Meet The Hummingbird Lady

You have to have more than a little bit of patience to deal with this Frantic Little Buzzy Dudes. They seem to like her, don’t they? Or is it the Secret Red Sauce she’s got in those feeders?


And one of ’em even gets a little kiss on the head.


#Tocktober: “Hummy ‘Tocks!”

“Before the month is out I thought you might like to post some Fuzzy Hummy ‘Tocks! These belong to a Cute little Anna’s Hummingbird (we call her him Esmerelda Ernesto) that was kind enough to pose for some photos a while back while molting.” -Simon & Sarah in the SF Bay Area.


Would This Be Considered..A Honk-Shu?



(Andrea D.)

Hey! Get Your OWN Feeder!

[This red stuff is made ‘specially for US, dig? Can’t you find some BIRD SEED somewhere??]


It’s 5pm PT on Friday, time for another TGIF, the best part of the week! “C.O., meet Mr. H. Just look at those toes!” Long time listener, first time caller!” –Emily T.

“♬ Splish Splash We Wuz Takin’ A Bath…♫”

Yes, yes, we did that header a year ago, but it’s just SOOOO OBVY. Anyway. Take a look at Mr. Hummer Man diving in for a bath. Over and over and over!

(Hummingbird Haven FB/With thanks to Kristin.)

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Zoom Zoom

Graceful Hummingbirds
Fly very delicately
They love the red juice


(Originally seen on Gizmodo.)

[*Note: Did another Hummingbird Haiku almost one year ago. Well done. -Ed.]

Quick Snack

[Won’t be a second, lemme just get a quick slurp here, and will you HOLD STILL? I’m flapping these 200 times per second here!

Stopping in for a quick bite. - Imgur

Find Your OWN Seat

I’ve got mine.

From Featured (Carly loves some Nudibranch Action) Creature.

‘Tocktober At The Speed Of BZZZZZZZZZZZ

“This Hummer fluffed its tail feathers at me, and then gave me The Look Of Disapproval!” -April H., Portland OR.

unnamed (1)
[*Note: With Side-Eye -Ed.]