“Hey Honey! We’re Out Of TP Up Here!”

“OK no worries, I’m sending Daphne up with an emergency roll!”


“Hey Honey- You Want A Muffin?”

“Sure, if it’s that Hedgie Brand™ we had last week! Maybe with a bit o’ blackberry jam?”

(Maureen P. spotted this on HuffPo.)

“Hey Honey? How’d The Kitty Litter Get All Over The Floor?”

“I have no idea- The Cat hasn’t moved from the couch in hours. (Sigh.) I’ll clean it up.”

~ ~ ~

“Hi! Here’s a picture of my dog Rocky looking very guilty. I guess I caught him red-handed or should I say litter-nosed :D. Greetings from Finland, Tuija L.”

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My iPad?”

“I left it in the living room- I think CareyNickels wanted to play with it.”

(Little Miss CareyNickels, c/o Will L.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Cleaned The Hallway Yet?”

“Yeah, allllmost done. Gonna need some more Pledge, though.”

“Hey Honey? Have You Vacuumed Max Yet?”

“I’m doing it right now!”

“Hey Honey, Can You Help Bring In The Groceries?”

(Yells across living room:) “I’m watching the baseball playoffs! Already got it handled, the guys are on it.”


“Hey Honey? Did U See My Little Quad Copter?”

“It’s sitting right there on the kitchen table, isn’t it?”

“Hey Honey? Are We Out Of Paper Towels?”

“I thought we had one left in the kitchen on the counter- but now I can’t find it!”

(Thanks to Nancy H.)

“Hey Honey, Did You Break The DVD Player?”

“Not me. I was trying to play something last night and it wouldn’t come out of the slot there, you know where you put the disc in. You got me. BTW, have you seen the cat lately?”