San Diego Hummers!

This Needle-Nosed Pocket Rockets zoom here and there at the speed of sound, so when ya get an Up Close & Personal peek at ‘em, ya better have your camera ready- and George M. did.

v6mW0US - Imgur
“Hiked up Stonewall Peak (east of San Diego) this past Sunday and stopped to take a photo of some nice flowers.”

dDOq6qS - Imgur
“I was busy composing a closeup shot of the flowers when I heard a rumbling that got louder and louder to the point where it freaked me out a bit.”

Q1XjsNo - Imgur
“I pulled the camera away, looked over and realized a hummingbird was hovering about three feet to the right of my head (the rumbling was the bird’s wings flapping to hover.)”

n2ppX1n - Imgur
“I (slowly) backed up and saw there was a family of 4 of them in the area and they started feeding on the flowers I had been taking photos of, so I backed up some more to give them some room and snapped some photos (400mm lens, so it looks closer than it was.)”

BxDFaMN - Imgur
“They stuck around for about 15 minutes feeding on the flowers, which surprised me because I’ve never seen a hummingbird that didn’t dart off straight away around a random human.”

V9qroIx - Imgur
“They were clearly keeping a bit of an eye on me but didn’t seem too bothered by my presence.”

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Ah, Little Help Please?

OK, I brought it all the way here, now can somebody please tell me where this ornament is ‘sposed to go?

From the Extension Master Gardener FB page, via Kristin R.

Your Move, Pal

You buzz me one more time there, Mr. Hummingbird, and we are gonna have a problem. Capiche?

From the Pixdaus Facebook page.

It’s OK To Drink ‘N’ Fly

Everything in moderation though, needle nose. ZZZZZZip Seeya later!

Video courtesy of UNKNOWN.

Hummingbird Honk-Shu

The title says it all, People. (Turn up the speakers- you’ll get some camera noise or whatever, but it’s worth it. Swear.)

Posted on Youtube by forrestertr7.

Roger Needle-Nose, you’re cleared for landing

Fill ‘er up Hi-Test if you please!

Many thanks to Poppy.