Climbing Up The Christmas Tree

Trash the tree in just one minute..
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

The cat will say the doggeh did it.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Watch the garland get all shredded..
Fa la la la la.

This is what you always dreaded,
Fa la la la la…la la la la.

“Merry Christmas Cute Overload!” Submitted by Barb and Paul.

What Would Happen If…

…you invited a Bobcat over for dinner? It would look something like…this.

From Concord Paul & Barb.

Putting Up The Tree Today?

Remember, put the lights on first, THEN the ornaments cat.




Le Creditos~

1) “At our local Wild Birds Unlimited store the store owner’s kitties decided to decorate the tree ‘their way.’” -Patty P.
2) “Here’s an ornament you won’t find at every K-Mart: Bart’s first Xmas. This big Maine Coon is now over 20 lbs and prefers to sleep UNDER the tree.” -Checkyourmailmd.
3) “I decorated the tree today. It took a REALLY REALLY L-O-N-G time!!! (I can’t imagine why!) I love your site! I would LOVE to see my babies made famous on CO!!!Love you!” -Robin G.
4) “Charlie’s all set for Christmas with loads of red-n-green catnip mice and jingle balls. Bonus appearance by the aptly-named Ninja (top left, can you spot her??)” -Jennifer L.

Superstition Ain’t The Way

[Me? Superstitious? No. Why you ask?]



Photos of Jojo by The Furrtographer : Music by Stevie Wonder.

The Ghost Of Christmas Pissed-Off

Merry Christmas…to me?


Via The Big R. Primo headline from the one and only Two Sixty Oakley.

“When Are We Eating, Hon?”

“Don’t know yet, watch the game while I go check on the turkey.”

(Listen to an appropriate song here!)


No, Uh, YOU Go Ahead

Take all the turkey. We insist. Can we get you a doggy kitty bag…to go?

You’re the (123)Inspiration.

Well Hello Then, Mate!

Look at this little snorgler Down Undah. Cute, eh? Of course he/she is.

Gum Crawl
Ever hear the expression “Appearances can be deceiving,” Alicia A.? (Turn speakers up–WHOA.)

“Ever wanted to know what a Koala sounds like? It is the Festive Season here in Australia, for everyone clearly! I found this guy strutting down our road after a few too many Gum Leaves!” -Alicia A.

THIS JUST IN: Our Cute OverLord Has Arrived (+ Stuck In Bangkok)

“This is my soon to be sister in law (vet tech and huge animal luver) demonstrating proper scruffing. I’m still not convinced, it turned my little Boris (brother to Karloff :)) into a loaded weapon. Laser Cat!”

“Love Cute Overload, I’m trapped in Thailand after my passport was stolen and I’ve been sitting in my hotel scrolling your site to cheer me up!” -Eric P. from Bangkok (but normally Chicago.)”

[Eric, click here. -Ed]


“Yeah, can’t leave without a passport. It was pickpocketed from my bag in a very congested shopping area. But I get to go back to the embassy today and hopefully they’ll have my temporary replacement passport so I can get home. :) Sent from my iPad.”

Caturday: Sense A Common Theme Here?

Can’t quite…put my finger on it. Hmmmmm.




WAIT! A HAPPY ONE! How’d you get in here?

~Le Creditos~
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2./4. Mostly Cats Tumblr.
3. Cleo, from Jessica W.