This is Gustave, from the animal shelter! This is my first cat! - ImgurSay hi to The Floof That Is Gustave. (He’s a ResQte, too- YAY! And do we detect just the sliiiiightest hint of a Baroo?) (Reddit.)

Pawshank Redemption

Shawshank - Imgur[I didn’t have ANY inside help like those NY prison guys. I had to tunnel all the way out BY MYSELF. OK, well, Andy Dufresne saved up some cat food lids for me that I used to dig with. But that’s ALL. Zihuatanejo, here I come.] (Imgur, where we stole borrowed the “Pawshank” reference. FYI.)

Old Blue Eyes Is Back

20121222_104730Now this is one Turkish Angora Kitteh I would LOVE to get into a stare down with. By all rights he should be named Francis Albert; it’s actually Yaro.





As seen on Love Meow, and sent from Lisa J’s iPad.

Sniff. SNIFF? SNEEF!!!!


That’s a wrap for C.O. for the week- stand by for Rats, It’s Monday…Headline THIS..Dwight The Turtle…AND…C.O. Trading Cards #4!

You Think This Lady Wants A Kitteh?

My bet is……yes.

Smedley with the credit on this.

ResQte Of The Week: Spokane, WA.

Got a great email from Glenna M., who just had to submit a photo of one of her fosters. This is Mozart! However, he’s not available…#BOO.

(‘Cause he got adopted! #YAY!)

However…Mozart has some siblings. (Names in the hovers.) If you’re in the Spokane area (or you have friends that are,) listen up! More from Glenna:

“If anyone is interested they could post a private message on our Facebook page!”

“Mozart and his siblings actually haven’t even been posted for adoption because they have another week or so to go before they can be spayed/neutered, but we had an older Siamese mix that we had two qualified adopters for, so we let the second person know that Mozart would be available soon, and he’s been reserved for her.”


Batman Head + White Sox

White Socks - ImgurMakes for a most compelling combo, no? (Imgur.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Slippers?”

“Oh- I saw them by the door. Right there in front. Aren’t they there?”

The Most Magically Cute Kitten You’ll See All Day

That’s the title of this Caturday Night video. And we have to admit, they got it right on the mark.

Caturday: I Haz DVD Now?

[Where is the DVD I was watching? Oh THERE it is!]



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