Aaron’s Animals: Pet Peeves

Aaron is the Hoomin. Michael is the Cat. They have managed to achieve a sort of détente as far as their living arrangements go. But of course, this peaceful co-existance could crumble at any time. I mean, we’re talking CATS here.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

BUNS On The Run

Clipboard01Let’s head up to The Great White North for this story- it seems BUNS are stowing away in vacationers cars! So BUNS are on the…Lamb?

(Karen S.)

“Hey Honey? Did You Put The New Cat Door In?”

[Yeah. But I don’t think it’s gonna go over so well. We’ll see. But the first signs are not encouraging.”


Oh, Hey Mate- Just Kiddin’

[Doin’ a hang with Kate The Keeper here at Taronga Sydney, and- say….that camera looks tasty! Mind if I scoot in for a nom?]

Flashback Friday: The Man In Black

johnny-cash-holding-kitten-johnny-cash-holding-kitten-demotivational-posters-1361235135Johnny Cash with kitteh: unknown source and year.

Get Your Red Panda Ringtone Action HERE!

Yes, this video of a Red Panda getting a checkup is totally off the scale Cute. And since this one is totally 100% Speakers Up, we thought it might make a great ringtone.

So, here’s the ringtone, just right click to download. (And here’s how to get it into your iPhone, or your Droid.)

Get Those Floating Shiny Balls, Hattie!

Hattie The Westie, certainly never one to back away from a challenge, attacks the Floating Shiny Balls that have invaded HER backyard play area!

Headline assist from Smedley.

This Lake Is ALL (Ribbet?) MINE!

IMG_3173Who needs a swimming pool when you’ve got a massive lake to call your own? Good deal, right? “Found about a bazillion of these little guys on the shores of Dutch Lake, British Columbia, Canada,” writes Michelle P.

“Look at the sheer disapproval (and little legs!)”


Cats. With Shower Caps.

Judging from the expression on their faces, you have to think that there’s gonna be a new hoomin behind the camera for the next video clip.

What Iz You Doing, Hoomin?

[While you’re rolling that thing back and forth, I have the rumblies in my tummeh. How ’bout Friskies™ now?]

“I found this on You Tube and thought it would put a smile on people’s faces,” says Angie A.


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