Aesop on an off-night

This is the story of the dog and the, oh, I dunno, how about a hedgehog?  Sure, why not?  Okay, so the dog, who was a prideful, covetous thing, was carrying his bone when he came across the crafty hedgehog. "My bone is so much bigger and juicier than yours," boasted the hedgehog. "Then I will take it from you," said the dog.

And so the dog chased away the hedgehog and took his bone. But that’s just what the wily hedgehog wanted him to do, for he knew that the dog’s bone was much bigger.  Quick as a wink, he grabbed the dog’s bone, but it was too heavy and he couldn’t lift it.

"You tricked me!" said the dog. "Just for that, I’m taking BOTH bones!"  But try as he might, the dog could not fit both bones into his mouth.  So he just took his original bone and went away.

Moral of the story:  Beats me.  I’ll be at the pub.

Somehow, I don't think you thought your cunning fable all the way through

Sometimes the magic happens, Letty F., and sometimes it don’t.


Your hedge quills may be used for flotation…

I don’t know what’s more redonk—the voices of these ladies watching "Shming" the hedgehog float around in the tub, or Shming himself, who’s acting like he’s on friggin’ Waikiki beach after three Mai Tais.

I watched ALL six minutes AND thirty seconds of this buoyant heaven, Sender-Inner Allison M.!

The Hedge Abides

“Get to your places!” shouted the Queen in a voice of thunder, and people began running about in all directions, tumbling up against each other. The Dude thought he had never seen such a curious bowling alley in his life; it was all ridges and furrows; the balls were live hedgehogs, the pins mere inches tall, and the soldiers had to lie on their backs and puff air in a continuous stream, to make the hand-dryers.

The White Rabbit rolled first, failing to convert a seven-ten split. “Your toe was over the line!” bellowed the Queen, as she pulled a Walther P99 semi-automatic from her bowling bag. “You’re entering a world of pain! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”


From Lebowski’s Adventures in Wonderland, p 63.

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, Joel and Ethan Coen, Brunswick Corporation, and of course sender-innerowski Anne H.

It’s been WAY too long since we posted a hedge

People, if there was an AKC for hedgehogs (who knows, there prolly is!) this hedge would win points for his:

1. PERFECT moist nosicle
2. curled paw/claw
3. Teeniest of hoggular muzzlepowshes

Oh, and that his name is "Truffles"


On second thought, we won’t hold that against you, Nancy T. 😉

This Hedge is for YOU

First, Happy Birthday Shakespeare, you lil’ brisle brush o’ love.

Second, Ziv S., the fabulous Stanford Daily columnist, this hedge is FOR YOU.


GO CARDINAL, ZIV and grat submission, Jenny C.!

A Mini Hairbrush snorgles a hand

Hee! You could totally pick up this mini hairbrush and place in your fro for the day.


Sender-Inner Karen is Imagining that teeny little schnozzle sniffing that finger [gracias for the call-out]

Tubes Anonymous

Everyone knows hedgehogs are prone to tubaholism. They can’t help it. They get their little moist nosicles wedged into a toilet paper tube and they CAN’T STOP.


This one’s a goner.


Quentin and Jessica D., you should really get some help. Just sayin’.

You have GOT to see these Hedgehog facial Expressions

My mouth was just ajar for 5 minutos. Is this REALLY what Hedgersons look like when they try to kronsche something!? OMG, it’s so great. seriously, PRESS PLAY!

Um, Tina, ‘Cute Hedge Action’ is RIGHT! Really unbelievable.

Hedge’tock Warshe


(Will you please check out the ‘tock curvature action there. HA!)


Cocobuttr and Abigal the Hedge, What a fun, fun evening you had.

Too weak… must… hibernate!!!

The Daily Mail (I swear they have a Cuteologist working over there) came up with yet another Cute report. This time, it’s pooooor little abandoned hedges who are too weak to hibernate AND have broken bones!


Ahnnnnngh, Brenda H., and I mean Ahhhnnnggg.