Maru Has His Box, and Sargon Has His….

….spoon. (I swear I thought Sargon was a Vulcan Ambassador to…somewhere. Nope, he was some King Dude from back in the day.)

Live long and prosper, Cuteporter Helmut M.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 9: Speed Racer

As we saw earlier today with Sydney The Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, Ground Clearance is a key concept when ZOOMING along. Helps to get a little air under your belleh so U don’t BUMP IT on anything. This little kitteh shows textbook form.

From Digital Photography School.

U Might Be Thinking Japan 4 This One~

…but no!

China scores with this mesmerizing kitteh, and is brought our way via RocketNews 24 and Cuteporter Andrew Y., who apparently scrutinizes that site 24/7.

And we thank him for it. Folks, meet Lele.

Update: It was Teri C. who sent this one in.





Stand BY…For Butt Wiggle!

(Anything can happen in the next :53 seconds!)

We’ve seen some crazy kitteh launching here at C.O.- The Circle is a prime purveyor of this.

But watch THIS little guy go. Can U say…”Zoom Zoom?”

And of course, there’s the .GIF.


Just Another Meezer Monday

“A little Meezer Monday Action!!” From Cuteporter Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow, and Sent From Her iPad, too!

(BTW, Ollie The Gabby Chomping Siamese has his own FB. How…surprising!)

[I Like The Scratchy Stuff On His Chin & Lip...]

[ I is gonna smash myself all over his faces and stuff cuz it feels good and I like that.]


Inigo Meowtoya – The Sistine Chapel Edition

P1050380[So close...and yet, so FAR....]

“I was beyond elated when you guys posted the video my dearest boyfriend sent in of Inigo Meowtoya – so even if you don’t post this picture of him, I wanted to let you know how much that made my cat lady day! He might look like he’s innocently reaching for the curtain- but seconds after I took this picture he mistook the curtain for the six-toed kitten. Let’s just say the curtain had to be replaced.” -Emily P.

Absolutely Ultimate Definitive Kitteh Baroo

There’s just no other way to say it. Can anyone top this? If you’ve got the photo, let’s see it.


Porsche Unveils New “Fastback Kitteh 2014″

The venerable German carmaker, known for iconic models such as the 911, has released its latest model, the “Fastback Kitteh 2014.” Improved nomming and mewing are just a few of the new features built in, says a spokesperson in Zuffenhausen, Germany. “We’re very excited to get this kitteh into production.”

Via @EmrgencyKittens.

Hoist That Belleh, Hazel!

“This is Hazel Swift, one of our current wards at the IBKC. The video shows Hazel with Effie Brisker, her sister. Such adorable little orphans – we’re so happy to have them here! I hope all is well in your cute world!” -xo Laurie C.


*Disclaimer: Totally stole the headline from LC.


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