Got My Eyes On YOU, Pal.

[And no, I am NOT signalling “Touchdown.”] Sheesh.

(From Maureen via the U.S. Dept. of Interior FB page.)


I Disapprove Of These Christmas Presents.

[I specifically asked for a new Kindle Paperwhite. (Yes, we BUNS can read.) I. Do. Not. See. A. Package. That. Size. Addressed. To. Moi.]

~ ~ ~
“This is our little Christmas Bun Nacho and he definitely won the ‘Most Enthusiastic’ award in our house Friday morning! No one had to open a present unassisted and he was 100% into holiday cheer…until I pulled out the tiny Santa hats! I thought I would share this one picture with you as it’s a mix of Christmas Cheer and kind of a Where’s Waldo-Nacho game as he’s definitely well camouflaged with all the penguins!! We LOVE your site everyday, but especially around the holidays!!! Cheers, Sara G:).”

Is Emma Enjoying Picture Day?

Dunno…something tells me…no.


“Our dog Emma had her daycare Christmas pictures taken Friday. The snow really matches well with her grey hair!” -Tom J.

Christmas Is Just 12 Days Away…

[…and if I don’t get what I WANT, there will be….displeasure. Come to think of it, even if I DO get what I want (a 2016 Maserati Quattroporte GTS Sedan in Grigio Maratea finish with 20″ wheels) there’ll be displeasure.]

[*Note: Rule of Cuteness #58:If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” Image via Shutterstock.]

Hey! Buttons! Knock It Off!

“This is a picture of my rabbit “Buttons”, taken a number of Christmases ago, who was shooting me a strong look of disapproval when I scolded her for eating my poinsettia.”

Move Over Grumpy Cat

You’ve got some competition. “Fluffernutter disapproves of having his picture taken. This picture taken by Kelly C.”

Bunday: Disapproving Nose On Nosevember 1st!

Can there BE a more Disapproving Nose? No. There cannot. Who is this? Looks familiar! “Hello! I sent some pictures along last spring of Luna The Bun chilling (disapprovingly) in a basket. Luna is back in a basket, this time blissfully unaware that she is about to have to share her space with a new hoomin. Disapproval is surely imminent! Thanks for continuing to make adorbs posts!” -Liz B.


Gonna Have To Lay Off Those McFlurrys® For Awhile, Munro

For many of us, climbing up on the scale to get the bad news is a chore we could do without. Not so with Munro, Taronga Zoo’s Fiordland Crested Penguin. He seems to enjoy it as he “he prepares to bulk up for his annual moult,” according to the video text. He weighed in at a healthy 3.3kg. Feature photo by Paul Fahy as seen on the Taronga site.

“I KNOW What Time U Got Home This Morning!”

Maybe THE most Disapproving Look we’ve ever had here at C.O. Doesn’t matter what you did- you’re guilty of whatever Derby says you’re guilty of. (From Art D.’s Flickr.)

Uh Oh, We’re In For It Now

We totally missed International Rabbit Day on Saturday. (It was the same day as our Tenth Anniversary Bash, ‘scuse me.) And somebody told His Nibs about it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a table to hide under. From Bryn & Mike K.