Are You Kidding Me?

Good GRIEF! I don’t know what got me first, the Blinky McBlinkersons eyes or the Spock Ears. Fascinating. Leaving for Oregon now.

“These ‘Caracal Kittens’ have it all: ear tufts, eyebrows, Hercule Poirot mustaches??!!!, Fierce Hissing!! Big Blue Eyes!! This YouTube video of Caracals from the Oregon Zoo is too much. I’m just urging you to feast your eyes and post!” -Jeanette.


Less Than Two Weeks ‘Til Halloween-

..and this magnificent little Stumpers STILL can’t figure out the significance of this magnificent little pumpkin! Get it, little guy! Get Fierce!


OK, Time To Test Out My Fierce

[I is gonna be The Lion King one day, and I need to try out my fierce. OK here goes. I’d stand BACK if I wuz you. Just sayin.’]


The Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster Is BACK

[OK…YOU GET OUTTA HERE. I’d better run away. Hmmm is he….gone? No he’s not. HEY WHAT DID I TELL YOU??? Uh-oh here comes ma.]

(Daily Mail. And did you know today is National Heffalump Appreciation Day? ‘Tis true! And look at these Prosh Heffalump Accessories.)

ResQte Of The Week: I Am Basil- Hear Me ROAR!

Oh, you might be wondering how little Basil got his name. Well, there’s a reason for that!

Grace M. writes, “Congrats on 10 years! That’s bananatown! Loyal reader, but never sent in a submission! Here is Basil, rescued from a grocery store in (Washington) D.C. last month where he was hiding under a display of fresh basil.” [*Note: Glad he wasn’t hiding under, say, the Clorox display. -Ed.]

“He is now starring in a very cute and very useful PSA from The Humane Society of the United States. It’s so important to be prepared to evacuate with your pets in times of danger, but who says it can’t be cute?! Those are my hoomin hands in the vid.”


WHO Wants Some Belleh Rubs? WHO Does???

[I do, sister. I’m currently at the “Cute as a button” stage as opposed to the “Have you for a snack” stage. So let’s get crackin’, OK?]

“That is me,” says Elizabeth F. “Visiting at the “Little Zoo That Could” – The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo! They have a Tiger Cub encounter where they socialize cubs. It is an amazing little zoo! My sister took the picture with her iPhone.”

Lulu Gets Her Fierce On

Those camera lens brushes can be tough opponents, Lulu–be careful! [Speakers UP for the Prosh Barking. -Ed.]

“Thought this might be cute enough for your site. Our puppy Lulu (half Shih-Tzu, half Chihuaua) attacking a lens brush. Doesn’t she have the cutest growl?” -Ryan T.


A mighty little pound of fluff gets his bark on. With authority.

I’m Taking You To My PEE PAD!!!

That’s IT! I’ve had ENOUGH of you! OFF to the PEE PAD we go!!!


I Am Kitteh. Hear Me ROAR.

Well, kinda sorta.

From I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.