According to RN24, people seem to think that Maya The Cat is imitating her hoomin in saying “Ohayō,” which is the “three-syllable Japanese greeting for good morning.”

Who are we to disagree?

Seen by Andrew Y…more Maya vids here.

Best Toesday Photo Ever. Right Here.

jiro1The above Feature Photo wins the award. Bang. Done. (Well, if there WAS an award.)

“I would like to submit a few pictures of my super cute cat: Jiro,” writes Gigi W.

“He loves to be photographed and with such a cutie like him, I don’t mind photographing him all the time.”







Dinner? Did Someone Say….Dinner?

[If you think a little SNOW keeps me from The Noms…think AGAIN!!!]


Headline THIS: “Mothership, Commence Laser Targeting Sequence On My Mark…”

unnamed(*Update, 1:05pm PT: Thanks to Kathy_A!)

Look of Disapproval, Impending Doom, there are so many tags to put on this one. But what about a headline? Write yours in the comments section and we’ll update the headline with our fave around 1pm PT. “This is Ripley. She had an op to remove a reoccurring lump from her one of her teats. Thankfully, it came back negative :) for cancer. Suffice to say, she hates the cone, but deep down I’m sure she knows it’s all for the best. One more week and it’s removed!” -Ellie K.

Geno & Friends

4Why have one cute critter per post, when we can just as easily squeeze three in there? Let’s do it! “Hi there! This is my boyfriend’s adorable new kitteh, Geno,” says Jessica G.

“Here is Geno with his kitteh brother Sid and his doggy sister Jasmine.”

“Prepare to explode from cuteness.”


Presidential Pets On Parade!

6461515323_daf5b7be87_o“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

That famous quote is attributed to President Harry S. Truman. Indeed, searching the InterTubes turns up lots of First Dogs- but Socks appears to be the sole First Kitteh.


It’s President’s Day in the U.S. To celebrate, here’s a mini-selection of famous Presidential Pets!

Bill Clinton and cat n










*Feature Photo of Socks in the Oval Office from the U.S. National Archives Flickr, and thanks to Grytlappar.

Photo 2 of Socks (and President Clinton) from No Idea.
Photo 3 and 4 of Socks (and President Clinton) from the U.S. National Archives Flickr.
Photo 5 of Socks from The Washington Post.
Photo 6 of Bo and Michelle Obama from ABC News.com.
Photo 7 of Rex and President Reagan from Pupscale Grooming.
Photo 8 of Barney from Rollcall.com.
Photo 9 of Millie, President and Mrs. Bush from Petside.com.
Photo 10 of Checkers and Republican VP candidate Nixon from Reporter News.
Photo 11 of Fala and FDR from Animal Fair.com.

Oh, and PS:

You Shall Become ONE With Atchoum

Holy Hairballs! Whatever Atchoum wants, whenever he wants it, your default response is: RIGHT AWAY, ATCHOUM SIR.

Spotted this guy (Atchoum = French for “Sneezy,” says Google Translate) on Daily Mail.com and The Panda- he’s a bit overly hairy due to a condition called hypertrichosis.

His FB page says “Hypertrichosis is a symptom of a hormonal disorder that manifests in man or woman, for an invasive hair on a body part.”

Big A has an Instagram, too.




Some Might Call This Lazy

[I prefer to call it ‘convenient.’ After all, what happens…if I wake up in the middle of the night….dying of thirst??? HOW can I make it to the kitchen? BETTER idea: I just sleep next to my dish. Problem solved.]


While The Hoomins Are Away….

….the puppehs and kittehs will play. Or will they? Check out this HIDDEN VIDEO that goes BEHIND THE SCENES!

C.O. Winter Weather TEEP #1

IMG_0347Always keep your NOSE warm. (Well, the rest of you is important, too. But ‘SPECIALLY the Noisicle. You nose?) “This is CoCo, a nose-warmer par excellence. If I knew how I’d send all my 4 nose-warming experts, but CoCo represents the lot, all of whom would LOVE to appear on a Cute Page…where their hoomin has her morning giggle.” -Sophia B.


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