Can Anyone Wiggle Their Ears?

Hey all you ear wigglers. You never had it so cute! Take it away, Sapo the pygmy hippo. Show us how it’s done!

This is Sapo, a pygmy hippo, and one of about 300 in captivity. Only about 3000 still live wild in the rainforests of central Africa. Luckily, breeding programs, like at Whipsnade Zoo, have doubled the pygmy hippos population in captivity.

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Hippopo’TockToeberbeantamus Overload

I think we’re in over our head….

“Hippopotamus ‘tocks at the San Diego zoo.” -Photo taken by Dee Dee Dotson

And They Call It Hippo Love

And they called it hippo love
They’ll never really know a hippopotamus
How a young hippo really feels
And why their love is so redonkulous…

Peeps, here is Jessica; Tonie and Shirley Joubert’s pet house hippo. She even gets a bedtime massage before being tucked in under her blankie, which is pink, of course. Gah!

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.35.39 PM
“OK Cute Sorters – just found this one. Terribly ferocious man-killing/snorgeling beast of the wild.” -Barb and Paul, Concord Cuteaddicts

Mom Nom

Mom, just stand still so I can get a leetle neeble!

Photo By Georgios Kefalas/Associated Press : seen on

Hippos ‘R’ Us

At Hippos ‘R’ Us, we’ve got Hippos in all shapes and sizes.  Big ones, small ones.  Short ones, tall ones!

Hip Hip…Hooray! Stop in…today!

[Two rhymes in one post. Epic. -Ed]

Alex T’s photo from Kruger National Park.