Might As Well Keep Walking

As Imgur poster Adam Genesis mentions, “Picking him up at the vet- that look- I know I’m in trouble. Yup. I’m going to hear about it on the way home.”

Picking him up at the vet ... that look ... I know I'm in trouble ... - Imgur
(William D. sent this in.)


Toesday 3: Perigo De Morte!

Yep, sounds just about right, I’d say. “Please find attached a photo from my recent holiday in Salema, Portugal. Sure, he’s quiet enough now, but you have been warned.” -Sarah P.

Headline THIS!

[*UPDATE 1:10pm PT: April #FTW! Thanks everyone! -Ed.]

It’s already got the Impending Doom tag on there- now it needs a headline! You know what to do- write ‘er up and we’ll run our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck! “Mochi the Birman is watching,” remarks Bethany H.

WHO Wants Some Belleh Rubs? WHO Does???

[I do, sister. I’m currently at the “Cute as a button” stage as opposed to the “Have you for a snack” stage. So let’s get crackin’, OK?]

“That is me,” says Elizabeth F. “Visiting at the “Little Zoo That Could” – The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo! They have a Tiger Cub encounter where they socialize cubs. It is an amazing little zoo! My sister took the picture with her iPhone.”

Cats. With Shower Caps.

Judging from the expression on their faces, you have to think that there’s gonna be a new hoomin behind the camera for the next video clip.

Now HERE Is Some Impending Doom ACTION

[I is gonna go over and BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP dis guy on the nose and see what happens. I hope he doesn’t get fierce or something.]

(Video from HelloU Facebook.)

Hold On To Your Butts Buns

Mad Props to Matt C. – (That’s good, right? when you give them “Mad Props?” I think so) for his #REDONK recreation of Jurassic Park.

“Big fan of your site! So, I thought I’d pass along these photos of my rabbit, Roger, re-enacting the famous scenes from Jurassic Park, as if he were a big scary dinosaur.”