When You Ask A Toddler To “Feed Kitty”…

fcltVSd…this is what you might end up with. Ella says “Spotted this on Reddit for Flipboard. So cute. Poor kitty is confused.”

“A Slice Of Pupperoni, Please.”

Can I.... Have some I'm people. - Imgur[Of course, I won’t say no to Snausage, either. Just sayin.’] (Reddit.)

What’s Wrong With This Photo?™ (Vol. 1)

oQF2uwsToday, we roll out a new feature post called, “What’s Wrong With This Photo?™” Now let’s examine this photo as spotted on Reddit. Our contestants are a big doggeh rockin’ some wicked side-eye, and a rather perplexed Higher Life Form. Let’s play……“What’s Wrong With This Photo™!!”

If U Hoped Yoda Was In The New Star Wars…

picdump-1324-12….I think that ship has sailed. Killed him, he did. (DP&F.)

Headline THIS! (So Much Is At Steak Right Now)

picdump-1324-29(*Update 1:10pm PT:So much is at steak right now” from Phoenix (in the grand Oakley tradition) scores in today’s Headline THIS! Thanks to everyone who commented!

Steak. It’s what’s for dinner. There are more that a few things that can happen here, and all of them are bad. Give us your best caption in the Comments section, and we’ll update at 1pm PT. Probably. Unless we forget to. But that won’t happen. Hopefully. K? (Photo from DP&F.)

Try A Little Ranch Dressing On Those, Maymo

Last time we checked in on Maymo, he was fighting with Judge Judy. (Honest.) What comes next? Well, carrots, naturally. A good source of beta-carotene!

Sometimes U Feel Like A Nut…

….so you just dive-bomb the pigeons to get it. Easy peasy.


“This Is 911, Please State Your Emergency”

You: “Well..it’s like this, I…forgot to feed the cat last night.”

911: “Are you safe? Where is the cat now?

You: “I’m…I’m not sure if I am. It’s across the room..staring right at- WAIT, it’s..it’s coming right-(Click)

911: “Hello? HELLO? Is anyone there? HELLO? We’re sending help right away.

















(Bored Panda.)

OK, That’s Enough Of That

[Listen Little Guy, I appreciate the effort and all, but I can clean my OWN Muzzlepowche, thanks very much SQUASH.]

“Reminds us of Barney, our wonderful St. Bernie. He thought he was the size of this little kitten, and loved to snuggle in bed with us. What a great dog he was. Our animals really and truly help define what kind of people we are. And, with all the MILD EXPLETIVE DELETED going down in the world, Cute Overload is saving many an individual who might not be able to crawl out of despondency on their own. You should get awards for that alone.” -Barb and Paul, still no rain for ’em in the 925.

You Own Two Cows. You Forget To Lock The Door. And…

…they decide to, um, MOOve in. It seems these two, named Five and Six, wandered into Pat Coston’s Guernsey, UK home while she was taking a shower.

Daily Mail says she “noticed an unusual smell after finishing her shower (imagine that) and discovered two new house guests.





Thanks to Claire H.


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