Peanut! Get Over Here, Dude!

Have you ever seen this before? A Sqwerl (“Peanut,” of course) comes when his name is called, then hops up on the hoomin’s shoulder for the nomming.



She Gave Me The Finger.. I decided to grab it! It WOULD be nice to have a little Peanut Butter to nom on, though.

Oh, come on! - Imgur

Ten Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Person

Ideally, we should run this on Caturday- but why wait? If you’re a Crazy Cat Person today, odds are you’ll be one on Caturday, too.

“I probably won’t be the first or last to send you this but couldn’t resist,” says Isabel T. “Good to see it’s a man as well, and not a crazy cat lady :-).”

The Return Of Mari The Shiba Inu

You might recall Mari, The Shiba Inu who simply wears her hoomin OUT.

Well, Mari is back and she hasn’t changed one bit.

*BONUS Freee Translaysh: Someone in the YT comments did a translation of sorts. At least, I think that’s what it is:

Scene 1: Ok, let’s take a measurement of this panel, hey, newbie, hold this! OK (look at his hand, that means give it to me) Ouch! No, not that. I meant the saw!
Scene 2: Hey, newbie, hold it tight, if you don’t, my design will go wrong and I have to do it again, hold it tight, tight!
Scene 3: Chew well and eat your food. Are you chewing well? The chewing is your job,too
Scene 4: It’s gonna be a hard job in the small space, get nervous. Ok, let’s do it( hide). Newbie, newbie, it is my granddauter Meg’s birthday today. I will invite you for the party. Let’s work again( hide) Are you OK there? If you are OK, put your hand out (you can see her hand) well, it seems you are OK.
Scene 5:I guess you can understand.
Scene 6: If I die, turn the spotlights on me at the end PLEASE,Pl,,,,,but, in retrospect of my life (he glances back){puns}( furikaeru- same pronunciation)tut! Mari is a really good actress. Hope you can enjoy her acting.

From Andrew Y.

‘Scuse Me…You Gonna Eat That?

[You are? Oh. Well. I’m gonna take it from you anyway.]


When One Just Isn’t Enough

People, meet Baby Jakey. He pretty well has his hoomin under his thumb paw. We can easily see who really runs that house.

(Say OMG.)

Caturday: Hey Jörg- U Busy Now?

The Studio Cat (all I could clearly comprehend in the video, it’s German, yo) decides that he doesn’t care about “Cold Fronts” or “Warm Fronts” or “Cumulus Clouds” or anything else weather dude Jörg Kachelmann has to say. He doesn’t want to wait ‘ti a commercial break, either.

He wants the attention now. Huh- imagine that.

(Cats, Beavers & Ducks Tumblr.)

I. Want. My. BED. II

Earlier in the week, we saw a little puppeh try to get a kitteh out of its bed, without much luck. This time around, a pupster has a Short Little Hoomin to deal with, and achieves better results. [FYI, the video plays 2x, it’s really just 1:22. -Ed.]

Thanks to Smedley.

This Calls For Serious Damage Control

So here’s the story in a nutshell: this fellow named C.J. Huffman comes home to find out that his roommate’s dog chewed up her brand new dog bed. He tells the puppeh that she’s gonna be in a spot o’ trouble for this transgression, and that’s when the pupster kicks into full-on “Don’t do that, see how Cute I am?” mode.

From VVV.

Flashback Friday: “Now Hold Still!”

[Listen kid, I don’t like this any better than you do. So sit still, let me GET this shot, then you can run off to mama and I can get back to some nice, tasty eucalyptus bamboo. Whadya say?]

From Bored Panda, details unknown.


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