Er….Needs Salt

[Gonna leeck me up some Hoomin Bebeh. Hold still, ya little varmint!]

From Scott and Shannon L.

Let The Sochi Games Begin!

These USA Olympians have already scored a Gold Medal in Interspecies Snorgling and Nomming.




Photos by NBC Olympics as seen on Elite Daily.

Can I Nom U? Can I? Can I?

Even if U say no, I’ll do it anyway. Thank you.

From Wendy M.

Ultimate Heffalump Photobomb

Psst……folks? Over here.

You might wanna turn around. Just sayin’.

Elephant Photobomb
From Mail Online.

Who’d Trade Places With This Hoomin?

Anyone? Don’t be shy now.

From Yahoo Screen: “Uploader Sammy Petterson told Storyful: ‘The kitten was born not breathing and had to be revived by the vet. I hand reared her at the start as she was too weak as we didn’t know if she would survive. She slept next to my face every night once she was strong enough.’”

Hold STILL, Tally!

Luke The Tabby is just USING Tally the Beagle Mix. “Best scratching post ever,” says Luke.

From Josh N. A bunch more L & T videos here.

Little Horsin’ Around In The Stables

[This hoomin needs a little sauce on the side, otherwise, quite tasty. OM NOM NOM NOM.]


Paul & Barb FTW.

Dese Puppehs Taste Good

Maybe a little salt, though. Otherwise, QUITE tasty!

From RRRRRReddit.

Listen Kid, You’re Gonna Get Some Kisses…

Whether you want ‘em or not! Here I come!!

Video by and from Johannes P.

Remember When We Said…

..there may be something cuter than this, but we haven’t found it yet?

(singsong voice) Found it.

Cuteporter Shara Z: “The force of the interspecies cuteness is enough to short out your computer.” Yup. There goes the hard drive. Thanks.