Planet Unicorn Heeeeeyyy

You must watch this. This is the ‘Overload’ in Cute overload, People. heeeeyyy

Oh, I’m givin’ it up for Feathers, Cadillac and Tom Cruise. Sender-inner Patrique, I owe you 5lbs of ambrosia salad for this.

Let’s check in on the farm…

Let’s check in on the Pacific Pintos Horse Farm… wot’s happenin’? Wayle, I’ll be, another batch of tinys ho’s born. Let’s meet ’em:

Oh… heylerhe…


[scanning meadow] Hiiiiiiiii…


Oh! exsquuse moi. [Bebeh horse swishes by]


Nice work birthin’ those mini ho-hos, JoAnne!

Step aside, Travolta

Um. This is beyond weird, People, it’s like disco dressage—with ridiculous commentary. [shaking head] After Christopher Guest does a Hedgehog party, he should tackle this…

Extraordinary vid, Melissa M.

Miniscule ponitude

Um, these ho-hos are MINNIE.

As in, Teene to the Tine, Baby.

Just what the heck is going on here? Major stubbditude, that’s WHAT!


Tyo D., neeeeeeeeeeeeigh!

Downward Dog

Dude, crank the Yanni, because I need to do my yoga and relax.


"William" the thoroughbred is feelin’ good mentally and spiritually right, Leslie M.? ;)

OK, OK, the weirdness continues today…

OK, People, weirdness is OFF THE SCALES today. Behold a gaggle of color-coded Peeps riding multi-colored horses.

Even stranger is the text accompanying the submission: “These little guys deserve fun too.”

Um. OK. [shifty eyes in disbelief]


Katy M., unique. Very unique.

World’s Smallest Horse


From Yahoo News / AP: ST. LOUIS – At just a hair over 17 inches tall, the miniature horse ismore inclined to walk under fences than jump them. And her owners havesheltered the mare from ever gaining "circus-sideshow" or"one-trick-pony" status. As the world’s smallest horse, 5-year-oldThumbelina, weighing in at 57 pounds, has a bigger mission: to raise $1 million for children’s charities this year.

More photos of Thumbelina!

Nice submishe, James W. ;)


Listen up Peeps, I’m being mimicked perfectly by sender-inner Jacquelyn W. She writes:

"Moms eeees using bebeh poneee as a piiiiiiiiillow! Momma ees all "Better than memory foam!" And bebeh ees all "Ehn! Ehn!! Can’t mooooooof! Can’t moooozzzzzzzzzzzzzz…"


Jacquelyn W., you do me better than me.

“Fascinating” [Say in Spock voice]

Isn’t it funny how animals don’t look each other in the eye, really? Maybe only humans do, maybe only humans really recognize each other. It’s like this photo, where the kittehs are "yaahm"ing away on their lollipop, not looking at each other. Same is happening here—the horse and puppeh are all "snort!" and "ew!!!" respectively, and not looking each other in the eye.


That puppeh is totally freaking out man! Thanks to Lori S. ;)

Mini Neigh-er

Mini-neigher, Peeps!

It’s like you could cuddle him and put a Barbie on his back to ride around.

Am I right, People?!

Once ageeeeen, the fine folks at Pacific Pinto Fahhhms deliver! Literally!


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