Ah, Little Help Please?

OK, I brought it all the way here, now can somebody please tell me where this ornament is ‘sposed to go?

From the Extension Master Gardener FB page, via Kristin R.

Your Move, Pal

You buzz me one more time there, Mr. Hummingbird, and we are gonna have a problem. Capiche?

From the Pixdaus Facebook page.

It’s OK To Drink ‘N’ Fly

Everything in moderation though, needle nose. ZZZZZZip Seeya later!

Video courtesy of UNKNOWN.

Hummingbird Honk-Shu

The title says it all, People. (Turn up the speakers- you’ll get some camera noise or whatever, but it’s worth it. Swear.)

Posted on Youtube by forrestertr7.

Roger Needle-Nose, you’re cleared for landing

Fill ‘er up Hi-Test if you please!

Many thanks to Poppy.