“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Ear Plugs?”

“I’ve only got one here. Do we have any extras? How could I be missing just ONE ear plug??”

“Hey Honey? Do We Want A New Dish Service?

“There’s some guy at the door- you wanna talk to him?”


“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Glasses?”

“Aren’t they in the living room? I coulda sworn I saw them in there. Look again.”

“Hey Honey? Did You Ever Sweep The Kitchen?”

“Oh, I’m working on it right now.”

“Hey Honey, You’re Snoring Again.”

“Honey? You’re snoring. Can you roll over, please? Honey? WAKE UP.”

(Boing! Boing!!)

“Hey Honey, Have You Seen Wally?”

“He just took a bath- he’s drying off. BTW, he used all the Head & Shoulders. Again.”

“Hey Honey? Where’s The Dog Food?”

“Um..ah, you know- shoot. I think I mighta left it out overnight on the back porch. I left the bag out there, but…it was sealed. I think. You don’t think anyone got into it, do you?”

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Puppeh?”

“Wasn’t he in the living room? He should be, you put the gate up, right?”

Spotted by Arne.

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Bootsy?”

Boosty 1“No, and I’ve been looking all over for him. I told him we had to go to the V-E-T. Boots can’t spell……can he?”




“Hello, you posted some photos of Missy-Moo and her other sheepie pals, i wondered if one of her other friends is cute enough to be featured? This is Bootsy, nearly a year old, he loves trees and belly rubs, he’ll flop over in front of you and demand them.”

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Puck?”

FullSizeRender“I know he needs to go outside but since it’s been so cold out, he’s not really happy about that. Did you check the bedroom?”

(It’s cold here in Arkansas. Our 12 week old ResQte pup, Puck the Boxer, found a way to stay warm under the covers and still be able to breathe!” -Liz M.)


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