (AKA Precious Girl)

088“Here is my precious girl Moe, with her ‘S’ scratcher. As you can see, she likes to tuck herself in one side for naps. I think she nailed the sunbeam Rule! When she was less than 10 weeks, she somehow suffered a crushed pelvis in several places. After weeks of rehab, she healed quite nicely. Now she has a sassy little swish to her gait and runs and jumps all over the house. She’s very vocally expressive and has a lot of inflection to her meows.” -Diane B.


C.O. Welcomes “Maple-etta Caramella Vassar” To Nosevember

20140730_083525There are noses in Nosevember…and then, there are NOSES. (This is the second type.)

“Here’s our darling Maple. She rules our house but is the sweetest, coziest snuggly kitteh ever! Her whole name is Maple-etta Caramella Vassar.” -Kimberly V.

Toulouse Le Chat

Here we have the many moods of Toulouse. Here, he’s feeling giffy.

Feeling nommy.

Feeling adventurous.

Feeling very beany.

“They grow up so fast. Can’t believe he is already 6 months old!” -Caroline A.


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