Bang a Gong – It’s the Chinese New Year!

Good luck and prosperity!

Of course. Of course. It’s the Year of the Horse.

Do a little Kung Fu, eat a little bamboo

Check it out, a horse with a Fu Manchu.

Via Bored Panda.


Got Kleenex?

[This is the Budweiser SB commercial. Go get one -before- viewing this clip. Then come back and hit ‘Play.’ -Ed]

You Could Say These Singing Pets are Very Gifted

Another outstandingly cute and funny compilation from the cute and funny folks at Talking Animals! You will want more! More! More!

From Rachel D., via YouTube. (And how awesome that each pet is featured with their name – nice touch.)

The Aliens Have Landed AGAIN!

These are even freakier than the last ones! They have horns, silly grins on their faces, and big empty sockets where their eyes should be! EEEEEAAAAUUGH!

Via Pixel Addict.

Summon Forth the All-Seeing Horse Head of Destiny!

Ahh, I foresee much danger in your future… I see a tall, mysterious Eskimo with a unibrow… he brings news about giraffes plotting against you… a pogo stick is involved… I… I cannot continue without a sugar cube…

Found on Facebook by Vajda B.

Classic Meg Rewind: Veteran’s Day November 12, 2008

Veterans, we salute you!

On behalf of grateful humans everywhere, thank you. [Holding salute]


Welcome 2…NovembEar?

“Dear Cute Overload, maybe you can make a NovembEar month, similar to the popular ‘Tocktober. All the best, Torito.”

NovembEar, eh? We’re gonna give that some thought, Mr. T. Thanks!


Cute ‘Tocks

Cute ‘tocks, CO cute ‘tocks. What kind of ‘tocks are CO cute ‘tocks?
Big ‘tocks,

Little ‘tocks,

‘Tocks who climb on rocks!

Goat ‘tocks,

Matchingks ‘tocks,

Even ‘tocks like chicken ‘tocks.

Oh cute ‘tocks,

CO cute ‘tocks,

The ‘tocks peeps love to bite?! (pops in mouf)

Credits in the hovertexts!

Do Not Try This At Home, even if it IS ‘Tocktober!

Wonderful ‘tock shot, but whoa, just whoa. Isn’t there a rule about not standing behind a horse? Kinda makes ya nervous just looking at it. And check out that stink eye!

“Dear Cuteoverload, here is Furiol’s ass, an elegant and nice and strong Spanish horse’s one, from somewhere in the high Pyrenees a month or so ago. Tock and tack in one pic!” -Bogi

Yippee Yi Hee Haw

Thank you! And I’m gonna dedicate my next hee-haw to, all the mules I’ve known before…

“This photo was taken during a Yosemite National Park saddle trip, at Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. Henry the Mule here is being a darn tootin’ goof, if you ask me.” -Andrea S. Hat c/o of Cowboy K-Bar.