Well Hello Then, Mate!

Look at this little snorgler Down Undah. Cute, eh? Of course he/she is.

Gum Crawl
Ever hear the expression “Appearances can be deceiving,” Alicia A.? (Turn speakers up–WHOA.)

“Ever wanted to know what a Koala sounds like? It is the Festive Season here in Australia, for everyone clearly! I found this guy strutting down our road after a few too many Gum Leaves!” -Alicia A.

THIS JUST IN: Our Cute OverLord Has Arrived (+ Stuck In Bangkok)

“This is my soon to be sister in law (vet tech and huge animal luver) demonstrating proper scruffing. I’m still not convinced, it turned my little Boris (brother to Karloff :)) into a loaded weapon. Laser Cat!”

“Love Cute Overload, I’m trapped in Thailand after my passport was stolen and I’ve been sitting in my hotel scrolling your site to cheer me up!” -Eric P. from Bangkok (but normally Chicago.)”

[Eric, click here. -Ed]


“Yeah, can’t leave without a passport. It was pickpocketed from my bag in a very congested shopping area. But I get to go back to the embassy today and hopefully they’ll have my temporary replacement passport so I can get home. :) Sent from my iPad.”

Caturday: Sense A Common Theme Here?

Can’t quite…put my finger on it. Hmmmmm.




WAIT! A HAPPY ONE! How’d you get in here?

~Le Creditos~
1. Reddit.
2./4. Mostly Cats Tumblr.
3. Cleo, from Jessica W.

A Black Cat On Halloween? Sure, Why Not.

[Since I can’t haz a Kit-Kat, I’ll take a tube of Petromalt in my pumpkin tonight. Is that asking so much? Now, get outta my way.]

Photo in Strausbourg, France by Igor Zenin. Music by J. Jackson.

Did Someone Say “Halloween?” We Can Do That!

We’ve received a lot of terrific Halloween photos. (Thank you!) Here’s another bunch of Little Monsters!

TEXTBOOK Impending Doom, from Flickrer Linda C. as seen on Tumblr.

“My Sphynx kitteh Toothless had a tail injury and had it removed. Fortunately it has provided us with some costume advantages, like a Bun at Easter and a Clown for Halloween! Photos by me and I accept your Terms and Conditions as outlined on your website.” -Shonna O.

“Our pup is in a Halloween contest on Dogster.com. If we win, we’ll donate the prize to the local animal shelter (Dakin Pioneer Valley Animal Shelter, Springfield, MA.) If Quincy Bean is posted on Cute Overload, I’m sure she’ll get lots of new votes!! Best wishes, Bryn S.”

Sir Lucifur Fluffypants has his gameface on. Twenty-four/Seven/Three Sixty-Five.

“This is my cat Hans (commonly referred to by his nicknames Hansy and Meow-Meow.) He’s named after political theorist Hans Morgenthau, but prefers Chairman Meow. I love your website and so does Hansy.” -Margaret R.

Halloween Baroo! From Pets Adviser.com.

Darth Pugster, as seen on BuzzFeed, submitted by Claire M.

“This is Darby. Photo by D. Assid. Good luck, Darby!”

“Here’s our kitty, Lucy. About 6 years ago, she was just this little bitty thing. A friend had a photography studio at home, and we had some fun. Years later (last week), I’m STILL putting stuff on her head. I am Lucy’s Mommeh.” -Paula K.

Look! In The Sky On the floor! It’s SUPER STAN, from Natalie T.

“This is our Toy Manchester Terrier named Rudy. He actually is quite pleased with wearing a costume because he gets more attention and it’s warm and toasty.” -Renate R.


Tacobutt Photobomb!

Intrepid Chihuahua mix Chuckie Tacobutt is cagily eyeing his next victim snack. If Chuckie goes for the food, it will not end well, one imagines.

“This hopeful ‘Cat Food Bandit’ is waiting patiently for his hoomin to turn around and look the other way so he can steal his 19 year-old cat/brother’s breakfast.” -Erin C.

When You Climb A Pole, And Drop Your Snack…

You look like this.


Story from Mail Online, photo by Caters.

There’s A Man Who Lives A Life Of Danger…

Cuteporter Holly S. sent us these terrific photos!

“Hi, here are some photos I took of the squirrels gettin’ my pumpkin!”




There’s also a pretty good tocks-shot in there, as well as one of my cats Mr. Pants and Oscar J. Computer hoping to murder this squirrel, and the squirrel who is completely unfazed.”

Post title inspired by Secret Agent Man.

Prolly The Last Book She Ever Read

If there ever was a post that deserved the “Impending Doom” tag, this is it.

Sent in by Nadya N. as seen on Reddit.


[Getting ready to POUNCE on unsuspecting hoomin. MWAH HA HA HA the iPad shall be MINE MINE MINE. Now how do I buy zee appz?]

This is Ozzie, from Cuteporter Nicola T.


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