In this photo that Anne H. sent in, we get a little SLOBBERKNOCKER TONGUE ACTION too. “It’s impossible to get next to Billie’s nose without a healthy helping of tongue! Photo by Billie’s dad, Chafe H.”


Two Tags That Go Great Together

Do you use the “tag” feature? I must confess I don’t. But lots of people do, and this video is perfect for two of them: OMGPonies and I Shall Leeck You. Or (I Shall Frantically Attempt To Leeck You.)

How Andy Murray Trains For Wimbledon

Murray is a former Wimbledon champion (2013) and currently the third ranked player in the world. As the first week of Wimbledon continues, he shows us just how he gets ready for an important match on Centre Court, and just how crucial Interspecies Snorgling is to the process.

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Headline THIS: “I Licked A Frothen Thquirrel, Now My Tongue Ith Thtuck!”

[*Note: Petless In Puddletown with our Headline THIS winner for the day! Thanks to all who wrote ’em up! -Ed.]

Thank you to Arne for sending us this one. Now it’s your turn! Dream up your best headline and we’ll choose one to run at 1pm PT!

Happy Father’s Day (Star Wars Edition)

Luke, I AM your father. Now how ’bout cleaning off the top of my head?

Got Cantaloupe?

“I would like to submit Jake the Sugar Glider for the world to see! He loves licking his cantaloupe as seen here! Have a super Cute day!” -Heather S.

[*Note: Let’s give it up for that LEETLE PEENK TONGUE, shall we? -Ed.]

C.O. Cat Dog Café World Tour: Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Intrepid Cuteporter Robb S. checks in with hit latest Cat Café adventure- but this time, no cats!

“Taking a break from the usual cats, rabbits and owls, I visited a very nice dog café recently near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.”

“Usually in Japan a ‘Dog Café’ is someplace you can bring your own dog, and often you can order from a special menu for dogs.”

“‘Dog Heart From Aquamarine,'” the place I visited, is more like a regular animal café – you can play with the dogs there, or rent a dog for the afternoon and take it out for a walk in the nearby park.”

“It’s very good for stress relief.”

[*Note: We bet it IS! -Ed.]




When You Go™:

*Addy: Tomigaya 1-45-2, Y’s Park Bldg 2F. (Map.)

*Phone: 03-3469-4115

*Cost: Y950 for 30 minutes or Y1550 for 60 minutes cover charge in the café. Dog rental starts at Y3600 for 1 hour. Average visit time: 30-60 minutes.

*Hours: 11am-7pm daily.

*Online: Website.

*Feature photo from Dog Heart website, all others from Robb S.

THIS JUST IN: Happy #1 To Fenway!

“My precious girl Fenway turned one years old yesterday and we had a little celebration. Photo says it all :).” -Cherie O.

Just Click The Video Just Click The Video


“This is a video of “Red,” one of the wild Bunnies I had the pleasure of caring for, eating his breakfast! Every mealtime he would do his little “march” because he was so excited for his breakfast (well, my husband said it was a “swim” not a “march” but when he is on the table I think he looks like a drum major!)” -Betsy G.


What To Do If You Find A Bebeh Bun!
“Many rabbits are “bun-napped” by well intentioned individuals that don’t realize that Mom only returns to the nest twice a day.”

Rats, It’s Monday In Chicago

This Ritty-Rat and Therapy Doggeh are Windy City BFFs to the max! Please meet the Dutch Shepherd therapy dog Osiris, and his little pal Riff Rat.🐺💕🐭