The Many Modes Of Piglet

From Cuteporter Abby S.: “My hedgehog, Piglet, has been extra well-behaved with the camera lately and I had to share! And of course he had to show off his 12th Man Seattle Seahawks support with his best Beast Mode face!”

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Happy, Merry Joy to All

Whether it’s Christmas, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Solstice, Festivus or Grinchoween! Let’s celebrate!







“After years of snooping on Cute Overload I have decided to send in some pics of my cats.” Nanette from Wisconsin.
“Christmas time yet?” –Imgur.
“Hi there! It’s Gobbolino!” –Enrico R.
“This is our new sweet lionhead bunny, Fifi, or Dusty the Dust Bunny. My girls have already started dressing her up!” -Natalie W.
“My hedgehog’s name is Lacy (its a boy).” -Jheri D.

It’s the Most Pun-derful Time of the Year

With the kits jingle belling,

And everyone telling you, “Be of goofy cheer.”
It’s the most pun-derful time of the year.

It’s the ham- hammiest season of all.

With those hedgehoggeh-day greetings,

And guinea peeg meetings,

When felines have a ball,

It’s the hat-hattiest season of all.

Credits in the hovertexts! More Princess Pricklepants here! More puns in the comments!!!

Flashback Friday

Ladies, I always pass the white glove test when I use my Mr. Scrubbalot multi-surface scrubber with fresh pinecone scent. You should too.

“April 23, 1926. Washington, D.C. “Miss Dorothy Tierney with porcupine.” The stage actress and prickly understudy. National Photo Co.” -Via Shorpy

Darcy, Feeling Rather Mellow Today

Just gonna flop down here with my Pinwheel. Maybe put on a little Dylan. Kick back. You know?


Benson Hedges, Private Eye! in: The Case of the Crafty Craftsman

In this racket, a roscoe and good looks only get you so far — sometimes you need a disguise. So when I staked out the shipyards, I posed as an ice cream vendor. It was a sweet deal: clear view of the wharf and all the tutti-frutti I could eat.

My client, the shipyard owner, was frantic. Told me someone was stealing his tools and putting his crew behind schedule. But when I snuck into the tool shed, the goods were all there. Somebody was toying with me — and I had to find out who.

I stowed away on a dump truck heading to the quarry. It was a soft ride, but something told me things were about to get rocky.

I was right — it was Rocky Turtullo, my old nemesis. He flippered me off, so I flattened him with a right hook. “Cut the shell games, wiseguy!” I growled.

Will Hedges crack the case? Tune in for the next chapter at, um, some point.

It’s Barnaby again, from Christine L.!

On Halloween, Watch Out for the Boogey-man

BOO! It’s Barnaby, the new Boogey Boogey Hedgehog!

Barnaby recently visited Salem, MA, the Halloween capital of the world. He spent some time in the oldest burying ground in Salem.” -Christine L.
We loff Parry Gripp! So who’s gonna post BBH in the comments? (singsong) C’mon punsters it’s Halloween!

Happy Almost Your Birthday, Henry!

[I nose I’m small. But I need a lot of space to move around, you know?]


Henry the Hedgehog. “Almost one year old. And clearly adorable.” -Sarah K. (Las Vegas, NV.)

THIS JUST IN: Barnaby Cleans Up At Hedgehog Fest

From Cuteporter Christine L., who has been workin’ that Send button hard today: “On Saturday, October 5, Barnaby went to Hedgehog Fest.


First he won Best Adult Patterned Male and won a small pumpkin trophy.”


He progressed in the show and then won Best Adult Male (patterned or non-patterned) and received a medium-sized star trophy.”


Then he won Best Male Overall (junior or adult, patterned or non-patterned) and received a tall witch trophy.”


He won Best Costume, participated in the Hedgie Games (where he took home ribbons in two events), and competed in the conformation show.” [The what? -Ed]


This weekend was especially exciting because in addition to winning at Hedgehog Fest…”


…Barnaby passed 2,000 followers on Instagram!”


(And heck, here’s The Man at The Beach The King Of The World c/o Smartypants.)


Hat Trick

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we present The Amazing Hedgeini, the mystifying reappearing, then re-disappearing hedgehog!