He Is…The Most Tolerant Cat In The World

This is probably the only cat in the entire world who would put up with this type of treatment. (OK, maybe Shiro too. But that would be it.)

Uh Oh, We’re In For It Now

P4230025-1We totally missed International Rabbit Day on Saturday. (It was the same day as our Tenth Anniversary Bash, ‘scuse me.) And somebody told His Nibs about it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a table to hide under. From Bryn & Mike K.

Got A Noisy Puppeh?

Have you tried everything to get a puppeh to stop their incessant barking? Well, then it’s time to bring an enforcer on premises to quiet the little yapper down. Kinda like this cat Greyscale, who means business.


You Know Your Cat Is A Total Creep…

…when he watches you sleep. (OK, so that’s the header from the video- but it’s accurate, right?)

WHO’S The Boss? That’s Right, I Am

Following yesterday’s Pizza Rat, we’re back to Noo Yawk for….Boss Rat.

So this kitteh lives inside this health food store, and patrols the premises to keep out the…well, rats. And THIS rat knows that.

(Say like a NYC Cabbie:) “Hey Cat- yoo wanna piece o’ DIS? I gotcher “Cat & Mouse game” right HEAH, pally.”

(The Gothamist.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Kitteh?”

image1“No, but if you do, it’s time for her checkup at the clinic. I made the mistake of saying ‘Vet’ rather than spelling out V-E-T and she took off like a shot.”

(Toad Bobbin going low profile, photo by Toad’s mom Meshy, submitted by Heather.)

Maybe I Should Pick On Someone My Own Size?

[Those guys are pretty big…biggest dogs I EVER saw. And what’re those things on their heads? I don’t know. Maybe I can just sneak up on them…after all, I am The Lion King. Sorta.]

And the sequel, ’cause all big movies deserve sequels…

First Day Of School: Teacher’s Pet

542a332d3d385d402aba9a104f3d3a2a[Summer Vacay is OVER? But…(sputtering)..but…I was JUST HERE! OK, it was..in June. I cannot HANDLE another year of Miz Higgenbottom. And why are all my teachers always named like that? Do they get those names at Teacher School? Agnes Pimplethorn Higgenbottom, I swear. Good grief, I can’t deal with this. How many sick days have I accrued so far? This is, what, second bell?]

(Seen by Smedley on Pinterest.)

Why Bother With Those Fancy Cat Toys…

…that they sell at the pet store? You’ve got everything your kitteh needs in the bathroom, for hours and hours of shredding pleasure.

[*Note: Hope you had a good Labor Day holiday today (if your country has that, of course.) Tomorrow we kick things off with Rats, It’s Monday Tuesday- a Maru/Hana Double Feature, a special message from BUB, AND it’s Trading Card Toesday. Who will it be??? -Ed.]

Hattie’s First Bath

We’ve been following the (mis)adventures of Hattie The Westie for a little while now; and today, things take a turn for the worse wetter. As in: First Bath Ever.


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