THIS JUST IN: We Visit Thing One And Two’s House

This one is just off the YouTube express, everyone. The plot? Thing Two cruises the hallway. That’s…about it. But NOTICE if you will……the gleaming floors. The pristine…EVERYTHING.

Japan wins again.

The title of this video is “Kuru.” The online translator says that means “Kuru.” (Say like Marge in “Fargo:”) OK then! Will consult Guremike and report back.


Capybaras So Cute You Can Taste It

Japanese kawaii-style capybaras! With real kawaii in it!

“…these adorable miniature capybaras are made of daikon oroshi (grated daikon radish). After being mounded up and shaped in your choice of soup, their little heads are colored with soy sauce and accented with tiny pieces of seaweed.” From our cute friends, Rocket News.

Sharla’s Guide To Japan Cat Cafes

Sharla is a Canadian student studying in Japan. When she isn’t studying, she hangs out at cat cafes.

This is not a bad gig.

From VVV.

Ever Wanted To Hug Your Lunch?

RocketNews24 says folks in Japan like to have what are known as “hotpot dishes” during the winter. They dump all kinds of stuff in there, like cabbage, tofu, radishes, etc. And as you can see, before you EAT it, you…DECORATE it!













Caturday: Pyonpyon

“Pyonpyon” is the title of this new Thing Two video. And…since that name rings no bell at C.O. Command Centre (note British spelling,) we tweeted @Guremike to learn what that meant.

“That means, little cute creatures hopping, skipping lightly. Japanese kawaii onomatopoeia word!”

Well, of course.

And while we were poking around the Guremike Twitter page, we found this photo. No idea what’s going on here- but it’s cute. Then again…it’s Japan, so this should come as no surprise.


Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da…

…life goes on, bra. Cats. In Pots. From Japan. Because…..why not?
[Note: at :43, do ALL Japanese videos use that same ‘whack’ sound? You know you’ve heard it before. -Ed]

From CJ. Lyrical cred to Lennon–McCartney.

A New Year, But The Same Results:

…The Big J is still wiping the floor with us when it comes to The QTE.


Remember this post? Cuteporter Megumi does, and boy did we get a load of stuff in an email. Videos, wallpapers, screensavers, book links, you name it. So we were wondering what they were selling in that previous post. Turns out to be a travel agency. Let’s let Megumi take over:

“This is a 5-part commercial series that feature the master Nyalan and a new apprentice kitty, who’s taking his first train trip to the ocean and learning the ins and outs of travel.”

“Nyalan receiving 5-star treatment at a hotel:”

“Nyalan and Jr. with a new Pomeranian (?) friend:”

“A travel commercial:”

“And we also have desktop wallpapers, screensavers, a photo gallery, and books! Sorry for sounding like a company rep, I’m totally not affiliated with them! I just fell in love with the mascot and wallpapers =P. Anyway, please use any of these links if they’re worthy. Too bad my first submeesh isn’t of my own kitties! A forever CO-fan, Megumi.”

Caturday: Welcome To The Hotel Cat-ifornia

When these guys (especially that one at the top- bully) gather for their Fancy Feast®, better get out of their way!

From Studio Singa. Concept kinda sorta adapted from Henley/Felder/Frey.

Can You Even Comprehend This?

They’re small.
They’re mighty.
They’re from JAPAN.
And they’re coming to take you AWAY.

“I didn’t even know what hit me when i stumbled across this gem on The YouTubes. They’re so floofy and….those eyes…*explodes*” – Submitted by (what’s left of) Florian W.

Caturday: OK, I Give UP

The Big J once again, of course. Does ANYone have an idea as to what they are trying to sell here? Anyone? Bueller?

I don’t know about this one, either.

Submitted by Multiple Cat Household.