While The Hoomin Is Away….

…the mice doggeh will play. Even if it earns him a sock in the snoot.

From Metro UK.

Can I Nom U? Can I? Can I?

Even if U say no, I’ll do it anyway. Thank you.

From Wendy M.

Because I Felt Like It, That’s Why

[I climbed up to the top of this tree, cuz I wanted to. I did not call all these hoomins to come rescue me. So when they get all the way up to the top in their red thing, I decided to leave. Why? I'm a cat, that's why.]

Via 22Words.

Giving Thanks 2 You, Nicole!

“This is a Blanding’s Turtle, a threatened species in Ontario and all over the Great Lakes basin. Many are hit by cars as they cross busy roads. I found this one on the middle of a road and carried it to safety. He peeked up at me with a wonderful ‘smile’ on his face and seemed to be saying thanks! Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day so I thought this photo was a perfect way to show it.” – Nicole D.

Turtle Aug 2013

OMG Double Double

That is the SAME look I have when I go into In N Out.


And….here’s how to make your own origami Corgi!

First image from Ruby The Corgi Tumblr.

Duck Duck Fail

This marmie’s all set for a duck dinner — until her friend gives her a goose.

Reached for comment, a representative of the Duck Hunter’s League offered the following expert analysis:

Lying Down on the Job

Unnoticed by his hapless prey, the fearsome predator slinks silently forward. Inching closer and closer, the mighty beast patiently awaits the ideal moment. Then, in one swift, violent motion, the killer atta–zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…