Worst. Combover. EVAR.

"Do I have anything in my hair?  I’ve got something in my hair, don’t I?  I can’t see it — can you maybe, like, point to it or something?  Wait, are you pointing now?  Because I can’t see you.  Well, shoot, this isn’t working out."

It's still there, isn't it?

I have one word for you, Katherine S. — Supercuts.


THIS JUST IN: Iowa pet rescutes

Man, Iowa is having a TOUGH time. The people, pets, everything. It is rough.

Thankfully, the Humane Society is on the scene, heroically saving pets from precarious situations, providing safety, shelter and reuniting folks with their ani-pals…


[Dog is all ‘Baroo!?!’]


[Kitties are all Pfffffffft!-pffffft!]


Get an emergency plan together for your pets! Donate here to Humane Society Flood Fund!

Frolicking Little Hos

Kettlesnout Shetland Pony Stud has some frolicking foal action going on—most recently, "Bambi" and "Cinderella" the knobbular foals who are obviously part stuffed animal.





Bambi and Cindi are spoken for, but Kettlesnout expects more foals this year. More miniature redonkulousness at the Gallery! Thanks to Sender-Inner Andrea 😉

Where is this MAGICAL LAND!?

Um, tiny ponies running around everywhere, trying out their new legs [Ehn! I keeck in your general direct-shons!] Just WHAT IS THIS PLACE? Heav-vons?

Michelle W., will you please point us to the leader of this straaaange lannnnd?!


You may TEENK my legs are short—DEE BETTER TO GRAZE WITHNOM NOM NOM [rubber-ish belleh expanding sounds]

Oh, Tiny Pony, originally uploaded by randi805.

Excellent sub-mee-shons Randeh.

Have you ever felt a horse schnozzle on your face?

No seriously, it’s not a trick question. Have you? You can almost see that lower lip flapping on your face.


Erin C., nuthin’ softer!

Patches For Prez

When Patches wants a hamburger, PATCHES GETS A HAMBURGER IN HIS CADILLAC.

Check out Patches eating hamburglers, getting beer, answering the phone, and tucking himself in. Redonnnnnnnk! [singsong]

Johanna S., How about a Patches/Obama ticket?

The beat dont stop until the breaka dawn

With a hip hop the hippie to the hippie

the hip hip a hop a you don’t stop

the rockin’to the bang bang boogiesay up jump the boogie

to the rhythm of the boogie the beat


I dont mean to brag

i dont mean to boast,

but we like hot butter on our breakfasttoast, Kelsey B.

But here’s all the SugarHill sweetness—in case it’s been a while…

Even horses must soft kronsche

[Say in David Attenborough voice]

Most often seen in humans, but other species are know to want to kronsche a soft kitteh ear.

Mimi H. Deeeeeleeeeeeeeshous….. 😉




Johanna H., nice cap-shon too. 😉