I Am Kitteh. Hear Me ROAR.

Well, kinda sorta.

From I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.

Flashback Friday

Bonus points if you recognize the hoomin in the photo.

Photo as seen on Pinterest.

It’s 6am (PT)! Time To WAKE UP AND STUFF!

[My dish is empty! Fill it and then you can go back to sleep!!]

From Love Meow via Lisa J.’s iPad.

Oh, You Want To Cross The Stream, Do Ya?

[OK, lemme just check this out…hmmmm…ok…yeah…this seems fine NO THIS IS GREAT COME ON IN THE WATER’S FINE! WOO HOO!]

From VVV.

Oh, You Want Your GoPro™ Back?

[Gonna cost you a bag of Planters Pea-WHOOPS!]


And That’s Gonna Wrap It Up For The Week

Time to hit the hay, and we leave you now (oh, just for a few hours, don’t stress) with Willow and her binky.


Alpacas Share The Loff

A great snuggly story here, People! (The speaking is in German, but it’s easy to get what’s going on here. These therapy Alpacas live at a nursing home near Berlin, and are brought inside from time to time to interact with the residents. And to watch TV.)

From Arbroath.

Caturday: Cat In Is The Hat

An oldie but a goodie, sent in by a Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, NJ Mr. William D. of Fairfield, NJ.

Mom Taxi XXXV: Zoey’s Hoodie

photo1“Check out Zoey chillin’ in Meg’s hood!” -Dak (correct spelling) S. took the photo.

Make Me Work A Little HARDER, Guys!

[Just toss me the fish and I’ll be on my way, K? MAN! Next time I’ll just use the Jack In The Box drive-thru for a fish sandwich.]



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