And now, a dainty-pawwed swimming hedge

Everyone knows that Rule #19 was created just for Hedges like "Kito" here. Please check out the teeny tailio action and the daintiest of swimming/kicking motorboat paws back there.


[motorboat sound] I love how hedges have the craziest mondo body size to small feet ratio.


It’s amazing they can even walk, right Krisa B.? ;)

Nosevember: Hedgehog editshe

You first saw "Sule" the hedge giving the teeniest of massages to "Jack" the cat. Those were good, good times.

Well, look who’s back at the spa, with his moist nosicle, blond quill, and waffle-towel action.


I think I see the smallest of smiles, too, Krisa B…. ;)

This hedge finished carving her pumpkin—have you!?

Only Three weeks left!

(OK, you have time)


Ellen A., I suggest toothpicks in your pumpkin to represent Hedgehog quills.

Operation HedgeBreak

Listen to me. [Shifty, beady eyes darting at wire walls]

When I say the word, RUN LIKE HELL!


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Rebecca S.!

Baby hedges adopt hairbrush Mom

Poor baby hedges. Have a hairbrush for a Mom. Could be worse. Could be a Marlboro Light.

For more on this story, check out the Daily Mail UK.


Or a can of Diet Coke, right Bookish B.?

Goodbye, lil’ buddy

I’ve just learned that the "Most Famous Moist Nosicle on the InterWebs", Numo the hedgehog, has passed away.

Baroooo! [Crying sound] His quills quivered for the last time on August 3, 2007. Read more about Numo’s tube-chasing, wheel-turning, quilt snorgling life here, at :(


Let’s also not forget that Numo’s owners also brought us the best photo of the hamster T evar. ;)


Our sincere condolences on your great loss, Brandy. Thank you for sending in the news, Amy N. and Kain E.

Crank this soundtrack

Good Lo’ People.

You and your sound tracks. [shaking head]

OK, without further ado, please check out the anerable "Uni" the Hedge, with his moist nosicle, love of TP tubes, and hilarious leg kicks.


Exxxxxcellent submishe, Michele F. ;)

// UPDATE — video is from Kaija and Charlotte‘s YouTube page //

Can you find the moist nosicle?

Can you find the moist nosicle in this peekchur? Please check out the freshly showered albino hedge action below. Which end is UP, People!?


I’ll give you a heent, look for the glint!:


Gracias, Hedgehog Hurley and sender-inner Stina R.

Ketch a falling hedge and put heem in your pockee

…save heem for a rainy daaaaaaaaaay (Especially if his name is "Tiddlywinkle"!)


Check out kitteh "Jameson" Yes, named for Jameson’s Irish whiskey—isn’t that obvy? His eyes are half-mast, aren’t they?
Jameson is all "Whatevs—it’s just a hedge. Where my boxes at?!")


And a close up of Tiddlywinkle, who is all balled up (to protect her moistest of nosicles)


Rockin’, Laura H., and hilariously adorable.

This hedge photo goes out to Troy and pals ;)

Ladies, the secret to a moist, moist nosicle

Ladies, everyone knows us Hedgelettes have the moistest nosicles around. Our secret? Simple. Japanese Cherry Blossom creams. [waves dainty paw over bottle label]Springtime freshness. For your schnozzle, in a bottle™ [giggles]

Apply a hedge-paw-sized dollop every morning, and YOU TOO could appear on C.O.


Angela P.?, heck of a fashion shoot.