Can’t come to work today, I’m quilling

At first, "Monty" the hedger wasn’t so photogenic, he was "really grumpy from quilling." However, he soon began exhibiting typical behedgevior shown below, namely hanging in a toilet paper tube, (the natural habitat for all hedgehogs.)


Next stop, it’s Curled Pawsville! [train whistle]


"Hularious", I’m gonna call in sick with that one to the office…

Let’s check in on Numo…

Hey! It’s our FAVE moist nosicle ‘Numo’ admiring himself on the InterWebs (as he should!)


At least that’s what he’s up to when he’s not "tubing".


Many thanks to the find folks over at Loosetooth, Numo’s site. And thanks for the reminder, E2C!

Mo’ hedges, mo’ problems

Ruhmember when the world ignited on fire after we posted the Hedgehog swimming in the bathtub photo? I do—it was a powerful, powerful moment. Well, I thought it was time to check in on lil’ Bam-Bam the Hedge and see what was happeningk.



All I can say is, Bam-Bam is still swimmin’, and Christopher Guest, I give you your next mockumentary topic:


The Hedge Party. ABSOLUTE GENIUS, Amy at Deepcity.

Thanks, Frank!



The Washington Post, Web Watch Dept.

Dear Mr. Frank Ahrens,
A thousand thanks for your glowing review of Cute Overload in today’s Washington Post. What a nice surprise. Since your favorite part of the site is the Hedgehog category, I post thees Hedgehog in your honor. And he’s not just any Hedger—it’s Numo, perhaps the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs.


Sincerely Yours,


“A Hedgehog Wearing a Flower.”

That’s the name of this submission. Of course it is. Perfect!


Moist nosicle thanks to Mike G.!

Iraqi Hedge

Cuteness is worldwide, as you know, and here’s proof. "Specialist C." writes:

"While I was overseas in Iraq, my commander Captain H. found a wild hedgehog being threatened by a python of some sort. Being the kind-hearted man he was, he rescued the poor little bugger, and
brought him to my office so we could release him into our marginally safer area of post (we had a strict policy against snakes in that AO).

Enjoy! I love your site. When the days in the Army get too dark, I open up Cute Overload and get my leavening of sweetness. Thanks!"


No, thank you, Specialist C.!


Dahlings, There is no better way to start the week than with a few spa treatments. First, get your quills moisturized. Twice. They bring out your beady eyes.

Second, your dainty paws could use an apricot scrub and peppermint oil massage. Those paws are tiny, and you carry the weight of the Cute World on them. They must be refreshed!

Lastly, and most importantly, I recommend BeautyHedge nose cream, for a supple, come-hither schnozzle. Try it, Dahlings!


Hari the Hedge is featured in the CuteTracker!


"Tommy, say hello to Winston. Let’s be nice. Winston’s a prickly fellow at first, but his beady eyes are just the same as yours."

[My friend's Dad used to hiss "LBN!!!" to his fighting daughters growing up. They did not have beady eyes, BTW.]


Shout out to Cliff H. and Wesleyan-attending photo submitter Lynn. ;)

Backyard watercooler

Hedge: "…So then and get this, Luckily for Cheryl, Juan didn’t actually have amnesia after all!

Cat: [gasps then nods]

Hedge: Then Senator Wayne threatens to have Bo killed if he doesn’t tell where Alison is, so Bo gets a fake passport from this sketchy dude on the dock and two tickets to Costa Rica! [Sips water from bowl]

Cat: Puh-lease.

Hedge: MEANWHILE, Detective Hodges traces the clues to Patch’s vacation house where he and Kim find ALISON! THIS WHOLE TIME she was there Dude! It’s so great she’s back—her outfits are the best.

Cat: Tewtelly.


Thanks, FireWaia! (This backyard is in Sweden, People!)

The life and times of a tiny Hedge, your complete online Hedgehog resource ;) is the source of this terrific little story of "Tenzing" the baby Hedge. Here he is, looking like a hairbrush, on Day 5:


On day 15 then Day 20, Tenzing looks more like his Momma, developing from wee hoglet to perfect junior Hedge.


Until finally, he takes programming classes to become the C.O. intern.


Don’t miss more images of Tenzing growin’ up at Especially this one of him doing the "Prickly Snug" with his Momma on Day 36, and washing off some gnarliness during his first bath on Day 42. Ahn! <head tilt>



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