Pardon MOI While I Nom Your Leeps!

unnamed (1)MUNKSTER MADNESS!!!

“Hello! I love C.O., it’s something that i have to check on a daily basis, so much Cuteness!!! Anyways i wanted to make a photo submission. I was hiking with family in BC and we were taking a break and i was lying on my back, when this little guy popped up to say hello! My BF better not see this Thanks, Jane T.”

[Your secret is safe with us. Unless he reads C.O. In which case you're completely busted. -Ed.]

Couch Potato Donkeh

It’s easy for hoomins to sack out on the couch and snuggle (or snorgle) with your Puppeh or Kitteh–even your Wombat if you’re Down Undah. Just haul ‘em up on yer lap, and PLOP.

Not so in this case. Watch for Radar Ears at :36.

From Barb (Tireless Toiling for the Cute) and Paul.

If At First You Don’t Succeed….

Try, try again.

And again.

The Squidster.

HEY! Watch The Spit There, Hossam!

‘Cause we all know that when HOOMINS pose for a photo, the spit can go a-flyin.’ Camels would NEVER do that.

Maissra Sallah, Hossam Antikka and Karim Abdelaziz (and friend) hangin’ out in northern Giza, Egypt, as seen here, by Caters. From Stepphy N.

Forecast: Mild With A 100% Chance Of Ripple

Ripple (from the Edmonton Humane Society) doesn’t give a…well, a Rip about the forecast in BARRHEAD. (Smackover yesterday, now Barrhead.) He just wants to play.

(“Sit, Ripple SIT!”)


From Susan M.

Next Time, Try A One Piece?



Panda Tag Team Wrasslin’!

So you’re a caregiver and ya gotta give these Adorable Pandas their daily squirt of medicine or vitamins or something. What do you do when they decide to gang up on you?


From Kristin W. “Sending along a video of a zookeeper trying to give medicine to two pandas. And I thought giving medicine to my cat was difficult!” As seen on Metro UK.

Cats: Furry Work Preventers

Do you work in an office? Ever wonder what it’s like to “WFH?” (Work from home.) Cole & Marmalade will be happy to show you what it’s like. They might make you think twice about setting up a home office.

From Wendy M. who saw it on (P.S.- click that link and scroll down to the comment about “Bowie The Ferret.” Classic.)

Let’s Play Cat And Mouse Hoomin

Greg T. and his kitteh Button play Hide & Seek/Cat & Mouse to determine who is in charge of the house and everything in it. Like we don’t already know that, duh.

From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow.

Follow Me To Victory, Men!

[We gotta cross the enemy lines in the kitchen to get to the noms. Snausages for you, and Arrowroot's for me. We get in, we get out. Nobody gets hurt. Ready? Let's roll.]

Smedley found this one.


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