Bitcoin, Meet Quillcoin

Whether you’re shopping online for knitting needles, razor blades, or even a new laser pointer from The Sharper Image, the latest alt-currency of choice is the Quillcoin. It may just look like pin money now, but someday it’ll grow up to be a hedge fund.


“My hedgehog just had babies,” boasts Redditor DancinTedDanson.

What a Boring Party

Everybody’s just standing around, nobody talking to one another, nobody talking to me… I know I can be a little prickly sometimes, but not like these guys! Sheesh!


Oh, and Don’t Forget, Mom…

… I need a box of emery boards, a bottle of Prell for extra spiky hair, and i think I’m getting a cold, so pick up some Ny-Quill.


Sprocket Rocket!

imageThat little Snerkable Noisicle might be the best we’ve EVER seen! “This is my hedgie baby Sprocket, aka Sprocket Rocket when he’s running. He’s not really a baby since he turns 3 this November! Usually I manage to only get pictures of him sleeping!” -Caitibug.

image (1)

Secrets of the Pros!

Looking to up your game? Put extra spring in your step with Quill-Ex™ Performance Athletic Insoles!


“My scraggly one toothed hedgehog found his way into my shoe. I guess it’s his now,” says Redditor Brettjessie.

Animuhls VS. Springy Thing, Round I

So you’re Hazel The Hedgie, just crawlin’ along, and all of a sudden there’s this little springy thing sticking out of the wall.

What’s the plan? Well, ya gotta nom on it!

From Laughing Squid.

Turn Up Your Speaker Volume

Just do it. Right now. Turn ‘em up. QUICKLY.

You’ll just have to trust us on this one.

Via Say OMG.

Throwback Thursday

Hedgehog Thursday: sleepy quillsville

DECEMBER 21, 2006 by MEG

Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!

Hedgealarms are going off all over the place, Kayte R.!

Throwback Thursday

Hedgehog Thursday: A dainty centerpiece

DECEMBER 21, 2006. By MEG.

First, Hedges have the most anerable dainty paws. As if they could not get any daintier, this one is sporting some flower hat action. AND she’s an albino. HELLO!


SUPER HEDGE THURSDAY comin’ atcha, People. Thanks Lily L., and Ikegami for the great pic.


The Many Faces of Marutaro

Marutaro the hedgehog is getting a little help finding his true hedgie inner self.

13701885425_83b568c1ef_o 13701887685_0dce0d48af_o 13701889765_25fe54faa6_o 13701891825_e7614a9760_z 13701898533_4930e5d6eb_o 13701899673_12ba65984f_o 13701904863_e919e17ed8_o 13701906693_9416c9d2e6_o 13702234274_21dd89c000_o

Via Buzzfeed.


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