Wombat Wednesday: Git Yer Own, Mate

20644361552_731aa6ef8c_o[I’m tellin’ ya, I’m usually a right fine amiable bloke, but when it comes to my Brekkie Veggies, I get kinda touchy when an Iggy tries to nose in, get me?] (Flickr.)

If He Can Sink This, He’ll Be Two Shots Off The Lead….

..with only three holes to go. No question the Iguana has had an up and down third round here at the Puerto Rico Open…but if he can hole this putt he’ll be right back in contention. (Hush over the crowd.) And here we go…….

From DP&F.

Iggy Noms Hoomin: Film At Eleven!

According to the Green Iguana Society, “Iguanas are strict herbivores.” However, Kera The Iggy seems to have other ideas at first.

“Here is my lizard Kera being a little goofy during feeding time. It was shot by me at my house!” – Cuteporter Gina N.


Everything is, like, so super green.

This girl iguana is Stoney. She was totally trippin’ to be outside, so Abby G. captured the moment.


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