Caturday: One “Impending Doom” Tag, Comin’ Right Up

image1 (1)Something’s about to go down here, and for the life of us we can’t imagine what. “Our cat Purple continues her reign of terror: previously featured on Cute Overload bullying her brother Shaman, (RIP) she has now set her sights on baby Afra.” -Majied & Kirstie.


See? Got your attention. And we’re not kidding—110% Squee.

(Seen on the Storyful FB with thanks to Robin L.)

Looks Like Another All-Nighter

[Gosh this stuff is BORING. They MAKE U study this? History, mwah mwah mwah. SNORE. I can’t even read and I’M bored with it. So- U want I should go get a Red Bull™ for you and some Friskies Party Mix™ for me? It’s no trouble or anything.]

Amber Goes For A Run In Aldershot, England

If you’ve ever wondered what a “BEST DAY EVER” looks like, it’s prolly something like THIS. Go, Amber, go!

In Which Farmer Bob Finds Sweet William

This Farmer (Bob) rescued this Bebeh Skunkster (William) who was sick and orphaned by the side of the road!

Barbara F. just sent in this email: “I recently got the chance to meet Sweet William (the orphaned baby skunk named after a flower) when I visited a farm stand on Martha’s Vineyard run by a guy named Farmer Bob. In nursing the baby skunk back to health, he keeps the little guy in his pocket to keep him warm. You can see him taking Sweet William out of his pocket and letting me hold him! I was ECSTATIC to get to hold a baby skunk for the first (and probably last) time in my life. It was seriously a bucket list item for me.”

Road Trip!

Quincy and his hoomin are goin’ on a ROAD TRIP. Both of ’em are pretty excited, too.

(As spotted by Kristin on Student Edge FB.)

P.S.- Not everyone is as into it as Q is.

Spotted by Smedley.

[*Note- The 2016 C.O. Calendars are coming up next. You’ll be able to WIN a pair today, too. Free is good. -Ed.]

Come On In! The Water’s Great!

…but I better not hear any of you guys peeing in the water! I mean it!

(Tastefully Offensive.)


A little insight into the C.O. Editorial Process. This email from Laura W. comes in AND IT GOES UP AS FAST AS OUR LITTLE FINGERS CAN TYPE.

(Boulder County Colorado Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sophie Berman was out and about when a Northern Saw Whet Owl decided it was time for a face to face. Or, um, a face to beak.)

“Hi C.O.! I emailed you a link from the Boulder Daily Camera, and there was no spot to add a message. Nederland, CO is in the mountains SW of Boulder. (And the home of the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days.) How cute is this guy? How come I can’t happenstance upon something like this, ever?” -Laura W.

Meet Charlotte The Aquaphobic Penguin

Adj. 1. Aquaphobic – abnormally afraid of water.

Charlotte The Penguin was not gonna get in that water, thank you very MUCH. So she needed a little hoomin help! (P.S. At first I thought that clip said “Snorgling” at the top left.)

“Hey Honey? Did You Rake The Dog Yet?”

“Yeah! We’re out here on the porch- we’ll be right in!”

(From Vlad S.)


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