Headline This Cookie!

Gizmo[*UPDATE 1:00pm PT: Thanks to Gizmo for today’s top header, and to everyone who entered!

Time for another edition of Headline THIS- featuring an apparently highly caffeinated puppeh named Cookie:

“Hello Cute Overlords, Here are some pics of my Pom-Chi ‘Cookie’ who is a little princess living the dream in Seychelles.” – Chantale B.

Write up your best header, and we’ll post our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck!

Headline THIS!

LITTER[*UPDATE 1:10pm PT: April #FTW! Thanks everyone! -Ed.]

It’s already got the Impending Doom tag on there- now it needs a headline! You know what to do- write ‘er up and we’ll run our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck! “Mochi the Birman is watching,” remarks Bethany H.

Headline THIS!

SKITTLES[*UPDATE: 1:02pm PT: Thanks to YummyPocky and everyone else who wrote in! -Ed.]

And one more Headline THIS before we head into the weekend. (This is Piper, totally relaxed.) Send in your best headline and we’ll post the best header around 1pm PT! Thanks to Joe for the photo.

Headline THIS!

THREE DOG[*Update 1:09pm PT: -Thanks to Labmouse, and thanks to everyone who contributed! -Ed.]

Many C.O. thanks to Rebecca M. for this one! “This is a picture I just took of some Prairie Dogs snuggling at the San Francisco Zoo.” Of course, this is a great shot for ‘Tocktober- it’s just weeks away. Anyway, give it your best shot for a headline, and we’ll update later at 1pm PT!

Headline THIS!

blorp“I took this along the coast of California on July 14, 2012. I love it because he looks like he’s smiling.” -Magnolia S.

That’s a good enough reason for another edition of Headline THIS! Write up your best header- we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! Good luck!

[*Note: Thanks to Gizzy for the header- sincere apologies for the tardy update. -Ed.]

Headline THIS, Mr. Bond

FROG1[*Note: Update 1:02pm PT! Hey, on time AGAIN! Say, thanks to Madame X and everyone who took part today! -Ed.]

Time for another edition of Headline THIS; and let’s stay away from the obvious (though spot on) “No, Mr. Bond” concept. Write up your favorite header and we’ll post it about 1pm PT! (Imgur/Reddit.)

Headline THIS!

BUB[*Update, 12:59pm PT: (early, no less!) Thanks to Jen S. and everyone who took time to write! -Ed.]

There are some photos that were just DESTINED for Headline THIS, and…this is one of them. A good ol’ Blue Footed Booby, sent by Karen F. Write up your best header, and we’ll update about 1pm PT!

Headline THIS!

crikey[*Update 1:01pm PT: And thanks to Tater for this great headline, submitted just 11 minutes ago! We’ll have another Headline THIS soon! -Ed.]

What IS going on here? Crikey! Write up your best header and we’ll post it about 1pm PT! Many thanks to Australia.com’s FB and Robin L. for this one.

Headline THIS!

BABY1:07pm PT Update!] Thanks to Rita Marie for her Dirty Dancing inspired headline! Don’t remember it? No worries!

This one’s just BEGGING for a Headline THIS contest, and it’s gonna get it, too. “Duder has grown up a little since his post on Cute Overload in May (‘Duder is Cuter‘.) He now has a kitty of his own! Duder loves him some Buffy, a 3 month tuxedo girlie. Week two with his new pal, and he still can’t believe his luck.” -Christina K.

OK, let’s see what ya got! Write up your best headline and we’ll announce our fave at 1pm PT!

Headline THIS To Win A Pair Of 2016 C.O. Calendars!

SONY DSC[*UPDATE 1pm PT: Daniel S. wins a pair of 2016 Cute Overload Calendars for his winning headline (above.) Thanks to all who entered-we’ll have another contest soon!

616VGVI8JDL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_618sEhRscIL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_We rolled ’em out earlier this morning, and now this is your chance to win ’em. Just give us your very best headline for the above photo (c/o Photographer Kim Barker,) we’ll choose our favorite around 1pm PT, and you’ll win both the Mini and Wall versions- good luck! (This won’t be the only opportunity you’ll have to win these- stay tuned!)


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