A famous tongue

People, this is Lucy, the famous hamster of HamsterTracker fame. Her tongue just needs an extreme close-up for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it might be a little strange to look so closely at a hamster tongue, but, well, you really should check it out.


C.O.X.C.U.B!. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close-up Brah!!!!]


Mathijs V.! You did it again.

“A ferret’s tongue is seldom photographed.”

"BOH-hoosh" the modern filmmaker says that ferrets get a bad rap in the state of Kally-fornia. But it’s common knowledge that all ferrets do is seek hard candies with their ever-present tongues. They won’t stop ’til they find it. Obvy.


Bohus B. and Abbey Ferret—who has a better ear-to-head-ratio?

No, hamster tongues are not a figment of your imagination

You thought you only saw hamster tongues in your dreams—the dreams where you went to the Puppy-Comic Book-ice cream-trampoline store. But no. THEY’RE REAL!


I swear it’s true! Thanks to Kappa Alpha frat bros Monty ‘Ornk! Ornk!’ and Wire.

Happy Mother’s Day!

[Hallmark card lettering]

You’ll always mean much more to me
than you could ever guess
Because you do
so much to fill
my life with happiness


XO to Mommoi and Grandmas! Thanks to sender-inner who I cannot find…

Hey, where have you guys been?

I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for you to post something!

What have you been DOING!?


Stherweeously, I’m sorry for the delay, I was held up in L.A. today and couldn’t… reach… computer….!

I think it’s time for the CuteOverload internship program—this kind of delay should NEVER happen again! There are no exscuses for doing a first post at 8:26PM PST. Any takers? I think I have to write up a job descripshe.

Your humble Cute Pusher™,

Get reeeeal close to the screen

So I can leeeeck you!


Slurps to “Skeeter” and Chris F. ;)

I weel clean you for as long as I like

Would you please look at this poor ferret getting cleaned by a cat. There should be a restraining order. I love the ferret’s paws—like resistance is completely futile. Well, it is.


Bob F.—Gracias.

KHAM—All hamsters, all the time

I know things have been a little Hamster-centric this week, but with photos like this, it cannot be helped. Yes, I think this is the very first Hamster tongue ever caught on camera.

The Flickr photos of one "K. Akagami" should be awarded a Purple Heart or knighted or something. Check them OUT!



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