These Guide Ponies are TOO MUCH, Julie M.

A few moments with a Mini McHorsersons

La la la [trottin’ around]

La la la [clop clop clop]

La la la [tiny tail swish]


La la la [thump]

[Curls hoof-hocks, sniffs ground]

loo lee la


This redonk horse moment brot to you by the fine folks over at Pacific Pintos mini horse farm.

The nearsighted fawn

First of all, this clearing/meadow/back yard tewtelly looks like a Ranger Rick poster, like there should be a caption at the bottom that says "Working Together!" on it. The kind of poster on the wall in third grade. Radical!


Apparently, this fawn wandered out to make the scene even better. Have you ever seen a smaller fawn? Didn’t thiiiink so! [singsong]


You know that horse is all "git out the way" and the fawn is all "I shall mimic your grazing pattern!"


I think I’m cruisin’ for a C.O. coma…Amy M., call the DOCTAH!

Lil’ ho

I burst out laughing looking at this marvelous sight—so prosh! LOVE the feets put together.


It’s from Emma L., the ‘not tech savvy’ sender-inner, from Oz Horse Sales.

Oh, Domino

This lil’ Dude is raring to go. He’s the newest member of Walking Horse Farms, home of Giant Steps Therapeutic Riding Center. Imagine the tiniest monkey jockey—hi ya! I love how the teeny hooves are turned in *just so*.


Way to go, Grabbui P.! You did it!

Listen up, you Punks.

Listen up, you Punks. I’m out to pasture, OK!? I don’t want to play your silly, "funny [makes quote marks with hooves] games",OK?I’m here to relax after a LONG career of working hard, OK? So take these GLOVES OFF MY HEAD.


Dappled whinnies to Sarah N.

Can I get a w00t w00t?

w00t! [sproing, sproing] w00t!

This is so redonk, I hadta post. He’s hopping around like Pepe le Peu in love. I know this little dude doesn’t havehis hooves up*, but perhaps he could be an honorary member of the ‘YAY!’ pic?!


*He does have his tail up tho!

Thanks for the great submission, Manon!

My little Pony

Joanne from Pacific Pintos sent in another gem. Welcome "Cherries Jubiliee" the tiny foal. What a great name during Cherry tree season.


Hooves up, Joanne;)

OMG!!! Ponies!!!

[13-year-old voice] LOL!!!!!!!! BBQ!!!! OMG, Sooooo kewl!!! CUTEST PONIE EVAR!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *dies*. *dies again*. ^_^  KBYE! [/13]


Hugs, Slashdot! (And sender-inner Rosie B.)

A little help around the horse

Meet "Koby" the baby horse who appears to be just another red-blooded American, enjoying his oscillating fan on a Sunday afternoon. Below, he’s all "Let’s play Shadow of the Collossus, Uncle Frank!"…


and then his Momma yells "Koooooby! wash your hooves for supper!


"Oh and Hon, take your clean clothes into the bedroom. I warshed ’em today."


This magical, floral-printed home brought to you by Koby’s Mom.


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