Oregon Zoo Welcomes Fresh Blorp!

The Oregon Zoo has three new Harbor Seals that just arrived this past weekend- and they wasted no time getting used to their surroundings!


Elvis LIVES!

At the Oregon Coast Aquarium, that is. They have some new residents- meet Elvis (above) along with Tater (second photo) and in the third photo, Tater and Swap exchange sniffs. (Which is what Harbor Seals do best.)

Tater sports a dry coat during her first moments at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Tater and Swap exchange a sniff behind the scenes at the Oregon Coast Aquarium
Photos by Oregon Coast Aquarium : with thanks to Erin P.

We Know Who THIS Guy Is Pulling For

The Seattle Aquarium is at it again! Last year they brought us Marshawn Pinch, named after the star Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch. This season, Harbor Seals Barney, Siku and Q (no, we don’t know who is who- no jersey numbers) are getting fired up for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.




[*Note: In the interest of fair coverage, we contacted both the New England Aquarium and Zoo New England, but we didn’t hear back. -Ed.]

UPDATE: This little feller just in from the New England Aquarium!


New Year’s Resolution- Go On A Diet

“Thanks for another adorable year! Here’s a recent visitor to Providence, Rhode Island…a Harbor Seal balancing on a rock at low tide. Happy New Year!” -Peter G., Providence Raptors.

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unnamed (2)