Just Admit It!

NO. Nemo is not in the tub. Well, maybe he was, but I’ll never tell!

Emily S.’s kitty pleads not guilty of needing a bath.

No, Krypto! NOOOOOO!

(Oh boy, oh boy, my owner is the bestest owner a dog could have! I am so proud of the way he fights crime and leaps over tall buildings in his cape and matching boots! That is why I am going to surprise him with this pretty glowing rock I dug up in the park! Boy, he will be surprised to see this, uh huh, uh huh!)

Via Randy Robertson.

Awwws ‘n Claws ‘n Jaws ‘n Rawrs!

This vid has it all! Great Sound Editing, Action, Suspense!

First it’s all happy-happy, tapiddy, tapiddy, tappidy. But then, Hulk Smash is not a Riverdance fan (think he wants his money back) and things get hairy! Long vid but worth watching to. the. end. You will want to see if Tap Dancer Kitteh survives Hulk’s smashes, or not?!

Fave Preview Overload:

Picture 5

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Picture 2

2:10 is hilarious. Fave Frame:

Picture 1
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We’ve Found Nemo—He’s Headed To Boston And NYC

Boston, New York City and the northeast USA are in for some heavy winter weather with Winter Storm Nemo. (When The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is headed your way- there’s trouble.)

While some of our animuhl friends may love the snow, there’s also a serious side to the weather for ‘em, like making sure they are well taken care of! So read this and then hunker down!

[Sounds better than "Batten down those hatches!" Who has hatches? -Ed]




Creditos: Videos of Ella The Wheatie from Laura C. Photos: 1) Hank’s photograph by Gary, submitted by Angela. 2) Clifford from Kelsey S. 3) Chibi Da Yorkster from Tiffany L. 4) Sophie sent in by Leah.

Matilda Learns to Drive

“Check your mirrors… That’s it… Paws at two and ten o’clock, good… Now use your turn signal… No, those are the wipers, we’ll learn about those next week… Watch your drift here, you’re… OK, we can put that mailbox back later… No, don’t turn here, this is a… Watch your speed… Wait, the other pedal is the brake… (sigh) No, it’s all right, I’m sure plenty of liquor stores have a drive-through window…”

She must be a b***h to insure, Elizabeth S.

There Isn’t Even a Guardrail

Look! This kitten is tewtelly violating all cute safety limits! Oh wait, that’s OK. Because there’s a thin liquid crystal display panel to prevent all of our haids from asplodin’. Riiight? No biggie!

Excuse us, Josh N., can we stand over here behind you? Just in case.

A Cat With a Pwan

A wonderful, terrible pwan.

But, where is he going to get bubblewrap, jello, 200 bungee cords, glitter and a cape?


Good ol’ wackadoodle kitty genius and Buzzfeed A Plus Computer Support provided the battle plan for this assault.

The Very Breast in Protection

Armed with caterwauling alarms, claws and surprise attacks, Rack Security Systems protect against intruders and marauders.

Now with optional purr mode to let you know all is swell.

Fave Frame™

Via MSN, video by Ignoramusky.

The Schnozz Boss

Welcome. You finally leveled up. The temple guards were defeated, the two torn halves of the map fit, the right crystals exploded, you collected coins, avoided traps and obliterated my armies. You’ve come a long way. Now you must speak the Correct Password to the Keeper of the Last Door; The Schnozz Boss!

Deb B., says her 4 month old Great Dane, Sif, is “nosetastic!” Agreed! Nosevembertastic even!

Look Deeply into My Eyes

Closer… Closer!

You are under my power now…

Hypno “Kitty” has you where she wants you, Jen V.! Did you name her Kitty because it’s a nice, safe name?