Headline THIS!

Danine[*PUPDATE 1:05pm PT: Deckard Canine with our top headline! Thanks to all who wrote a headline! -Ed.]

We had a most excellent Friday Headline THIS to wrap up last week, so let’s kick off the holiday week with one more! This photo comes to us c/o Kimberly O. “I’d like to share this photo that my husband took today of our two dogs, Oscar and Macie, in their Super Pups costumes. We adopted Macie the day after her 6th birthday last Dec. 4 from a local rescue group.”

A ResQte, most excellent! Write up your best Super Headline and we’ll post the favorite at 1pm PT! Up, Up, and AWAY!

Headline THIS!

101Time for a rare Friday version of Headline THIS! This photo of Charlie (L) and Pippa (R) -we think- comes from Kate R. Write up your best header and we’ll run our favorite at 1pm PT. Or thereabouts. Good luck!

[*UPDATE 1:00p PT: Marianne scores with her header- but there were a LOT of GREAT ones. Thanks to all! -Ed.]

Headline THIS, Mr. Bond “Lizard And Let Die”

iguananose (1)[*Note: LATE UPDATE 2pm PT: “Lizard and Let Die” from MA, hands down. Thanks to everyone!! -Ed.]

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve got Spectre on the brain- can’t help it, it’s been three years since Skyfall. So when I saw this image c/o Charmian Z., that was the first that entered my mind. “This is an endangered Blue Iguana who is currently residing at the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program‘s facility,” she says. “They are trying to get the wild blue iguana population up to 800 individuals. The beads this one has in his spikey hairdo is like an ID tag. The colors are read from the outside in and help researchers identify the iguanas from a distance once they are released into the wild.”

So. You know what to do- let’s have some terrific headlines and we’ll update at 1pm PT!

Headline THIS: You’re Putting That WHERE?

ELLA[*Update 1:11pm PT: Thanks to Ella for the header and everyone else who commented. Stay tuned for Thursday, 6am PT. -Ed.]

Say, time for another edition of “Headline THIS!” “Her name is Polly Hill, after a botanical garden in Massachusetts,” writes Christina D. (Yep- we gave the dog a last name.) Here she is at her first Vet appointment (getting ready for her Puppy shots) with my Mom (Judith) on the left and a Vet Tech on the right. I took the photos last Saturday @ Adobe Animal hospital in Palo Alto, CA. The dog…was not having a fun Saturday night. Hope you think she’s as cute as I do!”

So- you know the score. Polly OBVY knows what’s about to go down. Write up your best header and we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! (FYI the tech used an ear thermometer.)

[*Note: We’ll have an extra speshyul edition of Headline THIS coming up on Thursday- @cuteoverload has a bit o’ info on that. Just sayin.’ -Ed.]

Ho Ho HO: Headline THIS!

[*UPDATE 1:06pm PT: Oakley’s “Santa Jaws,” not even close. Thanks to all who took part! -Ed.]

Got a challenge for you today, folks. Not the usual Puppeh or Kitteh. Those are Cute, but this one is just…strange. And believe me when I say more than one Cuteporter sent this in! This is a Venus Flytrap. With…a Santa Hat. Write up your best header, and we’ll run one of ’em at 1pm PT! “This is the cutest, fuzziest, most googly-eyed Santa-costumed carnivorous plant EVAH,” says Jennifer A. Well, she’s right about that.


Headline THIS!

TUB(UPDATE 2:18pm PT: Thanks to April for “Lil’ TUB,” and to everyone who wrote in! Sorry for the delay- been rooting thru a bag of Brach’s Pumpkins to see which ones didn’t get the green stem on top.- B.)

How ’bout this Little Batman Head, eh? This little critter has its paws in something– can’t quite make out the container name, tho. “Hi Cute Overload, this is a meowing kitten in a cheese container Cute enough for you to post?,” says Dugyu C. [*Note: It is. -Ed.] “My mom sends me stray cat photos from back home so i don’t feel homesick and this was one of them.”

You know what to do! Write up your best headline, and we’ll post it up ’bout 1pm PT!

Headline This Cookie!

Gizmo[*UPDATE 1:00pm PT: Thanks to Gizmo for today’s top header, and to everyone who entered!

Time for another edition of Headline THIS- featuring an apparently highly caffeinated puppeh named Cookie:

“Hello Cute Overlords, Here are some pics of my Pom-Chi ‘Cookie’ who is a little princess living the dream in Seychelles.” – Chantale B.

Write up your best header, and we’ll post our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck!

Headline THIS!

LITTER[*UPDATE 1:10pm PT: April #FTW! Thanks everyone! -Ed.]

It’s already got the Impending Doom tag on there- now it needs a headline! You know what to do- write ‘er up and we’ll run our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck! “Mochi the Birman is watching,” remarks Bethany H.

Headline THIS!

SKITTLES[*UPDATE: 1:02pm PT: Thanks to YummyPocky and everyone else who wrote in! -Ed.]

And one more Headline THIS before we head into the weekend. (This is Piper, totally relaxed.) Send in your best headline and we’ll post the best header around 1pm PT! Thanks to Joe for the photo.

Headline THIS!

THREE DOG[*Update 1:09pm PT: -Thanks to Labmouse, and thanks to everyone who contributed! -Ed.]

Many C.O. thanks to Rebecca M. for this one! “This is a picture I just took of some Prairie Dogs snuggling at the San Francisco Zoo.” Of course, this is a great shot for ‘Tocktober- it’s just weeks away. Anyway, give it your best shot for a headline, and we’ll update later at 1pm PT!


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