Pepp-ridge Fahhhm Remembehs!

Hey, Sir Quills-a-lot.

What’s with the licking the Milano cookies?

You done yet? I was eating that.


Morabito N.? Your submission is like a satisfying combination of rich chocolate layered between two exquisite cookies made in nine totally tempting varieties.

Click here for more photos of Bam Bam the hedgie!


The snowcone is ready, your Highness

"Ah yes, thank you, thank you very moishe. [Touches snowcone with out-stretched leg] I DO prefer cherry, so you’re lucky there."


Excellent work, "Prissy" and Kat T. 😉


Hedgehog Thursday: sleepy quillsville

Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!


Hedgealarms are going off all over the place, Kayte R.!

Let’s check in on Numo the SuperHedge

Look People, when you go on a Hedgehog Binge (it happens—try H.A. if it gets really bad) then you have one place to go, and that is, the home of NUMO the Hedgehog.

Let’s check in and see how Numo, the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs, is doing in his exer-ball.


He is looking pretty good there, rolling around the room, teeny paws going at faster than Roomba speed…


He’s a pretty small Dewd, only the length of a toilet paper tube. Hmm—I see he is giving us a GLIMPSE OF HIS MOIST NOSICLE OMG YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Brandy A., you and Numo are redonk.

Moist nosicle and tube action

Reggie, the one-year-old Hedge is throwing a super moist nosicle and knowing glance your way. Like most Hedges, he’s hanging out in a tube-shaped item. What is it with Hedges and tubes!? Will some brilliant hedgehog owner please explain? Is it akin to the Cats-in-Boxes phenom!?


Tubular submishe, Julie F.!

Hedgehog Thursday: A dainty centerpiece

First, Hedges have the most anerable dainty paws. As if they could not get any daintier, this one is sporting some flower hat action. AND she’s an albino. HELLO!


SUPER HEDGE THURSDAY comin’ atcha, People. Thanks Lily L., and Ikegami for the great pic.


Apparently, there is a NEW ANIMAL we never even heard of until sender-inner Amanda J. alerted us. The Chinese "Pangolin"! I mean, what the heck, People!? He’s like a scaley hedgehog.


Weeth a soft underbelly… nahm nahm nahm

Can’t come to work today, I’m quilling

At first, "Monty" the hedger wasn’t so photogenic, he was "really grumpy from quilling." However, he soon began exhibiting typical behedgevior shown below, namely hanging in a toilet paper tube, (the natural habitat for all hedgehogs.)


Next stop, it’s Curled Pawsville! [train whistle]


"Hularious", I’m gonna call in sick with that one to the office…

Let’s check in on Numo…

Hey! It’s our FAVE moist nosicle ‘Numo’ admiring himself on the InterWebs (as he should!)


At least that’s what he’s up to when he’s not "tubing".


Many thanks to the find folks over at Loosetooth, Numo’s site. And thanks for the reminder, E2C!

Mo’ hedges, mo’ problems

Ruhmember when the world ignited on fire after we posted the Hedgehog swimming in the bathtub photo? I do—it was a powerful, powerful moment. Well, I thought it was time to check in on lil’ Bam-Bam the Hedge and see what was happeningk.



All I can say is, Bam-Bam is still swimmin’, and Christopher Guest, I give you your next mockumentary topic:


The Hedge Party. ABSOLUTE GENIUS, Amy at Deepcity.