Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog!

(Cleanup in C.O. Aisle 3: Head ‘Splosion!)

The YAWN Heard ‘Round The World

Wake up little feller! There’s a whole big world out there for you to conquer!!!

Orphaned baby hedgehog tired after lunch. Video taken by Daniella H., at the Ramat-Gan Wildlife Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


‘Bout all you can say.

Say OMG!

Ooo, A Liddle Biddy Hedgie!!!

This little guy, of course, is named Biddy. We first saw him just a little over a year ago, and he’s still quite a, er, handful as you can see.


Biddy is ALL OVER the Interwebs, too.



From Ned Hardy.

Two Things U Have NOT Yet Seen Today

ONE: A Kitteh with a Top Hat!

TWO: A Hedgie on a skateboard! (You’re quite welcome!)

Both images via Reddit.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 7:30p PT

“Hello C.O.! This is a pic of my lovely hedgehog Ronnie. She was with me for two years, and I still miss her. :( She had an opinion about everything – and as you can see, she was not too impressed with the Valentine’s Day impostors I brought home! I would love to see her silly face on Cute Overload. Thanks for looking! Sandi F.”

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

The Mighty Kayak

“Kayak” gets the award for most unusual Hedgie name we’ve heard…today. But take a look at this little powerhouse. He was brought to the Hedgehog Welfare Society to get all better, and now look at him! He’s got his own CAPE and SKATEBOARD.

From Erin M.

It’s Getting Closer To Hedgie-Ween!

Careful when you carve your punkin- you never know what might be inside! “This is Harrison, he is adorable and festive!” -Kimberly J.


Liddle Iddy Biddy

“The other day while taking photos of our Hedgehog I thought of your site! Me and my gf have a Hedgehog named Biddy that we enjoy taking on road trips/adventures. We made a hash tag on Instagram that we use every time we post a photo of him.” From Cuteporter Thomas U.






And Now it’s Time for Funny Faces with Hedgies

The best part of your day!

Chance, wants to know who put pickles in his bug sandwich!? “Bleagh!”

Loki, after losing another battle with the toilet paper tube, wonders if a face lift would be a good idea.

Gretchen, has been watching too many of those pirate movies again.

Top pic: “Hi! I have a silly picture of my little hedgehog, Chance, that you may
enjoy. He is 4 years old, and very entertaining. I have more pictures of
my hedgehogs on my blog, ooo shiny object. Hope you
like it!!” -Larissa W.
Middle pic: Loki on Tumblr
Bottom pic: “I caught my hedgehog, Gretchen, making this silly face!” -Becca H.


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