How To Make A Hedgehog…

…using just pears and grapes. It’s a fact: Hedgies never tasted so good! (They’re good FOR you, too!)

“More Hedgies!!!”

That was the title of an email from Barb. (Not the Barb of Concord Paul & Barb. Just…Barb.) Anyway, she goes on to say, “I’m not sure if you’ve seen this darling animation telling the 13th century story of how hedgies came to have spines…..from the awesome magazine AEON.”

Time For Some Hedgies, People!

We get emails….

“Dear Cute Overload: We love your site! It’s the first one we look at every day. But we have a problem- not nearly enough hedgehogs. Please post this clip.” -Richard F., Ft. Lee, NJ.”

Mr. Feder, we’re happy to oblige. Sorry about that.

Did Someone Say “Shark Week?”

20140806_191615“At my house we take Shark Week very seriously. Harrison is trying his best but he really needs to work on looking ferocious.” -Kim J.

Calico The Hedgie: Now THERE’S A Handful

Do we detect the slight Leetle Tongue Action in this first photo??????




image (1)
Calico The Hedgie from Helen B.

Bebeh Hedgies On The Move!

The first comment at the link below says “Cuteness Overload.” We agree 100%.

From The Beautiful World FB page via Kristin R.


This seat is taken.


Photo 1 from Tumblr. Photo 2 of Oscar AKA Kitty by Michael J.


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