Anyone Out There Speak Pig?

We all know the LOOK OF DISAPPROVAL; but what about the GRUNT OF DISAPPROVAL? Is Virginia The Hoofster grunting ’cause she doesn’t want the attention? Or ‘cuz she likes it? Does anyone out there speak Pig? A little translayshe help, puh-lease!


I Could NEVER Work At Edgar’s Mission

With guys like THIS little maniac around- how could a guy EVER get any work done? (***WAIT. Unless….PLAYING WITH THEM IS THE WORK.) In that case, sign me up Pam A.!

Oh, but we’re not DONE with Edgar’s, nooooooo. HOW ‘BOUT SOME PIGSTERS?

Libby & Pearl

Meet Libby & Pearl, won’t you?

Libby is the two year old hoomin, and Pearl is her 3-month-old pet Teacup Pigster.

Pearl was an early birthday present last month.

See more of this pint-sized dynamic duo at My Modern Met…..

…and Instagram.




(My Modern Met.)

Leon Trotsky Voted Most Influential Animal Of 2014

The end of the year is when all the awards start rolling in, and Huffington Post has chosen Edgar’s Mission Hoofster Leon Trostky as the “Most Influential Animal” of the year.

Number two on the list was none other than another friend of Edgar’s Mission- Frostie The Snow Goat, who we all have a fond memory of. :)


GIF from HuffPo.

Got (Snort Snort) Meelk? (Snort Snort)

Little Bebeh Hoofster wants his/her meelk and wants it right NOW! (Snort Snort.)

Yay! It’s Halloween!

Polly2Polly The Big Pig would like to wish you a Happy Halloween! (It’s already the 31st at Edgar’s Mission in Australia, y’see!)


Thanks Kyle B.

Ever Had An Annoying Lil’ Brother…

…who tagged along and followed you everywhere? Yeah, it’s like that.

Totally T.O.

What Do U Want After A Nice, Long Walk?

Personally, I’d settle for a tall glass of cold lemonade- but this Prosh Lil’ Porkster has something else on his mind:


Just Back From A Late-Nite Dunkie Run

[OK, we brought you the two coffees, but bad news- they were outta the Frosted Maple Cremes, so we got you the Glazed Guavas. We good?]


We’re Just Horsing Around!!

The Squad O’ McGoatersons are determined to scale the top of this Mountain, who happens to be named Mr. G.

Mr. G is getting his mellow on and can’t be bothered.



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