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image[*Updated 1:04pm PT: Leave me alone, I have irritable owl syndrome from Maya, hands-down! Thanks to everyone who took the time to write one up! -Ed.]

Got this in the C.O. Email from Rosemary M., and it’s perfect for another edition of Headline THIS! Come up with your best header, put it in the Comments section, and we’ll pick our favorite around 1pm PT. Good luck!

Headline THIS: Day 11: They Still Think I’m A Hairball. Disguise Working.

[Update, 1:12pm PT: Jodi #FTW!]

Maggie and Ella The Goldies are oblivious to the world, and Dave The Cat is…somewhat disgruntled. Write up your best headline, and we’ll post the best one at 1pm PT!

“Ella is the dog lying on the back cushions. She’s our dog. Maggie is the one lying down on the couch itself, next to the Dave the cat. Maggie is Ella’s daughter. Maggie was adopted by friends of ours and lives nearby, so she’s visiting all the time,” says Dan L.

Headline THIS: Really, Dude? A Flip Phone?

[*Updated 1:04pm PT: Annette with the win!]

[I was NOT with Taylor Swift last night!!! I don’t even KNOW the girl! Can’t a Ferret Fella get ANY peace and quiet? Put those AWAY!]

Arne found this photo on Websta Instagram Web Viewer and thought this might a good Headline THIS post, and once again, Arne is spot on. So dream up your best headline, and we’ll update around 1pm PT.

11263586_1580067732243544_996161360_n (1)

Headline THIS: The iBrowser

It always look so angry - Imgur[Updated 1:06pm PT: “Apple has released its new search engine: the iBrowser” scores this time around, c/o Oakley. Thanks to all! -Ed.]

An 007 reference is the most obvious choice here, but y’all always come up with some great Headline THIS stuff, so g’head and give it your best shot, and we’ll update the headline around 1pm PT. (Imgur.)

Headline THIS: I’m Too Sexy For My Ears (Derp Remix)

unnamed[*UPDATE 1:07pm PT: April with our Headline THIS winner of the day! -Ed.]

We’re back with another edition of Headline THIS! Laurie N. sent in this photo and says “Bleh says Tassi. BLEH. I do not like these vitamins.” That’s her headline- what about yours? Write ‘er up in Comments, and we’ll post our choice about 1pm PT.

Headline THIS: Calgon, Take Me Away

A soak in the tub[Update, 1:01pm PT– on time for once, no less. This header supplied (first) by MtKees!]

Time for another edition of our pupular Headline THIS feature. Post your headline in the Comments, and we’ll update about 1pm PT! (Arbroath.)

Headline THIS: Luke, I Am Your Father!

image1(*Update 1:25pm PT: Mary-D with the header this time around!)

If we can have dogs writing emails to Cute Overload, I suppose it’s only fair that cats do, too.

Seamus The Cat sent in this photo of himself and his brother Angus (Exotic Shorthair Persian Brothers born a year a part, and no, we don’t know who is who)..and this just begs for the Headline THIS treatment. Put your best one in Comments, and we’ll update ‘er around 1pm PT.

Headline THIS: You’re Wearing THAT On Your Date?

[*UPDATE 1:17pm PT: Thanks to Smartypants for today’s Headline THIS entry! -Ed.]

One of the great Baroos of all time, seriously. G’head and leave your best headline in the comments- we’ll update, as we usually do, at 1pm PT with our fave. WHOOOOO wants to try?

Burrowing Owl

Headline THIS: Where’s The Toy In The Bottom?

Clipboard01[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: On time, too! Thanks to Annette for the header- although MD’s “What the gods can digest will not sour in the belly of a slave. Open the temple graineries!” is a fave too due to the Ten Commandments reference. Sunday night, 7pm, ABC. Check local listings!]

Andrew Y. sent this in with a suggestion this might make a good Headline THIS post, and as usual, he’s spot on. Give it your best shot and we’ll update, as we usually do unless we forget about it around 1pm PT. (From The Twitter.)

Headline THIS: “OMG Frank, The Times’ Critic Is In The Second Row!

IMG_0647[UPDATE, 1:26pm PT: Ack! Sorry, late with the update again! Let’s just say Mondays are the longest waits at the Comcast place. That’s the updated header c/o Catvicc4r!]

That’s what Jenny S. in NYC wrote. She adds that the names of these two are Reddington and Ella- guess that’s Reddington on the left and Ella on the right? Anyways, think up your best header and put it in the Comments- we’ll update with the best one around 1pm PT!


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