How Do You Weigh A Bebeh ‘Roo?

Like this, People!

1.48 Kg of cuteness - Imgur


Crikey! Hop Right In, Mate!

Never forget where you came from.

Roos And Emus, Oh MY!!

These guys hang out at Victoria’s (Australia) Wild Action Zoo.

Emu Chicks Edi and Eli are just a few days old- and here they are with buddy Reuben The Kangaroo.

The chicks were brought into a zoo staffer’s home to protect them from feral foxes. They’ll be released into the open paddock with their parents, when they get bigger. BuzzFeed Australia has more deets.

“You’ve probably seen this link today, but these pictures of a pair of emu chicks and a kangaroo joey simply made my day,” writes Diana C.

Pardon Me- You Headed To Melbourne?

[I’d be happy to pay for part of the petrol. But you’ll need to pop the sunroof, eh?] (Mirror UK.)