Come N’ Git It!

Anybody want something to eat? Step right up, don’t be shy!


Cats Ruining Your Day

Now, why would they EVER go and do that?

Got My Eyes On YOU, Pal.

[And no, I am NOT signalling “Touchdown.”] Sheesh.

(From Maureen via the U.S. Dept. of Interior FB page.)

Hey, Pick On Someone Yer Own Size

[Wait. You ARE my size. OK, fine. Let’s rumble.]

Oh, You Want Some O’ THIS?

[Fine. FINE. Let’s GO, big guy! Right NOW! Yeah, you’re a big bully aren’t ya. Well I am gonna take you DOWN a peg or two. C’mon, I mean BIZNESS.]

Another Quality Smedley Find.

SOMEONE Is Getting A Lump Of Coal…

…in their stocking. Most likely, the hoomin who subjected Cocoa to this gross indignity. “I’ve attached a photo of my pet rabbit Cocoa in her holiday finery. She is a Rescue Bunny who my husband and I adopted last year. She has a very sweet personality, and a great tolerance for her parents who laughed for quite a while before being able to take this photo,” says Michelle V.

[*Note: Rule of Cuteness #58: “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” -Ed.]

Meowy Catmas!

Those wild guys Cole and Marmalade have created a special Christmas video for you. They also seem to have trashed their Christmas Tree while doing so. Details, details.

Joyeux Noël From Montreal

That’s how they say it in the Great White North, eh? Five days to go! David F. writes, “Our kittens Ace and Tux were having the time of their lives playing with the Christmas decorations so we decided to film them.”

Santa’s “Naughty” List Is Full

We’ve got the top candidates for it right here, too. No wiggle room for any of these guys. OK, maybe the Goldie giving the hug at the very end gets off the hook.

Another Quality Smedley Find from

Caturday: Can You EVER See Maru Doing This?

Probably….not. Anyway, meet Elliot The Cat. El has NO problem at all shredding his box- this is his third, and took about three months to do.

(Tastefully Offensive.)