Anything You Can Do…

…I can do BETTER.

(Laughing Squid.)


Didja Get Anything Good For Christmas?

This pupster named Trouble did- his favorite hoomin, home for Christmas.

Someone Left Pizza Sauce On Their Mouf

[Let me just slip in here for a quick nom + snorgle sesh- in and out, he’ll NEVER KNOW. Slurp.]

Hoppy Poppy

It looks like someone is just a little bit excited that it’s chow time. “​This is a video of Poppy the Rescue Dog. Many thanks…and love your site, Jamie M.”

I’ll Have What YOU’RE Having

[Hey, I’ve had quite enough of the Dog Chow, ya know? Let’s bring on a a big ol’ sloppy plate o’ Sketti, OK?

See What Happens When…

…you sprinkle a little salt on your head? I guess it helps to not have any HAIR up top, either.

Introducing Gordo!

Jill M. writes, “This is Gordo. We think he’s pretty cute. Enjoy!” C.O. totally concurs with your Cute Assessment, Jill! Happy New Year, Gordo!


Norbert Meets Sawyer

Norbster flew out to Sacramento yesterday (Air Norbert?) to meet Sawyer, an eight year old boy battling cancer. As you can tell, the meeting went rather well!

Speakers UP For The BUB Motorboat

Let’s let BUB’s hoomin Mike B. tell the story:

“This is a quick video i took yesterday morning after breakfast. Every morning after BUB eats, she asks to be held in my lap, and then proceeds to purr like a motorboat. While BUB has overcome a lot of physical difficulties, she is a truly happy cat, with a fiercely strong spirit, unbelievable courage and determination, and the heart of a space lion.”


“♬ Dashing Thru The Snow, With A GoPro™ On Your Back ♫…”

We’ve still got some Christmas celebration photos and videos we received on and after the 25th, so we’ll be showing some of those through the end of the year or so. Here, Annie decides to try out her new GoPro™ camera at the park, and drags her hoomins along for the ride.

“Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! My dog, Annie, received a very special Christmas gift this year – a GoPro™ harness! She promptly dragged us directly to the park for some romping and Doggeh ‘Tock Sniffin’ and wanted us to share with you!” -Courtney B.