"Tommy, say hello to Winston. Let’s be nice. Winston’s a prickly fellow at first, but his beady eyes are just the same as yours."

[My friend’s Dad used to hiss "LBN!!!" to his fighting daughters growing up. They did not have beady eyes, BTW.]


Shout out to Cliff H. and Wesleyan-attending photo submitter Lynn. ;)

Backyard watercooler

Hedge: "…So then and get this, Luckily for Cheryl, Juan didn’t actually have amnesia after all!

Cat: [gasps then nods]

Hedge: Then Senator Wayne threatens to have Bo killed if he doesn’t tell where Alison is, so Bo gets a fake passport from this sketchy dude on the dock and two tickets to Costa Rica! [Sips water from bowl]

Cat: Puh-lease.

Hedge: MEANWHILE, Detective Hodges traces the clues to Patch’s vacation house where he and Kim find ALISON! THIS WHOLE TIME she was there Dude! It’s so great she’s back—her outfits are the best.

Cat: Tewtelly.


Thanks, FireWaia! (This backyard is in Sweden, People!)

The life and times of a tiny Hedge

Hedgies.com, your complete online Hedgehog resource ;) is the source of this terrific little story of "Tenzing" the baby Hedge. Here he is, looking like a hairbrush, on Day 5:


On day 15 then Day 20, Tenzing looks more like his Momma, developing from wee hoglet to perfect junior Hedge.


Until finally, he takes programming classes to become the C.O. intern.


Don’t miss more images of Tenzing growin’ up at Hedgies.com. Especially this one of him doing the "Prickly Snug" with his Momma on Day 36, and washing off some gnarliness during his first bath on Day 42. Ahn! <head tilt>


Hedgehog blog

Check out this sweet lil’ site for Numo the "tube addict" baby hedgehog, owned by designer Brandy Agerbeck. Lil’ Numo is so sweet as he snorgles a Numo-shaped chocolate…


And a couple more shots:
Burrowing Numo! [i looooove this shot]
Numo eats a birthday cricket soufflé! [brilliant idea!]

Thanks for sending in, E to the Cee!

Rule of Cuteness #19: Dainty Paws Are Cute

First of all, this image comes from "HedgeHogCentral.com." It’s the most brillo name ever. Home of the INTERNATIONAL HEDGEHOG ASSOCIATION, PEOPLE! Please look at this logo—it’s a HedgeGlobe logo. Oop, I mean "IHA."

Next, let’s all take a look at this month’s winner of the "Hedgehog ofthe Month" contest; "Sable", also known as Miss March. Sable has themost prosh, teeny paws, and deserves a standing ovation. Absolutelyanerable.


Especially her one limp paw. Too much. Thanks for sending in, E to the C!

“Whatevs!” “Borrrrrrring!”





This Hedger’s name is Pascale. PASCALE, People! WHO names their hedgehog Pascale? Someone who obviously knows what they’re doing. Straight from "HamorHollow.com", taken by Sean Soznik. Brillllllliant!

Dude, have you ordered Hedges ’06 yet?

WHO is the GENIUS that came up with this!?

Many thanks to Ellen C. for alertly pointing out the Hedgehogs ’06 calendar has "hit the stands". It’s brilliant! Thanks, Hoglets.com!



I can’t believe it, but SOMETHING made me type "Hedgehog swim" into Google image search, and I STRUCK GOLD! Look at "Bam Bam", the adorable Hedge, getting his Park and his Bath on. Good Lo’.


And after a lovely day at the park, it’s: "Calgon, take me awaaaaaaaaaaaay! glurgle glurgle"


Thank you, Deepcity.org!


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