Anybody Wanna Scritch A Koala?

Judging from the multiple reactions of this little goober, I don’t think they mind a whole lot, am I right?

(Andrew Y.)

Best Job Ever In The History Of History

Just flat out the best gig you could ever hope for. Stephanie Arne is the host for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and here she is swimming with baby Asian Small Clawed Otters at Nurtured by Nature! (Remember Marlin Perkins? “Now watch Jim stick his head in this lion’s mouth while I sit here safely in this TV studio.”

(John N.)

Time For Bath Night!

Ah, it’s been a long week. Been mighty busy at Teh QTE, with our Tenth Anniversary a week ago, and then 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks this past Thursday. So it’s time to wind down a bit. Stretch out, relax, let your hoomin wash you off and then cuddle you up nice and warm and dry. #THISISTHELIFE

He Is…The Most Tolerant Cat In The World

This is probably the only cat in the entire world who would put up with this type of treatment. (OK, maybe Shiro too. But that would be it.)

Wanna Cupcake, Maxie?

Uh…I guess you DO.

Caturday: TCB (Typical Cat Behavior)

Watch Hanami the Kitteh display utter disdain…for everything.

Caturday Morning: Feeding Time

When you oversleep and forget to feed His or Her Majesty- they’re not shy about letting you know.

The Story Of Sufferpup

I’m still not convinced this little guy isn’t some sort of Mini Bear, but anyway..check out this story of two guys who were on a hiking trip in the U.S. Southwest. They called it the “Sufferfest,” because the trip obviously would not be easy.

And look who they came across.


Heaven Is A Place….

….called Edgar’s Mission. Ain’t it the truth.

Oh, and BTW…….


I Haz Hoomin To Hug

[Is easy to hug the hoomin. If you just sit on floor and go ‘Meow?’ Hoomin will pick you up, make all sorts of gooey sounds like ‘Who’s the widdle wuv-wuv, WHO is.’ Then just hop up and clamp on. If hoomin hasn’t fed you in several hours, this move can also be used to strangle. Or so I haz been told.]

(As seen on


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