Everybody Comes From SOMEwhere

Check out this selection of animuhl friends as bebehs!

Happy Nosevember Thanksgiving

image1On the menu today- Tofurky, Cranberries, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, and….Noses! (Names and sender-inners in the hovers, OK?) Above, Kona Bear from Hafeeza J.





image1 (1)

photo 3


ResQte Of The Week: Best Snorgle Sesh You’ll See Today

Ariel M. writes to us from Chile: “Santuario Igualdad Interespecie is a farm sanctuary located in Chile. That’s co-founder Marisol de la Reguera in the video, [*Note: Having the best day anyone has EVER had. -Ed.] The cow in the video, is really a bull, Salvador. He was rescued from a dairy farm. The little pig in the video is Miguel, found tied to a light post in the street, and was rescued by animal rights activists. The first cat is Alelí, rescued from street. The second cat is Rayito, also rescued from the street. The second cow in the video is Esperanza, also rescued from a dairy farm (and best friend of Salvador.)”

A Little Halloween Something For Everyone! (Part II)

20151020_zaa_c130_036Earlier in the week, we showed you a variety of critters getting geared up for the Big Night tomorrow night, and here’s Part II!









The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

What Time Is It, Kids?

It’s dinnertime! The bottle warmers got dinner all toasty for ya, so here we go…down the hatch!

(Maureen P.)

Happy Labor Day, U.S. (& Canada) Peeps!

Cute Overload salutes all the hard workers out there. All year long, you’re slaving away. Today is your day to relax. Have your hoomin whip up a nice steak on the barbeque. For you, of course. They can have a hot dog or sumfin’. [*Note: Rats, It’s Monday moves over to tomorrow. -Ed.]

Photos from That Cute Site.

How Does Australia DO IT?

They’ve got Wommies. They’ve got Kangaroos. They’ve got Koalas. And of course, toss in yer odd Platypus, Dingo, Quoll, QUOKKA, and Taz Devil. Notice…we left a biggie OUT. Are you ready for…

Banjo The Yellow-Bellied Glider Joey??

Didn’t THINK so. (Runs away yelling, waving arms- “And they named him BANJO.”)

Yup, That Be A Reindeer Bug

CNyYtA9WcAQ1L6CBiologists are competing among themselves to find the Cutest creature in the world, using the tag #CuteOff. We find this to be a worthy objective.








Aloha, Friday!

Here at C.O., we always welcome in the weekend with a little TGIF Action, but this video is outstanding, and a great way to kick off weekend activities! (OK, it’s still a little early here on the West Coast.)

Just Another Sleppy Day At Sunflower Farm Creamery…

Dew on the morning grass…the roosters crow..sun peeking through the clouds- just another sleppy morning at Sunflower Farm Creamery, starring Lola The Little Dog!


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