Cuddle Up With Cira The Hedgie

If you happen to meet Cira The Hedgie on the street someday, ask him if he’d like a little Thumb/Forefinger Cuddle Action. Bet he says yes.

Muffin, Anyone?

TXdXOQsWe’ve got Chocolate Chip, All-Bran, Blueberry, Hedgie….wait. What? (Reddit.)

O Great Hedgehog, I Beseech Thee…

IMG_0109[…bring me the Quality Noms so that my belleh might grow full and plump! Thank you in advance!]


[*Note: See more of Calico The Hedgie here. -Ed.]

Our First Hedgie ‘Tocks Of The Month!

20141011_230445 (1)‘Tocktober 17th, and our first set of Hedgie ‘Tocks arrives in our mailbox. (Have some ‘Tocks to share? We’ve still got room- but hurry! Space is limited! Or it’s a limited time offer! One of those two things.) Who might this be, by the way? “This is Luna, she just turned 1 year old last month. We know she is comfortable when she spreads out and sleeps like this when we hold her at night. Love your site, I have been following the Cute for years now!” -Stephanie M.


U Like My Hat?

picdump-1202-28[I was wandering through this yard and they had like A WHOLE LOT of them, so I..well, I bit off a couple of ’em and plopped ’em on my head.]

Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog!

(Cleanup in C.O. Aisle 3: Head ‘Splosion!)

The YAWN Heard ‘Round The World

Wake up little feller! There’s a whole big world out there for you to conquer!!!

Orphaned baby hedgehog tired after lunch. Video taken by Daniella H., at the Ramat-Gan Wildlife Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


‘Bout all you can say.

Say OMG!

Ooo, A Liddle Biddy Hedgie!!!

This little guy, of course, is named Biddy. We first saw him just a little over a year ago, and he’s still quite a, er, handful as you can see.


Biddy is ALL OVER the Interwebs, too.



From Ned Hardy.

Two Things U Have NOT Yet Seen Today

ONE: A Kitteh with a Top Hat!

TWO: A Hedgie on a skateboard! (You’re quite welcome!)

Both images via Reddit.


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